SANTE America: natural cosmetics for amazing holiday 2010 looks
High- and Low-Rated Lip and Cheek Stains

See which makeup has Total Beauty readers looking all flushed and rosy-lipped and which ones are big disappointments

High- and Low-Rated Lip and Cheek Stains

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Our readers weigh in on which lip and cheek stains are the best and which ones are the worst in their makeup bags.

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The Worst: No. 3: Laura Mercier Lip Stain, $20 average reader rating: 6.1

The Worst: No. 3: Laura Mercier Lip Stain, $20

“The product simply does not do what it promises …”

No. 2: CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain, $7.29 average reader rating: 6

No. 2: CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain, $7.29

“They dry up SO FAST!”

The Best: No. 8: Stila Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain, $24 average reader rating: 7.8

The Best: No. 8: Stila Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain, $24

“Not only does it look natural on my cheeks and lips it makes me look younger …”

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Sante America? Have you tried it yet?

I love trying new makeup! And when this brand from Germany showed up to the blog I squealed with delight!

Now in this picture there is everything that arrived to test and try.

The products are minimally packaged, and cruelty free as well as 100% natural and the company meets the strict criteria for the Cdertified Natural Cosmetics in accordance with

BDIH. Now the next photo shows the few things I selected to make a light, playful sunny bunny look since it’s rather warm today! If I were near water I would say this makeup is great for a boat ride!

I’m using the moisturizing foundation, two creme eyeshadow pencils, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick with coordinating gloss.

So I start with clean skin that is moisturized and I apply a thin layer of the soft cream foundation with is full of cuuacu butter and pomegranate extract. I blend evenly with a small foundation brush.

Next for a simple two toned shadow I use the white pearlescent highlighter pencil on the brow and through the tear duct. This pencil could easily double as a highlighter on lips and cheeks too!

Or anywhere that you need to add a little bit of oomph!

I color the entire eyelid with the light blue shadow. Oh I feel so sixties and Cher Bono with this look. Good thing I have straight hair in these photos to match the sixties boating bunny makeup look I’m making.

Now what pics you don’t see are me applying a
thin layer of Makeup Forever HD powder all over and then a thin layer of pink blush.

This is Shadrach my studio intern. He works for tuna and in most cases doesn’t work one bit.

Back to the makeup: I am using the Sante America liquid eyeliner that has a nib similiar to a felt marker. This means that you have more control of the line you draw but the nib can wipe on color and at the same time wipe it off. The secret to using this is apply a thin coat and then draw over it again til you get the desired depth of color.

I apply two coats of the black mascara. I have two thoughts on this: 1. I love natural mascara because it’s petroleum and pthalate free meaning good for my eyes and lashes. 2. It’s two coats in and still not as thick as I like my mascara to be which is the benefit of toxic mascara that a little bit goes a long way. *sigh* these are the choices you have to make!
I finish my look with the #11 lipstick which is sheer with a hint of shimmer in a warm light brown tone meaning perfect f or everyday wear! There is a matching pot of gloss that is slightly darker in tone and I love it! You can never have enough lipgloss!

SANTE AMERICA is a unique combination of natural ingredients, gentle formulas and sleek biodegradable packaging that delivers skin-safe, eco-friendly, statement making looks. Developed and manufactured in Germany. The products are devoid of gluten, synthetic coloring agents, frangrances and perservatives. In short, it’s full of good stuff!

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