RADPAD Charging Docking Stations: summer fun is powered up with Accentys.com

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So summer is upon us and that means long days of fun and travel. I have many devices, as do those in my family. When we all travel together with our multiple devices and checking in and doing status updates or gaming on long stretches of highway, eventually the batteries run low.


What is the answer to multiple devices and a need to power up quickly and conveniently? RADPAD!

2CamoCharger 4RedwithIpad




RADPAD Fast Multicharger:
*6- USB port Intelligent Charger
*Input: 90V-240V 1.5A
*Output: 5V-12A(max)
* Charges up to 6 USB-based devices simultaneously
* Automatic selection of the fastest possible charge speed
* Integrated microchip for protection against overcharging


So when you get to a place where there is only one outlet and multiple devices, simply plug in your RADPAD and then use it to quickly power up and replace battery life on your numerous ipads, iphones and android devices by plugging them into the RADPAD.


3RedCharger CamoCharger




RADPAD Charging Station integrates a fast, powerful, intelligent USB charger. It is also a Docking Station for Apple, Samsung and other mobile devices. It can accommodate phones and notebooks even with thick protective cases such as the Otterbox. Anti slip feature prevents mobile phones from sliding out of the docking slots even when tilted at an angle of 45% or more.


The shipping is free and each sells for $59.00 from the Accentys website. Check out the gift registry while you are there and follow them on Facebook here!


Something to know about Accentys is they are an innovation company bringing new and exciting products to market. They  strive to manufacture as much as possible in the U.S. to support  jobs. If they cannot manufacture it locally at a competitive cost, they will still assemble as much as possible in USA. They are in the process of building inventory for RADPAD and are waiting for component shipments from China and  expect to be shipping quickly. Purchases will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

Several new products are also in the R&D pipeline and will be released as they become ready.

So like Accentys on Facebook and order a RADPAD for the graduating college or highschooler you know! Or, what a great Father’s Day gift!

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