Mally Beauty: Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
5 Eco Beauty Experts’ Go-To Products

Ever wondered what Josie Maran keeps in her medicine cabinet? Now you can take a peek inside hers, as well as 4 other eco beauty experts’ stashes

5 Eco Beauty Experts' Go-To Products

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Sure, it’s not exactly polite to snoop around someone else’s bathroom, but haven’t you ever wondered what the experts actually use? We asked five natural beauty experts to give us a peek inside their medicine cabinets and we found some real gems. Want to see what they are?

Take a peek

Hello Gorgeous! Wow-Mally is right on with her new product. I didn’t read the instructions on how to apply it at first-and so my first result with the gel was a bit blotchy because I put it on first.

But then, after seeing reading online about how to use and watching the how to video with Mally-the finish is perfect.

I have seen the prices range from $15 to about $30 for a face kit which has more products in it.
I really think you should give this in Mally’s words “first clear powder in the universe” product because it works!

Mally is right when she says that she was watching a red carpet event on tv and could see the powder. I see it too!

So no more translucent powder-try this product! The QVC and Mally website have online ordering for convenience.

Tune into Mally’s Facebook page tonight-she is doing a training and giveaway of the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender!

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