Black Friday Gift Giving Guide

Hi ya Gorgeous,Well, it’s Black Friday – people are going crazy, right now, trying to get a tv for $1. Good luck to them!

In other news, I have my favorite products for the beauty lover and their stocking stuffers, a gentleman and some makeups for the gamut in price range for others.

Let’s get started!

I’m a big fan of 7th Heaven single satchet masks! These average $2 a piece! They make a perfect stocking stuffer for the beauty lover in your life!

In the photo from left on top to right, then the second row left to right:  Passion Peel Off mask, Chocolate Mud Masque, Hot Spring Sauna Masque, Creamy Coconut mask, and for men,  the Deep Pore Cleansing peel Off mask.  You can find find these at Ulta Beauty, Walmart, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond and Harmon Discount stores!


Just for those with beards and facial hair that needs extra care, the Beard Guyz have created a daily wash and deep conditioner for cleansing the beard of food particles, bacteria, excess oils and to soften the facial hair.  Each bottle is $9.99 and is gentle enough for daily use.

Available from the website, or at CVS, Walgreens and HEB stores.


Also for the beard, especially in Movember, the Beard Guyz  offer a Nighttime Beard Growth serum to help facial hair growth, rehydrate dry hair and has an intense growth formula that works as the eard owner sleeps!

They also have a Beard Scentz Original spray that is pocket sized and a perfect stocking stuffer for the beard wearerer on your gift list because this wee spray will help freshen and sanitize a beard!  Find online at or your local Publix, Wegmans, Meijer or Bed Bath and Beyond store.


For the classic shaver on the  gift list, consider the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set. It’s a traditional shave set that is perfect for the beginner or man who prefers a more traditional shave.

The set is just $13.99 and a gift that can be used daily and last for months to come!

There is also a Van Der Hagen traditional safety razor that makes a perfect companion to the premium shave set. It comes with stainless steel razor blades and a lifetime warranty and is available for $19.99

Now for those who love makeup, like me – this new line of colors from TIGI Cosmetics is gorgeous and richly pigmented! Many of these products are available at Walmart and as well as some Ulta Beauty stores and are in the $10-20 range.

I love the shadows in the Love Affair quad! I can do my shadows, brows and liners, all in this quad!  The bronzer cheek duo, called Lovely Duo blush is highly pigmented and a shimmery bronze tone that can do both highlight, cheek color and a bit of  contour even!

Now, I love the Foxy color lip gloss and it feels and wears great. The mascara – and you must know – I am hard on mascaras as it is my favorite makeup product – this TIGI mascara is for those who like a light and natural lash look.

For the other end of the the makeup price spectrum, let’s look at Hard Candy, available exclusively at Walmart and online at

I love this line for it’s bold use of color and innovative products, as well as their affordability. Most products are $10 and under!

I’ve already done a full review of these products, you can see that in this post here,  but these two products I think would be perfect gifts for the budget beauty lover on your gift list.

The Poppin’ Pigments are so versatile and the illuminating highlight is the same when it comes to 100 ways to use!


Where ever you are shopping today, be safe and have fun!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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I Heart Radio: P!NK inspired look with RIMMEL
Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets to Looking Younger

Nope, Hollywood hasn’t found the fountain of youth. Stars just have amazing tricks to stay (looking) forever young

Celebrities Reveal Their Secrets to Looking Younger

This is a anti-aging skin care article

It’s not just genetics that affect our skin. Our lifestyle choices, nutrition, and skin care also play a huge role in how we age. Take these celebrity examples: Kathie Lee Gifford and Christie Brinkley. They’re both 58 but Brinkley looks decades younger. How? A few of these expert tips will help you steal her secrets.

Reveal their secrets

Hello Gorgeous!
OH wow! The I Heart Radio festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was live streamed over Yahoo-or a Xbox 360 for those of us who were unable to make it in person.

In the words of Taylor Swift ” I’m definitely going next year”!

So here is a short video to share the Rimmel of London haul-that I have used to create a P!NK inspired smokey eye and nude lip like what she wore in her set on Saturday.

