Adele on DWTS results show look using GloMinerals
Confidence-Boosting Hairstyle Makeover

See how a face-flattering trim and rich wash of color take years off this busy mom’s face

Confidence-Boosting Hairstyle Makeover

This is a makeover article

Working mom Lisa is starting to see pesky grays sprout throughout her highlighted strands and, to no surprise, she isn’t thrilled about it. To help mask them and put some fun and style back into her look, we called on our makeover team.

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Hey Gorgeous!
I loved seeing Adele perform her awesome song Rolling in the Deep on Dancing with the Stars last night. Sad to see Romeo go, but there is still plenty of excitement waiting for next week with Ralph, Kirstie, Hines and Chelsea.
Products used:
Foundation: first layer of GloMinerals in gold
Second layer: Koh Gen Do HD moisturizing foundation
Blush: GloMinerals
Brows: Brow Diva in Sophia
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Eyes: Smashbox
Eyeliner: Sheercover creme eyeliner in Espresso Shot mixed with Smashbox shadow
Lips: Borghese Pinkissima lipstick topped with GloMinerals Whisper gloss

Now enjoy the music video…

Now, enjoy this short video and below that is the Adele Rolling in the Deep music video. Enjoy!

La Roche Posay for post halloween makeup clean up
How Effective Is Your PM Beauty Routine?

See if your skin care products are doing the work they should be while you sleep

How Effective Is Your PM Beauty Routine?

This is a skin care article

A nighttime beauty routine is important — take quiz to find out if you’re using the best products for your skin.

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Halloween makeup can be greasy and thicker in nature than an average makeup product.
So if you have a dirty face? Clean it up! I mean really deep clean it with La Roche Posay Effaclar line of cleansers and blemish treatement.

I tried the cream cleanser and love the rich thick foamy suds that washed clean without making my skin feel dry.

With continued use it can help clear up blackheads and work on stubborn acne like skin.

The real gem of the line is the wee tube of blemish treatment that contains salicylic acid as well as an ingredient to help slough off the dead skin that usually heals up in a red brown

The last thing we need are more spots that have to be lasered off at a later time for a higher price.

So check out the website and find out which La Roche Posay product is right for you!

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Best beauty for busy moms this holiday season-Wet n Wild $5 holiday palette
Fresh, Fun and Funky Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas

Get inspired by our 2010 costume ideas

Fresh, Fun and Funky Halloween Makeup and Costume Ideas

This is a makeup tips article

For each Halloween look, we’ll give you the steps for completing your makeup, hairstyle and outfit.

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Hello! It’s that time to begin the celebrations! For some of you the halloween party is around the corner, and for others it’s time to get ready planning Thanksgiving travel, what to do for the office party this year and family Christmas photos.
Something for you to consider that is affordable and easy access is the new limited edition color icon palette from Wet ‘ n’ Wild cosmetics.

You can find these at any Walmart, Target or drugstore near you and the suggested retail is $4.99

It comes with both a brush and sponge applicator and includes a free black sparkle eyeliner pencil. So it’s definately got some bang for the buck!

I’m demonstrating the Night Elf color kit and find

it’s versatile enough to do eyeshadows from day to night-which means perfect to go from work to party! There is a color that will work for brows and that gorgeous red is a shadow or a blush.

So this inexpensive wee palette is a great gift or necessity for your purse this season.

I’m testing this before I leave to get the Mancub and try not to show up at his school wearing a full

face of evening styled makeup. So I apply the
white highlight on my brow bone.

Then the medium brown over the lid and use the rich red for a contour.

I line with the black sparkly eyeliner on top and a quarter inch on the bottom corners.

I use the red also as a blush, then finish with the dark grey in my eyebrows. Woo hoo! Time to carpool!
Now I happen to have some of the summer season high impact pigment matte but buttery feeling MegaLast lipsticks from Wet n Wild so I complete my look with that in a rich blue red matte lipstick.

I wore the makeup for the rest of the day and it stayed true in tone and pigment. I did not notice any significant creasing or fading of the shadows so I’m thinking all around this is a great buy and
a good look!

You can find Wet n Wild products at your local Walmart,Target and drugstores. To see more about the brand visit their website at

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A Green Bride’s Best Friend:Bambola Beauty for eco-friendly weddings
The 5 Best Beauty Apps

See which ones I’m downloading now

The 5 Best Beauty Apps

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Here are some life-changing apps that’ll keep you in the beauty know.

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Green brides and weddings that are being planned similiar to Chelsea Clinton with Earth
friendly dress, decorations, cake and why not beauty? Brides consider the Bambola Beauty line of skincare to get you wedding photo ready!

