Key Benefits to Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor in the Downriver Michigan area

A DIY project is for decoupaging and putting faux finish on new furniture to make it look old, it is not for doing the roof on your house.


The benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor for any type of work or repair that you need done on your home or business roof can be broken down into 3 simple reasons:

1) Danger – it may look easy to go up and down the ladder carrying tools and roofing supplies but it’s not


2) Experience – remember the first time you did something? If it was anything technical, it may have taken a few more tries to perfect the activity – with your roof, the covering on your home that you owe a mortgage on and houses your family members and possession, do you really want to risk not getting it done right the first time?


3) License. Bonded. Insured.  A professional roofing contractor like Downriver Roofers in the greater Downriver area of Michigan have been in business for over 20 years and that experience shows in the work that is on display today in local homes and businesses.


The license, bonding and insurance of a pro roofing contractor is benefit enough to not diy your roof and then add on top of that the professional insurance claims consultants that are in house with Downriver Roofers – there is a better way to fix your roof and Downriver Roofers can help you with that.

Contact Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 today for a free quote and written estimate!

More information is available on the website here:

Save Yourself Time and Money: Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors

How to use natural fragrance to enhance your Holidays!

Hi ya Gorgeous,

It’s no secret that I love fragrance and perfumes! I love receiving a perfume as a gift and giving it too!

So I have come across a natural and hand crafted, small batch perfume that I think you will like for your personal and gift giving needs this holiday season!

Meet Future Alchemy!

Their newest scent that has just been released is Attracteur.

This is the alchemy of scent.

slide2Since the beginning of time, perfume has always been an alchemical undertaking. The extraction, concentration and blending of fragrance has its roots and inspiration in the drawing forth and condensing of life force – the heart of alchemy. With Attracteur we return to the foundation of the art of perfumery, and bring forth a new bloom: a truly alchemical formula to enchant both wearer and guest. These fragrances combine three levels of subtlety in a way never before attempted.

Outer – At the outer level, Attracteur étrange functions just as a normal fragrance does, by enveloping you in a delicate, beautiful combination of fragrances. As these are released by one’s body temperature, a concert of scent embraces your environment.

Inner – On an inner level, these formulas contain a powerful and unique combination of human pheromones. All three active types of pheromones are represented in our proprietary formula, including axillary steroids, compounds which stimulate the vomeronasal organ, and aliphatic acids. Pheromones continue to be researched today, and although they have yet to release their secrets to science, they have been shown in numerous studies to have a profound influence on humans exposed to them. In addition, the male fragrance contains the aromatic compound hedoine, which has recently been proven in several laboratory trials to positively effect women exposed to it.

Secret – At the innermost, secret level, our fragrances actually contain true alchemical substances. These rare materials are sourced from lands such as India and Myanmar, where the ancient art of alchemy is still practiced today as a sacred science. These rare, secret alchemical distillates are combined and perfected, their essential essences extracted and incorporated into the Attracteur line. At an extremely subtle level, these energetic compounds combine with the carriers in the fragrance and are borne into the atmosphere where they serve to bring about a profound sense of confidence and openness in the wearer. It is this unnameable quality which lies at the very heart of the power of attraction. This aspect of our line is completely unique, and no one else on earth can claim this kind of complex formulation.






About Us


Future Alchemy is the brainchild of Joseph Wagner and Darren Fisher, long time students of alchemy and exotic materials. Personal research over a period of more than 14 years has led us to personally investigate the alchemical traditions of China, Burma, Tibet, India and the Western Tradition in a firsthand way. In addition, interactions with modern, living alchemists have given us insight into the state of alchemical development at the current time.

Our goal is to offer the modern West the best in available alchemical materials, both ancient and modern. Many of our formulas are not available elsewhere. Be sure to check regularly with us for new products and deepening alchemical understanding.


In addition to our listed materials, we often have special substances available in small quantities, so please email us at if you would like to be notified when such things come into our hands.

