Meet TRUE Isaac Mizrahi for Valentine’s Day looks

Hi ya Gorgeous!

Groundhog Day is behind us and Super Bowl is fast approaching! Then on to the Valentine’s Day celebrations! Wee!
February is a month packed with good times! Arizona has a birthday in this month which makes for just one more reason to celebrate!

Now, there is a new line of cosmetics to help you get your best look on for any upcoming event, meet  TRUE by Isaac Mizrahi.

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Revlon ion ceramic hair dryer in limited edition snake print
November’s 6 Best Beauty Buys

A ton of fabulous new products have just launched. Though most would be a great gift, these are the ones you’ll want to keep for yourself

November's 6 Best Beauty Buys

This is a beauty products article

For a true beauty junkie, November is an exciting time. After all, it’s when the best Holiday beauty collections launch. And though your post-Thanksgiving shopping sprees should be restricted to gift-buying only, these six products are so good, you’ll want to buy two (one for you and one for your friend).

See this month’s picks

The holiday season and buying times are upon us!

For the fashion and beauty diva in your life-who loves to coordinate her styling tools get this Revlon ceramic ion hair dryer in a fun snake print exclusive to Target for $29.99.

I have used it and love the ion dial for lots or little ions, also has a cool blast and 2 temps plus 2 speeds along with 2 drying accessories.

Enjoy this short video and get down to Target soon before they are all gone!

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Goody QuikStyle: absorbent microfiberbristles : like shammy shaped brush
6 New Ways to Cut Long Hair

Stuck in a long hair rut? Here’s how to bust out

6 New Ways to Cut Long Hair

This is a long hair article

The super long hair trend is over (Sorry Gisele). Stylists are now saying that the best long haircuts range from clavicle-length to mid-back. What’s even better? You don’t have to resort to “long layers” if you want a stylish new look. See the six new cuts that both stylists and celebrities are loving now.

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Oh gorgeous-would you look at this thing!

I feel so Ron Popeil when I use it! Ha!

Goody is really innovative in creating great hair products-and this is no different.

The brush I am testing is the half round shape but I couldn’t find a photo of it so I put the paddle picture up.

It is light-so your arm won’t get tired. It’s weird-but give it a moment for learning curve. The idea is that it will cut down drying time on your hair.

I am not sure if my drying time was cut down because I spent quite some time fussing with the brush. For me, it works best when I flip my hair over my head and dry upside down. This gave me a lot of volume.  Interesting: I got a great blow dry: meaning smooth and full hair, but I did need to go back in with the dryer at a cooler temp and my normal round brush and shape my hair a bit more.

So overall: as for being a tool that combines safe drying, with function and style-I give this a thumbs up!

I am concerned that it comes with instructions on how to clean it and microbial something and “freshness”.
These are new terms to me when it comes to my hair brush.

In short-try one-it’s worth it. You can find the Goody QuikStyle at Walmarts and Targets for $11.99


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Back to School hair repair with Snooth’n’Shine Revivoil Quench & Repair Potion
Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

Have unwanted brown spots? Get the tips you need to get rid of them for good

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

This is a skin problems article

No matter how religiously we slather on our sunscreen, come fall we always find a fresh batch of freckles and sunspots. But before you vow to never step foot outside again, see what dermatologist Deborah Jaliman tells us is the real reason for our hyperpigmentation. With her expert tips, you’ll finally learn how to treat and prevent dark spots.

Get even skin

Hi gorgeous!
It is still hot here in Arizona-but here is a simple and affordable answer to dry summer hair that has been in too much sun, too much chlorine and I hope-has been spared a round of Sun In.

The Smooth n Shine Revivoil leave in potion is amazing for helping hair get back to normal, fast!

I put mine on in the shower after I have towel dried my hair because the tube is kind of messy!

If you want to go a step further, put a plastic baggy over your hair and then heat it up with a hair dryer for a deeper penetration.

Find this affordable line of hair care at your local Walmart and Target!

Skinny Girl Bethenny Frankel on FOX with new talk show
When to Ditch Your Workout Gear

Yes, even workout gear has expiration dates. Look for these signs of wear and tear now

When to Ditch Your Workout Gear

This is a fitness article

Sure those Nike Free Runs and Lululemon spandex cost you a pretty penny, but that doesn’t mean they’ll last forever. Turns out, holding onto worn out workout gear is actually costing you more. Experts say your old gear can be the reason for your acne, back pain, and ineffective workouts. So, save yourself the trouble and check for these signs that let you know it’s time to go shopping.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Get ready to tune into FOX (channel 10 in Arizona) for the new Bethenny talk show.

Speaking of Bethenny, the Skinny Girl line of products ( margs!) including skin care and cosmetics are still available at the Walmarts and some Targets.

You may find them on discount, so be sure and snap up your favorites. Here’s a short video review for you of the detox face mask and body lotion.

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Lip Tints by Burt’s Bees: plum is my favorite, which is yours?
7 Perks of a Beautiful Smile

Not only are white teeth crucial for those Facebook pictures, they’re also important for your health — see how

7 Perks of a Beautiful Smile

This is a Women’s Dental Health article

You may have been flossing, brushing, and rinsing twice a day for healthy teeth and gums, but your dental care regimen could be giving you more benefits than just whiter teeth. From getting you a raise to making you look younger, see the 7 perks you’ll enjoy if you make those pearly whites even brighter.

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Hey Gorgeous! Please check yesterday’s blog post with a funny yet important video about the importance of helping bees get healthy habitats so the crucial pollination needed for native plants to thrive can take place!