I did not go into detail in the video about how to get a PINK’s mohawk if you have long hair like mine-but here’s the short version:
1. Section the top of your head into 3 parts from the forehead hairline to the crown. Tease tight, then smooth over with a brush.

2. I put my hair into a high ponytail-and kept the teased section smooth and tall.

3. Sprayed it all down with some Samy shine hairspray, set a bow at the back of the teased ‘faux’ hawk and fluffed out the base of the pony tail.

It’s a PINK like hairstyle!

Enjoy the video!

RIMMEL of London Products used:
Glam’eyes HD 004 Green Park or try 007 in Heart of Gold
Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in Emerald Sparkle
Volume Flash Scandal Eyes mascara
Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Creamy Beige
NEW Match Perfection blush in light/medium
Lips: Kate 15 for a PINK inspired nude shiny lip, use Kate 10 for a Taylor Swift red lip

Get RIMMEL at any Walmart or Walgreens and it’s always under $10!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Live Clean (baby) for a very happy Mother’s Day!
7 “Green” Beauty Products Every Woman Should Buy

Don’t believe there are eco-friendly products that actually work? Check out these picks that’ll wow you


This is a health and beauty article

Sure, you know going the eco route with your beauty regimen is good for mother earth, but did you know it’s crucial for your health, too? Here’s the best part: These 7 all-natural products work so well, there’s a good chance they’ll become your new go-tos.

Go green

Hello Gorgeous! Are you getting ready for Mother’s Day?

The Live Clean baby line includes a Tearless Shampoo and Washh, Moisturizing Baby Bath, Moisturizing Baby Lotion, Non-Petroleum jelly, Diaper Ointment and Mositurizing Bar Soap.
The Live Clean baby line is “sustainable, renewable and replenishable” all good things for a baby getting started in this world!
I love products that are safe for the skin and for the environment.
Now you can get your Live Clean Baby products online and in Walgreens stores. Everything is value priced for around $7.99.

Live Clean Baby believes that “going green” is all about taking baby steps towards making significant eco-conscious efforts in your life. Buying eco-friendly baby care products is an easy first step to “going green”.

 Remember: you are beautiful!
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NuNAAT: keratin hair straightener in a box? Watch.
8 Worst Reader-Rated Drugstore Shampoos

Find out which shampoos our readers say you should leave on the shelf

8 Worst Reader-Rated Drugstore Shampoos

This is a hair care products article

A terrible shampoo can leave your hair oily, frizzy, and sticky. Sadly, quality is not something you can spot just by reading the label. But that’s where our readers come in. Spare your hair by avoiding these 8 shampoos they rated as the absolute worst.

Read reviews

No. 8: Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Shampoo, $2.67 average reader rating: 6.4

“This made my hair look frizzy and not moisturized. In fact, it felt like straw.”

No. 7: Head and Shoulders Refresh 2 in 1, $5.40 average reader rating: 6.4

“I used this product once and it left my hair feeling very sticky. I had to wash my hair TWICE the same day with other shampoos to remove the sticky feeling.”

No. 6: Burt’s Bees More Moisture Raspberry & Brazil Nut Shampoo, $8 average reader rating: 6.1

“This shampoo left my hair dry, tangled, and matted. I have never disliked a shampoo so much after using it.”

Want to see what was No. 1? Click here!

Well friends-here’s a wee video to see just what kind of beauty can come out of a box. I think it looks interesting. I have not tried it personally- but I am a fan of the NuNAAT Karite and Silicone Therapy line.

The Keratin Straightening system is available at Walgreens.

Valentines Day smiles: make it whiter in 1 hour with Luster
10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

Ombre tips and faux bobs are so 2011. See the trends that stylists say will rule in 2012

10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

This is a hairstyles article

If you’re itching for a change this season, these new hairstyles will inspire you. Hint: The faux bob gets prettier and the ombre look gets a more natural-looking makeover for 2012. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this season, read on.

Get trends

Howdy Gorgeous!
Valentine’s Day is coming!
How’s your smile? Pearly? The Luster Oral Care line of whiteners has an at home treatment that has no tooth sensitivity and is affordable and easy to get! Simply visit your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target or order online from Amazon.

