Why Hire Downriver Roofers in Southgate Michigan

The winter weather in Michigan can be very harsh with severe snow and ice storms weighing heavy on the roof and tiles.  Then the Michigan summer can be humid adding more moisture to the roof tiles and giving an opportunity for mold to build up.

Not on a Downriver Roofers roof! The seals are tight and joints tighter preventing leaks and damage to happen!


If you are looking for the best in experienced and certified builders for your roof in the Southgate Michigan area, look no further than Downriver Roofers.

The team is licensed, bonded and insured as well as have hands on experience with every situation possible for the roof when it comes to weather related issues from snow damage to mold to wind damage.

If you have a new home build or custom home remodel  and build, bring your truss plans to Downriver Roofer for an expert design opinion!  There is no home or business roof that is out of the realm of what’s possible with Downriver Roofers!

Visit them on the web at:

Or give them a call at  734-548-9919

Got water damage in West Bloomfield? Call Michigan Restoration Pros



There are times when you need a pro to help you with an emergency situation and when you have a flooded home, severe weather that causes leaks or snow that creates moisture in the home, it’s time to call for help with water damage restoration and clean up.

Michigan Restoration pros can help you with sudden flood water damage or a slow and steady leak in the house that has caused mold and rot to set in to the foundation of the walls and home.

A detailed written estimate is provided and you can even have help with insurance paperwork and process.


Be sure and act quickly when water damage strikes to get the fastest and most affordable help possible. The longer the water sets in, the bigger the bill can be!


Contact Michigan Restoration Pros today at:
Phone (248) 509-8104

Web: http://michiganrestorationpros.com/se…

In person at:
Michigan Restoration Pros
6196 St James
West Bloomfield, MI 48322




What to do if you have a roofing problem in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are so many reasons to take care of your home from the inside to the outside to protect it’s value and keep it in prime condition.


One of those necessary maintenance appointments that often gets over looked is a roof inspection. It’s a good idea to have an annual check up scheduled.

A2 Roofing offers a free quote and inspection with a written estimate.


They do so much more than just roofs: such as the deck, the gutters, the downspouts, solar panels and skylights are part of the inspection. In fact everything that has to do with your roof, A2 Roofing will inspect.


The professional craftsman at A2 Roofing regularly attended training for new developments in the technology in the field of roofing and home renovations.

Contact the friendly and courteous staff at A2 Roofing to schedule today.


Who to call for water damage in Michigan: Downriver Restoration

Water damage can happen in a matter of moments and it’s something that you can prepare for.


If sudden and severe weather that brings sub zero temperatures causing pipes to burst, or a fast rainstorm that brings basement flooding and leaking in your roofs, call Downriver Restoration immediately.

The longer you wait the longer the water has to seep into the drywall and cause mold.

You can save yourself response time by having the Downriver Restoration phone number close by or by having the website checked in your “favorites” in your browser.

The professionals at Downriver Restoration have over 20 years of experience and knowledge to draw upon in your time of need.

Licensed, bonded and insured as well as a #1 rated by satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Free inspections and written estimates are available. Contact Downriver Restoration today at 734-619-7610.

Or on the web at http://downriverrestoration.com/water-damage-in-michigan/

How to clean up and repair wet blizzard conditions in your home with Downriver Cleanup and Restoration

Hello fellow weather watchers!

Some of you may be experiencing the Jonas blizzard or severe snow conditions that could bring wet weather into your home and do some damage.


Roof leaks are very common in heavy snow and sometimes even frozen pipes can break and cause water damage in the walls of the home.


Enter Downriver Cleanup and Restoration of Wayne County Michigan.



We are a #1 rated cleanup & restoration company servicing all cities in the Wayne County, Michigan region.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.  At Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, we appreciate how stressful water damage can be.  Our cleanup & restoration specialists are available to assist you throughout the process.


Someone is always available to take your call.  When you need emergency water damage services, call us at 734-619-7610.  We will have a team of water removal experts to your home or business within the hour.  It is crucial to start emergency water removal as soon as possible.

Our services for water, flood cleanup, repair and restoration include a four-step process:


  1. Extraction – We use special vacuums and equipment that is safe in water to remove excess standing water.
  2. Drying – Even though we remove water and moisture, drying is needed. We use fans and other dehumidifying equipment to move the air and cause effective drying in the affected area.
  3. Repair – After the removal and drying is complete, we will assess if repair is necessary. With your approval we will get to work with repairs.
  4. Restoration – Flooring, walls, drywall … that is not repairable may need to be replaced. Again, with your approval, we will restore your property to ‘like new’ condition.

Even if you are not in the Jonas blizzard, your area may get regular snow fall and your home could be susceptible to water damage. Be sure and keep the Downriver Cleanup and Restoration phone number handy!


Call Downriver Cleanup and Restoration today!