Today-I share with you the Burt’s Bees lip tint-I have 3 colors; a plum, a cherry red and a light pink. The plum is my favorite because it makes a berry tone stain on my lips yet is moisturizing and smooth feeling.

My experience is that it wears on the lip for quite some time! Plus it has just enough color to look ‘made up’ for a busy summer day but not too much as too look over done.

You can get your favorite Burt’s Bees products and cosmetics just about any where; like the Walmart, Target, CVS and Sprouts!

These lip tints are just about $5-worth it for your summer beauty and travel to beach side locations! Enjoy!

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elite models London Queen-a fragrance fit for a Queen
7 Healthy Tips for a Happier You

Sometimes we need a breather from life’s stresses. So show yourself a little TLC with these tactics for a healthier, happier you

7 Healthy Tips for a Happier You

This is a stress and women article

It’s easy to get so bogged down by life’s to-dos that you forget about your own health. But fitness and lifestyle expert Tanner Martty says it’s never too late to take charge of your body and mind. See his seven secrets for refreshing yourself from the inside out now.

Get rejuvenated

Hello sweet Gorgeous!
Recently the Queen of England had celebrated her 60 years on the throne.

Wow, think about that, 6 decades at the same job in our microwave society. I appreciate her steadfastness, stiff upper lip and willingness to soldier on.

The Queen of England looks really good for her career and age.

Now to help you celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Royal Highness
consider a fresh new fragrance that has the scent of royalty.

Elite Models London Queen is a fresh floral with powdery dry down finish.

London Queen is an exciting and energetic fragrance that
celebrates the unconventional fashion style and underground scene of
this city. The fragrance opens with notes of raspberry, bergamot and
mandarin. The heart of plum, jasmine, and exotic tiare flower from
Tahiti settled at the base of warm vanilla, benzoin and musk. “For when
you’re in the party-mood for mayhem.” Perfumer: Marie Salamagne.

It’s a Coty Fragrance as of 2012, which has a long history of making some of the best known fragrances of our time.

The elite models line of 4 fragrances celebrating 4 fashion forward cities can be purchased at Targets for under $10.

Remember: you are beautiful!

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GUD by Burt’s Bees: you need it for a Fat Tuesday late night wash for Ash Wednesday
7 Best and Worst Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes can cut out the calories, but are they killing you? Find out which ones to sweeten your tea with here

7 Best and Worst Sugar Substitutes

This is a weight loss diets article

The promise of a shot of sweetness without the calories makes it hard to pass up a pack of Equal or Splenda. But researchers have found that these go-to sugar substitutes can not only make you hungrier, but even cause cancer. Avoid the carcinogenic culprits and stick to the healthful ones with this roundup.

Get facts

Hello soon to be sweet smellin’ Gorgeous!
I’ve been playing with my samples from the new
GUD line of natural body care by Burt’s Bees. I say you need some now for your Fat Tuesday so you can have it tomorrow to wash up and absolve yourself before Ash Wednesday mass.

So far my experience with the Gud products is pure love! Love it! So rich and thick-moisturizing, good smelling and happy feeling! woo hoo!

Best of all-these products are all paraben, phtalates, sulfates, free as well as cruelty free and made right here in the United States of America! Burt’s Bees GUD is good!

Enjoy this short video reveiw then get to the Targets and get you some!

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Valentines Day smiles: make it whiter in 1 hour with Luster
10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

Ombre tips and faux bobs are so 2011. See the trends that stylists say will rule in 2012

10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

This is a hairstyles article

If you’re itching for a change this season, these new hairstyles will inspire you. Hint: The faux bob gets prettier and the ombre look gets a more natural-looking makeover for 2012. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this season, read on.

Get trends

Howdy Gorgeous!
Valentine’s Day is coming!
How’s your smile? Pearly? The Luster Oral Care line of whiteners has an at home treatment that has no tooth sensitivity and is affordable and easy to get! Simply visit your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target or order online from Amazon.

It is minty fresh, easy to use, and with a couple of applications-you too will be smiling brightly with your heart full of love on Valentine’s Day!

Now this is really important-I encourage you to make yourself a sticky note right now!

Start showing unconditional, random acts of love and joy to those around you.

In my house, we call it the love cup. When my family gets home from being gone all day the cats are crazy! I tell my son, that we have to fill up the cats love cup with pets and ear scratches while speaking kind words to them. Just like when I get him from school-I need to fill up his love cup.

So I share all of this so that you will take a moment and first, fill up your love cup by encouraging yourself. Say good things about you, to you, because you are crazy amazing! Now-fill up your kids and your pets-those who are immediately around you. Next-move onto your workspace and be sure and fill up the love cups there-and go on, and so on and so forth!

You can do it! We are starting a love revolution-right here, right now! I love you!
I’ll start you off with a starter drop in your cup today- I love you! You are beautiful just the way you are! God made you perfectly! I’m thankful you are here!

Now go spread it!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Black Friday-Holiday beauty gift giving guide
The Best Diet Foods at 7-Eleven

Avoid the unhealthy pitfalls at your next pit stop with these dietitian-approved tips

The Best Diet Foods at 7-Eleven

This is a weight loss diets article

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t eat on the go. In the real world, picking up some snacks at the quickie mart is inevitable. So what do you do when you make a pit stop and your only options are fat bombs like the Slurpee machine and that evil nacho cheese drip? Remember these tips.

See tips

Hi all! Happy Thanksgiving and pre-Black Friday!
If you will be out at the Black Friday sales and shopping for your loved ones-here is a wee video sharing some great beauty gift ideas!
Thanks for watching!