LUSH Angel soap: what people really want for a holiday gift
Never Have Another Junk Food Craving Again

Do you regularly finish the Pringles can? Or make it to the bottom of your Chunky Monkey carton? Decode your cravings and find out what your body really needs

Never Have Another Junk Food Craving Again

This is a diet article

Bet you didn’t know that binging is your body’s cry for help. Instead of beating yourself up after every late night snack, find out why you’re having that sweet or salty craving in the first place. This guide’s got the answers, plus the healthier alternatives.

What is your body telling you?

Hello Gorgeous,
It’s no secret, I am the biggest fan of LUSH hand made cosmetics and body products.
I have loved every product that I have tried and it’s always a combination of reasons such as:

  1. Scent-all from organic oils and natural sources
  2. Texture-gritty when wanted, smoothe and soothing when  needed
  3. Company policy of being vegan,paraben free, healthy and hand made

LUSH has retail stores across the nation-but for some reason, none in Arizona…yet?  You can get your LUSH products online. Already, I know what you are thinking: “I’m not ordering body products I can see or smell off the internet, paying for shipping then having it arrive and not liking it”.

Whoa-wait, hold on; stop there. Simply visit the LUSH homepage, and pick a product such as bath soap, shower gels,lotions or hair care. Then when you click through on the product you are interested in, there will be several reviews to help you decide if it’s for you or not. LUSH also has a generous return policy-so it’s win win. Get some for you and some for your holiday gift giving! You won’t be disappointed!

Angel's Delight

A fruity slice of heaven

When you’re need of some holiday cheer, ask the angels to help
raise your spirits. Our best-selling Angel’s Delight soap returns with
the same merry tangerine and orange scent we all love. Inspired by the
popular English custard of the same name, our uplifting sudser is just
as sweet and fruity as the beloved dessert. If you’re lucky enough to
encounter a whole round of Angel’s Delight in store, you’re sure to be
mesmerized by its beautiful gold moon “frame”. LUSH co-founders Mark and
Mo Constantine happened upon a similar gilded frame in an antique shop
while on an inspiration trip to Venice, but we think they may have
surpassed the original design with this beautiful soap!


  • Stuff the stocking: Skip the tangerine tradition and put this fruity soap into stockings instead.
  • Hold on tight: Keep what you’ve got with vegetable glycerin, which helps skin retain moisture.
  • Surprise!: With a beautiful array of
    colorful chunks suspended throughout, every piece of this fresh handmade
    soap is more unique than a snowflake

Remember: you are beautiful!
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