I have a few items here to share with you that are hand batched, not mass produced to quality comes in every bottle plus value!

Next, the line is cruelty free and never tests on animals!

I have been using the Invigorating cleanser which is full of Anise extract which revs up the blood flow of the facial skin giving a great healthy glow!

I follow with the Vital toner because it’s full of grape skins and carrot root meaning natural anti-oxidant protection for my skin.

I love, love, love the Glycolic Sugar Cane exfoliator because it is powerful and gentle at the same time. If you need to get the surface of your skin retextured and smooth, this product is a must for your pre-wedding beauty routine!

I am using the Hydration booster a couple of times a day!
I apply in the morning before work but while I’m on the set and drinking coffee and working, my skin begins to show my fatigue and dehydration….so…I put on another wee layer of Bambola Beauty hydration booster and I look refreshed!

Finally, the intensive eyecreme is amazing at plumping fine lines around the eyes and it’s gentle too! I recommend these products because they work for me, so why not try them and experience how they work for you!

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Fall 2010 nail polish trend with Skyy Hadley
The Best Makeup Colors for Fall

Purple and red and khaki … oh my! Find out how to make this fall color palette work for you

The Best Makeup Colors for Fall

This is a nail care article

We show you how to incorporate our fave fall colors into your manicures and makeup routine.

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This Fall, you can’t go wrong with a purple hue. Day or night, purple shades will add a sophisticated, yet provocative vibe to any outfit:

Be bold and chic with a dark, plum-like shade to add a sense of sophistication…
Get glam with a metallic version to make your skintone and outfit POP!

For an in-between look, opt for a more muted, grayish-purple tone which can be worn anytime, anywhere!

There are so many ways that you can affordably dress up your wardrobe and any outfit by including a new trendy nail polish color.


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Sip HINT water & read Killer Heat by Brenda Novak
13 Ways to Style Short Hair

Get some above-the-shoulder hairstyle inspiration

13 Ways to Style Short Hair

This is a hairstyle tips article

Here are photos of our fave celebrity short hairstyles and tips for how to get ’em.

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Oh I need a sip of my hint water while reading super hot novel Killer Heat by Brenda Novak!
On my lips is the Three Custom Color Specialists lip gloss in Killer Heat red!

Destination brides you should get some hint water to stay hydrated during the busy preparations and relax yourself by reading a great book and moisturizing your lips at the same time!
HINT water is unsweetened essence water that has zero calories! I love the blackberry but the raspberry lime isn’t too bad either! It has zero sweeteners, zero calories and zero preservatives-clear and simple! Learn more and where to get some for yourself at

Killer Heat is the third installment of this summer’s trilogy of books and part of it is set in Arizona! My experience is that Brenda Novak is simply a great storyteller and she writes characters that you love, and some you love to hate! She partnered with Three Custom Color Specialists to have a gloss to match each of the stories and the third is a rich ruby red. I love it!

Go to to learn more about the books and where you can get them, plus subscribe to stay in touch with when the next Twitter party is!

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Angela Johnson is having a sale-downtown Phoenix!
Refreshing and Relaxing Tips

Quick ways to take care of your body and hands

Refreshing and Relaxing Tips

This is a health & beauty article

Stop and give yourself some love with these expert tips from massage therapists: Laura Meyers from Talisker Spa at Tuhaye and Randi Sharp from the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa.

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Remember to take a moment and shop downtown if you can! Angela Johnson and many other Phoenix fashion designers are having a sale! Get ready for Phoenix Fashion Week! Here’s a few words from Angela herself-enjoy!
Just wanted to tell you all about this amazing I’m helping to coordinate for Fashion Group International of AZ. We’ve hand-picked 30 local clothing and accessory designers who will all be selling their merchandise at wholesale prices and giving away huge prizes in a raffle that will take place every half hour throughout the event. We’ve got over 30 raffle items from the vendors plus 25 tickets to Scottsdale Fashion Week to give away. And on top of it all, Arizona Spa Girls will be there giving massages and other spa treatments on site and Desert Living’s Scoop’s Factory will be giving out ice cream! So, if you like to shop (especially if you like to shop for unique local designer stuff at half price) you have to come to this. It’s this Friday, September 17th at 5:00pm-9:00pm at Legend City art space. See press release and attached invite for ticket info and location and more.

I’ll be selling stuff there too. You can see me giving out more information on Fox 10 Monday morning at 9:45 am and Sonoran Living on Thursday at 11am-12pm and the FGI Director, Angela Keller on GMAZ at 9:00 am on Friday.

Hope to see you all at the event!!!! Please come support these hard working local designers!