It is minty fresh, easy to use, and with a couple of applications-you too will be smiling brightly with your heart full of love on Valentine’s Day!

Now this is really important-I encourage you to make yourself a sticky note right now!

Start showing unconditional, random acts of love and joy to those around you.

In my house, we call it the love cup. When my family gets home from being gone all day the cats are crazy! I tell my son, that we have to fill up the cats love cup with pets and ear scratches while speaking kind words to them. Just like when I get him from school-I need to fill up his love cup.

So I share all of this so that you will take a moment and first, fill up your love cup by encouraging yourself. Say good things about you, to you, because you are crazy amazing! Now-fill up your kids and your pets-those who are immediately around you. Next-move onto your workspace and be sure and fill up the love cups there-and go on, and so on and so forth!

You can do it! We are starting a love revolution-right here, right now! I love you!
I’ll start you off with a starter drop in your cup today- I love you! You are beautiful just the way you are! God made you perfectly! I’m thankful you are here!

Now go spread it!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Mother’s Day gifts: and then some White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy day to you too! Now, we are days away from Mother’s Day-a chance for you to honor the Mama in your life.
I for one, think fragrance is always a great gift. Though, then again, I am a self describe fragrance junkie!
I love the classic fragrances created with Elizabeth Taylor. The White Diamonds scent in my humble opinion is as classic as Chanel’s No. 5. Which just so happens to be another favorite of mine!
Now, if you are getting a fragrance gift for mom-consider a powder. Such as this luxurious White Diamonds body powder complete with large over stuffed fluffy puff to sprinkle and spread on your body-or where ever needs scenting.
Layering a scent is what makes it last longer-so if you know your Mom already has the atomizer-why not get the companion such as powder, bath gel or lotion? Enjoy the “scenting” and shopping for Mom! You can pick White Diamonds up at any major retailer such as Macy’s, Target, Walmart or a large drugstore like Walgreens.
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Prom hair styles with SAMY affordable & accessible! At-Home Hair Color Foam — Does it Work?

See what our top reviewers had to say about the new Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam

At-Home Hair Color Foam -- Does it Work?

This is a hair color article

While some things are better left alone, change can, admittedly, be good — especially when it comes to innovative hair products. At-home hair dye now comes in a foam consistency that is supposedly easier to apply and provides better color absorption. But the million-dollar question is, does it work? We asked our readers to try the product and put it to the test.

See reviews

Hello Prommies! I know the Arizona proms are coming up quick and the high school gals could use some help on getting their best beauty on for the e vening.

These 3 hair products are new from Samy and affordable at $4.99 a piece and easy access at any Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS near you!

There is one for curly hair to make them smooth, and another for controling frizz and a spray pomade for those of you with shorter hair styles. I like the scent and performance of the Samy products I just don’t like the twist cap. I think in theory it was a good idea but in practical application it doesn’t work very well. So rip it off-I did!

Enjoy this short video…

If you have questions or need help with suggestions for your best prom beauty-email me!

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Milani nail polish makes New Years Eve parties prettier!
12 Ways to Spoil Yourself This Season

Sure it’s the season of giving, but it’s not a total crime to be selfish every now and then, right?

12 Ways to Spoil Yourself This Season

This is a Beauty products article

Check out the luxurious items you should consider wrapping up for yourself with a “From Santa” tag.

See products

Hello gorgeous! Just days away from a new year! Oh golly I love a new year! Now, we will be celebrating the gregorian calendar new year and not Rosh Hashana the new year that is in the Bible. No worries, though because it’s still a reason to celebrate and ring in the new year. Which means you will need a new look to go along with the party to celebrate!

Have you tried Milani cosmetics? They are affordable and readily available at Walgreens, Walmart, Target and a drugstore near you.

When getting ready for a 2011 New Years eve party, remember the finishing touches like your manicure and pedicure by using these glittery party colors from Milani! Pick some up and take to your favorite salon to decorate your nails for a New Years eve to remember!
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