Happy Labor Day

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Labor Day!
There is a new adventure afoot and like the song says “times are a changin'”!
Today I have a video vlog and update for Makeup University and what Lions Rest Productions has been up to as well as a product introduction!

Hope this finds you and your family enjoying an amazing restful time together!
Be sure and do some rest today – I know how easy it is to take this extra day off and fill it with chores that need attention – maybe do a few and then schedule some restful play!

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The loved hated video for Goody Fountain Flip Comb

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For encore brides and those saying “I Do Times Two”


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Now for The Desert by Lynn Taylor music video for Moozikoo

Products featured in video:

Demeter Dirt perfume http://amzn.to/2wwuYXX
Hollywood Silk Pillowcase http://amzn.to/2ww8TZy
Elvis+Elvin Skincare http://amzn.to/2iVjaJY
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Does Qurb work?

Hi ya Gorgeous!I recently received a sample of Qurb and had it on hand to help me stick to my Weight Watcher’s plan while I worked a festival that was full of kettle korn, funnel cake, fried fish, wine slushies, and pizza.

Talk about a snack food attack! I did not buy any of the snack foods but I really wanted too!
I packed my clean meal and apple snack, and then added one of my samples of Qurb at the beginning of the day to help curb my appetite.

I see on their website, www.qurbshot.com that a month long program is advised, though it’s pretty pricey and out of my budget since I am currently paying for Weight Watchers program.  One to two bottles are recommended per day to help curb craving and hunger.

I used the two bottles I received, one each day at the beginning of the day and I can say that it has a great taste, the texture is a bit thick and I feel like it did curb my hunger.

I had very very long days and felt satisfied with the foods that I had – so the Qurb worked for me. Even though I could smell kettle korn, funnel cake and pizza all day!

To get your own Qurb and give it a try to help you in your weight loss and fitness journey, please visit them here;   http://www.qurbshot.com

Here is the ingredient list:

20 Calories
400 mg Svetol® Green Coffee Bean Extract
10 g Fibersol®2 Dietary Fiber (soluble)
20 mg Niacin
2 mg Vitamin B6
6 mcg Vitamin B12
50 mg Caffeine
10 mcg Pantothenic Acid
10 mcg Chromium
15 mg Sodium
10 mg Potassium

Other ingredients: filtered
water, maltodextrin (fiber), erythritol, natural flavors, malic acid,
gum acacia, guar gum, xanthan gum, stevia extract, sodium benzoate &
potassium sorbate preservatives.


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