Work It Out Winesday

Hi ya Gorgeous!Welcome to another wonderful day! Be sure and greet it with a smile and zeal for life. Even if you are going through some hard times, find a way to find a positive in what’s going on!


Now today’s work it out post is a wine post because I came across some great bargain finds and wanted to share with you so you can enjoy too!

Enjoy the video!

And these are some fave wine accessories for you!

Silicone Wine Glasses Set of 4 available on Amazon

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“You are out on a Limb with Facebook”


So I came across this website and it is a head scratcher and thought provoker about the reach of social media and what really happens to the information that we put up for sharing.

Our shares go a lot further than we think and in this article and website, the author shares about a very viable and private place for sharing with out advertising.


Read below to learn more about Groups Agogo

But there has to be a good reason, other than the shortcomings of Facebook, to leave and join another social media site. addresses those shortcomings with no gimmicks, no adverts, has easy straightforward navigation and does not sell or share users’ data. The user can connect with any page from any other page. It is a subscription site, with a small joining fee that will hardly worry the genuine user but will discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


This is a new beginning, so why not be in at the beginning and build it together?


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford



Nine Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo or one of the Four Agogo Niche Sites.


1. Privacy is number one on our list of priorities – No personal information is shared or sold.


2. No intrusive or targeted ads. In fact, no ads at all apart from personal ads from its own members.


3. No Timeline.


4. No new features or ideas will be introduced without consultation with its members.


5. Easy and straightforward navigation. Reach any page from any other page.


6. A one-off joining fee of £1.95 to discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


7. You can start over with a clean slate, inviting your friends to join you.


8. An incentive. It seems that everyone loves something for free, so I have also created a complimentary eBook site,,  where users of the social media site can obtain five free eBooks on signing up to, and a further two eBooks for  each new member they recruit for this Social Network Site. You can build your own library of eBooks for free.


9. The same applies to our four Agogo niche sites,,, and


Some other very important reasons are listed below as to why you should leave Facebook and join us.


You are out on a Limb with Facebook – Eight Good Reasons to Leave

“Eight Good Reasons to Leave and Nine Good Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo”

LandB Consult: just the spring cleaning for marketing your brand needs

Hi ya Gorgeous!

You know when I find a good thing I like to share it and I think I have come across a good thing here in the LandBConsult website! A little promotion can go along way in promoting your band, brand or business.


Take a look at this:



L&Bconsult is an affordable marketing consulting agency, here to help small business owner to do there own marketing with a minimum of budget.

We teach YOU how to do your own SEO, Marketing and social media with less than 5 hours a week of your time and for less than 100$ a month.

We guarantee an increase of 20% of customers in 3 months! Our team of marketing guru will do a free audit for you and create the perfect and most effective plan for your business and you show you step by step how to execute it. After a month you still have issue on how to do it? No problem we offer free 6 hours of follow up after delivery!!

Please visit today and ask for your free audit! Mention  “Blog Promo” in the message and get 20% off our services! (For New Customer Only)

Find online for social media:


Sweet Home Arizona!

Hi ya Gorgeous!
I am home from the beautiful and exciting Atlanta! I can not describe my level of fatigue and to add to that mix like a cherry on top, I got my blood work tests back today and it’s true. My thyroid is off, again!

My doctor recommended changing and upping my dosage of Armor to treat the higher tsh level in my blood.

I just cut my hair and have a new photo to share! I love it long though it was just ravaged by Hashimoto’s and thin, brittle, cotton candy like even though for the past 3 months total I have used every hair supplement possible like this Neocell Keratin vitamin and have only heat styled my hair twice in that time!

So new hair, new season and new adventure ahead!

Thanks for being on the journey with me! Below is a “welcome home” video for you!

Products in video:
Murad Advanced Active rAdiance Serum
Murad Professional Eye Lift Firming Treatment
Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
Pur Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation
Pur Hydra Fluid Water Serum Foundation
Pur Llip Gloss Stick in Berry Pretty
Pur Voume Vixen 4-in-1 mascara
Pur Double Ego Dual Ended eyeliner in tasmania
Pur Glow Together Gradient Matte Shimmer Bronzer

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Americans.Org – the source for up to the minute news in the US

Hi ya Gorgeous!

I have found an online news source that provides timely and relevant stories that you may not see on the major news outlets.

Try Americans.Org for a fresh insight and analysis on news subjects in the United States. There are sections for the planet and for the world, though the focus is primarily on America.


Today, there are posts featuring the story happening right now about removing the Confederate flag from South Carolina and how major retailers are responding to it.


Or if you are interested in technology, there is a story on how the largest internet providers are purposely slowing the service speed you receive.

Americans.Org is providing a fresh take on the bottled water brands and contamination that could be in your city. Learn more by visiting the story here.


Finally, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and is currently dealing with a sudden surge in homelessness. This story is on Americans.Org right now.



There is so much more to Americans.Org and its all original content for US news and world news.

Visit today and see what is really happening in the country and not necessarily being seen on major broadcast news outlets. You’ll be glad you did!

