Sheer Cover Base Perfector-graduation photos get better with it
Get Your Dream Eyebrows — Now

Are you sick of your thin arches? Then maybe it’s time to give the trendy, natural brow a try — see how

Get Your Dream Eyebrows -- Now

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Celebrity brow stylist Kristie Streicher says natural-looking brows can not only make you look prettier, but younger and more rested. Here are her tips for growing out your eyebrows into a natural shape.

Shape your brows

Hello Graduating class of 2012! Many photos will be taken, some professionally and some with a cell phone and others with a wind up snappy cam that still requires developing.

To ensure you look your best in all of these photo opportunities, try the Sheer cover Base Perfector-whether you be lady or gent-it’s a pore minimizer and it smoothes imperfections, meaning your photos just got a lot better.

I’ve tested mine with a liquid foundation and also with the Sheer Cover mineral makeup in nude. I like the results and in photos, the smooth canvas look of even skin tone is evident as a success of the product!

No need to take my opinion-check it out for yourself by visiting or catch the HSN show with Leeza Gibbons.
 Remember: you are beautiful!
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