Shipping Information:

Orders are usually filled within 24 hours. Due to the extremely esoteric nature of our products, it is possible that from time to time we may be out of a particular compound or formula. We will inform you of any potential delay in your order being filled, and will refund your money if such a delay is unacceptable.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

If you are unhappy with our products for any reason, please contact us at and we will do our best to make the situation right.


So, let me sum it up for you, anyone can purchase a mass produce fragrance from the local drugstore, though to truly capture the essence of who you are or give a lasting gift memory, think natural! Something that reacts with the warmth of your skin in a good way!

I think these Future Alchemy fragrances are affordable and the perfect stocking stuffer!


Get two today!

How to have unique holiday items & gifts: choose Vasilisa Skaska from Etsy!

Hi ya Gorgeous,

Oh it’s the best time of year! One for giving! I love giving! The best gifts are handmade and unique.




If you are looking for something beautiful and unique, look no further than the VasilisaSkaska Etsy shop!

I love these lights! For decorating and gifting-they are unique and more interesting than a traditional string of big box stores.

String Lights,Fairy Lights Holiday LED Lights, Party Lighting, Bedroom Decor lamps, 20 Lace Crocheted balls, Night lights, garland light



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: cotton yarn, string lights, adhesive
  • Ships worldwide from Ukraine

For those of you who are crafty and skilled in the yarn arts, there is a pattern download available in multiple languages to create your own:

The pattern of this crochet balls is a step by step tutorial in US crochet terms completed with detailed pictures.

You’ll can make beautiful decor for your home following my instruction


You will need a lot of patience and a little crocheting skills. But everyone can do it

For your convenience:
a list with crochet terms in 7 languages is included at the downloads.
(US English, UK English, Nederlands, Español, Italiano, Français, Deutsch)


For those who may be having a vow renewal or wedding this holiday season, (what an amazing gift!) this beautiful, hand crafted veil or shawl!

Woman shawl. Wedding shawl Knitted Orenburg shawl.

$110.00 USD



  • Handmade item
  • Materials: mohair, kid mohair
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from Ukraine

Gorgeous woman shawl
Knitted by the technique of Orenburg’s shawl.

Wearing it , you will always be irresistible, attracting views of man.

Present yourself the charm of femininity and mystery, it will keep you warm in cold weather.

It can also be put, like the addition to the evening dress

Made to order. Please allow 10 days before this shawl ships from my studio

Wool, Kid Mohair,
100% hand-knitted
Dimensions: 160x 90cm


Ooh! Look at this! I love this! Myself, and many a young girl or cat lover will love to have this waiting under the Hanukkah bush or Christmas tree!

il_570xN.497415177_eurpDecorative Pillow – Soft Cat -Throw Pillow – Cushion – Hand knitted cushion

$35.00 USD

Hand knitted cushion for entertainment and relaxation.

Meet my soft, lazy housecat Smiley. beneficially differs from another real cats by his exceptional silence and cleanliness=)

He doesn’t mess in apartment, doesn’t put you out of temper, he can just bring you only positive emotions and peace! Soft and warm, he can be favorite toy for your child and comfortable pillow for you.


Do you know about real cat ability to remove the pain in whole human body? Smiley can do the same. If you have a headache, you just need to lay down on Smiley and he will take the pain away, because he’s hands embroidered with love and care.
Add to your life another one friend=)

100% mohair

Staff – sintepon
size: 40x50cm

More cute cats are here:


Finally, meet the owner and creator: Vita Orlovsky






I do not always know what kind of thing will be in the end!



isa_760xN.23174828027_cxw8I like all kinds of women’s needlework even very rare,

constantly trying to learn something new.

As a child I watched as my grandmother works.
She was very skillful needlewoman and taught me.
Now I’m trying to convert my hobby into a profession category.

Maybe I disperse my efforts, just want to do everything
in different directions. but it allows to combine in a single product
incompatible ideas.
Sometimes my search led to the creation of the unique things.
So, here’s the point. Instead of just shopping at the big box retailers, consider a handmade, one of a kind, created with love item that will speak volumes over the mass produced plastic.
Shop small!