Find on Twitter @AmericansOrg

p.s. remember to subscribe to the newsletter and updates in the box at the top right corner of the Americans.Org website



Faith Hill “Soul 2 Soul” fragrance: so perfect for Fall
9 Best Natural Deodorants

Green beauty products are great — but do they really work as well as their chemically- engineered counterparts? To find out, we put more than 20 natural deodorants to the test. See our results now

9 Best Natural Deodorants

This is a body article

Even the most DIY, eco-friendly gal might opt for Secret or Dove when it comes to deodorant. Why? As much as we all love Mother Nature, there’s no way we’re going to be OK with smelling funky. But here’s the good news: There are actually tons of natural deodorants that get the job done. Check out 9 fantastic ones that won’t leave you stinky.

See the best natural deodorants

Hey Gorgeous!
You know, I love fragrance. And what do I love better than a new fragrance? Giving some away for free to you! In honor of Faith Hill’s new single “American Heart” I am giving away one of her perfumes.

Starting today: October 20th and open through October 30th-

Please follow @Cherelynn on Twitter and tweet: 

“#winning with my fave #FaithHill song ______ & @Cherelynn 

 Then comment on this blog which is your favorite Faith Hill song and that you tweeted! 

Winner announced on Oct 31st- prize goes to whoever has the most retweets of their tweet. Please be at least 13 years old, and have a mailing address in the continental United States. Good luck!

P.s. I like to put my fave Faith Hill songs in a category sorted by song style and meaning, but the top 3 are:
1. Let Me Let Go
2. It’s Your Love
3. Stronger

Faith Hill:
is a romantic, elegant, radiant fruity
floral fragrance. The scent opens with sparkling fruits like Georgia
White Peach and Grapefruit, leading to a passionate heart of Everlasting
Flower, Princess Rose and Lotus Flower. 
The fragrance dries down to a
soft and intoxicating blend of cucumber, balanced
with sensual sandalwood. The luminous fragrance
is captured in a sophisticated, feminine bottle with accents
of gold and pearl white. 
A captivating starbust incorporated in the
bottle’s design complements the radiant gold carton’s subtle starbust

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When It’s Time to Toss Your Beauty Products: guest blog spotlight
7 Tips for Your BEST Skin

Keep your skin looking flawless with these 7 holistic skin care tips

7 Tips for Your BEST Skin

This is a healthy skin article

While you may have your cleansing, toning, and moisturizing skin care routine down pat, there’s something you’re missing in your scrupulous upkeep: everything else. If your skin care routine stops at your bathroom, you’re not getting the best skin you can have. From the food you eat to the workout you choose, see how to change your lifestyle habits to get your healthiest skin from within.

Get tips

Hello Gorgeous!
I wanted to share some beauty information as many young ladies are getting ready to go back to school soon. It’s written by Elizabeth Shimer Bowers and medically reviewed by Niya Jones, MD, MPH.
Enjoy the story!

There are a number of reasons to do a sweep of outdated products — are you really going to wear that blue eyeshadow again? — but the most important reason is that old cosmetics pose a host of potential health risks.

“Most beauty products are designed to stay fresh and stable only for a limited period of time,” explains Jessica Wu, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California and a dermatologist in private practice in Los Angeles. “After that, they start to break down, so your cream might not work as well, your makeup may streak or change color, or — worst case scenario — you could develop a terrible infection.” Here’s how to give your health and beauty arsenal a much-needed spring cleaning, any time of year.

To read more visit here.

MTV Movie Awards: Kristen Stewart for best kiss?
10 Quick Ways to Burn Calories While You Sit

Who really has the time to blast calories after a long day at work? Not us! Here’s how to lose weight while sitting down

10 Quick Ways to Burn Calories While You Sit

This is a workouts for women article

No matter what your day-to-day is like, you probably spend a little — OK, maybe a lot — of time on your behind. Add that to a busy schedule with no space for gym visits and you’ve got a recipe for health disaster. Break the cycle with these 10 surprising tricks that’ll help you burn calories while sitting (yes, sitting).

Burn calories

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy June! Whoa-2012 is officially half over! Today the new Snow White movie starring Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart titled “Snow White and the Huntsman”.
Enjoy this short sneek peak video with Kristen Stewart as seen on MTV – will you be watching on June 3rd the MTV Movie Awards?

I will-they are guilty pleasure like watching the Nickelodeon award shows. Stay tuned: Makeup University has several how to videos with ybf and Deborrah Lippmann products!

For more information or to vote on Twitter for your favorite hero visit:
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Join me on Oct 5th 6 pm for Fashionably Pink TWITTER party

Fashionably Pink is the fashion show of celebrities helping to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer at the Phoenix Fashion Week. I will be live blogging from the event and hosting a Twitter party to make #PhxFashionWeek trend.

There are several gifts to give away to Twitter party attendees such as Violent Lip Tattoos as seen on Jessie J, Murad anti-aging acne skin set, Maya Water, Unite hair care, David Beckham HOMME and more!

To attend: simply log on to Twitter between 6:00-7:30 pm
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To win: retweet and comment on my tweets using the tag #PHXFashionsaves

Thank you for your support and let’s get Phoenix Fashion Week trending!