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I have found an online news source that provides timely and relevant stories that you may not see on the major news outlets.

Try Americans.Org for a fresh insight and analysis on news subjects in the United States. There are sections for the planet and for the world, though the focus is primarily on America.


Today, there are posts featuring the story happening right now about removing the Confederate flag from South Carolina and how major retailers are responding to it.


Or if you are interested in technology, there is a story on how the largest internet providers are purposely slowing the service speed you receive.

Americans.Org is providing a fresh take on the bottled water brands and contamination that could be in your city. Learn more by visiting the story here.


Finally, Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the United States and is currently dealing with a sudden surge in homelessness. This story is on Americans.Org right now.



There is so much more to Americans.Org and its all original content for US news and world news.

Visit today and see what is really happening in the country and not necessarily being seen on major broadcast news outlets. You’ll be glad you did!

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