12 Days of Good Gifts to Give & Get – Featuring Murad Limited Edition Merry and Smooth Skin Holiday Kit

Hi ya Gorgeous!Cheers to you having a wonderful and restful Sunday filled with fun holiday activities!

The best thing you can do for yourself is take care of your skin!  Today’s 12 Days of Christmas gift idea is one you can give to yourself and  a beauty lover! Remember, Christmas and Mother’s Day are the best times to buy fragrance for the gift with purchase goodies are right now – same goes for skincare gift sets!

This Murad set and a few others are available now but won’t be for long – so get some!

If you buy at Amazon, there is a great price and free shipping with Prime and if you buy at Ulta you can get points on your members card.

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Film Festival Beauty Essentials and then some featuring butter LONDON

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Welcome to this week’s digest for January. Today butter LONDON is featured as well as what you need to take to the Sundance Film Festival as well as Slamdance – plus, what you don’t need to take!

Meet butter LONDON and the Bronzer Clutch, Palm Paradise eye shadow duo and new lippie in Glam Pop.

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Holiday Gift Guide- Men’s Edition with Makeup University

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Today on Makeup University I have a great set of gift ideas for your Christmas and Hanukkah gift giving needs that guys are going to love!

Although, my son says, that a Loot Crate or Game Stop subscription should be on the list. That’s the 11 year old for you!

Below is the video along with a list and links to Amazon for getting the best price on Cyber Monday!

Thank you so much for watching the Holiday Gift Guide – Mens Edition with Makeup University! Please subscribe to the Makeup University Youtube channel if you haven’t yet. If you have, thank you very much!

Products featured:

Van Der Hagen  Shave Set http://amzn.to/2fTr9RM
Van Der Hagen Straight Blade Shaver  http://amzn.to/2f1CWQh
Murad Cleansing Shave for Men http://amzn.to/2fS4Ywi
Philip B Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo  http://amzn.to/2fdOXQd
AXE Dopp Kit with Apollo scent 2 in 1 shampoo / conditioner, body wash, deoderant, daily fragrance http://amzn.to/2fTq502
Know When Advanced Ovulation Test
iRestore Hair Growth shampoo http://amzn.to/2gdtnQH
evo haze styling powder http://amzn.to/2gdnrYd
Penguin Premium Blend by Munsingwear eau de toilette  http://amzn.to/2fCUvEr
Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme eau de toilette  http://amzn.to/2fTsxUm

Road & Track http://amzn.to/2eXri5s
Red Bulletin  http://amzn.to/2fD2nWG
Popular Mechanics  http://amzn.to/2fdP8eq
Foot Cardigan
Bark Box

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What Men Need for College: MANuversity

Hi ya Gorgeous!Happy Monday! Oh how I love Mondays. Today on the Makeup University blog, we are the MANuversity edition.

In the great state of Arizona, our elementary and high schools are back in and our colleges are going back starting this week.

I have a video of top products a young man needs to move into the dorm with for his personal style as well as a word of encouragement!

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Products featured in video:

MURAD MAN Cleansing Shave
MURAD Oil Control Mattifier spf 15
Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play firm finish gel
AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray
Penguin Premium Blend by Munsingwear

Perry Ellis RED

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Let The Games Begin by Bjorn Skoggberg

Denim chambray shirt dress by JC Penney’s

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Makeup University
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TEEN WEEK DAY 7: the power of vision with Dr. Lance Wallnau

Welcome Gorgeous! It’s Day 7 of TEEN WEEK and I have saved one of the best lessons for last.
Today we are going to talk about who you are going to become in the future.

You have a hope and a plan for your future. There is a destiny and dream for you. Now-let’s get you another step closer to the goal of being your very best you. I love you and I believe in you!


Dr. Lance Wallnau is a dear and favorite teacher of mine and he is so funny as he is teaching I don’t feel like I am in ‘class’.
Please take the ten minutes needed to watch this video. There is a bit of bumper at the beginning, so fast forward to :53 where Dr. Wallnau begins to teach. If you have questions and comments for Dr. Wallnau please catch him on Twitter at @LanceWallnau

TEEN WEEK FREE GIVEAWAYS: REMEMBER: today is the last day to enter any of the contests and winners will be contacted by email tomorrow February 8th 2013.  Here’s what you can win:

  • MURAD Acne kit  (@muradcares)
  • Running for Girls Like Us training book (Facebook)
  • Duri Nail Polish (@Duricosmetics)
  • Exposure Swimwear modest bikini (@exposureproducts)
  • MakeUp Matte (@makeupmatte)
  • FAKE BAKE Bronze on the Go (@fakebake)

(This is only 1 SEGMENT of 1 of 5 SESSIONS.)

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the latest breakthroughs in beauty. We’ve rounded up tools so easy to use, a caveman could master ’em

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup article

We live in a world where a new and improved (read: more complicated) product is released every month, and the gadgets in the grooming department are no exception. Many at-home beauty gadgets look intimidating — especially if you’re not a tech-savy. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. We’ve rounded up the best beauty gadgets of 2013 that even the most tech-challenged among us can easily master. So, skip the pricey spa appointments and invest in one of these innovations.

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Internal sunscreen? Read on!

7 Self-Tanners to Avoid

These products promised to be a beautiful tan in a can, but instead they made us look like streaky Oompa Loompas. See the 7 worst self tanners now

7 Self-Tanners to Avoid

This is a TotalBeauty.com body article

A faux-tan is the quickest and safest way to get a summer glow. But our readers say they’d prefer to stay pale and pasty than use one of these self-tanners. See which ones made this list of the 7 worst self-tanners on store shelves.

Read reviews

No. 7: Banana Boat Everyday Glow Sundial Face Self-Tanning Lotion, $9.99

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 7.1

“This is nasty. It reeks of chemicals, it has no accuracy whatsoever on the dial, and it takes MANY applications to work. Just buy a cheaper one y’all.”

No. 6: L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer, $8.97

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 6.9

“This product resulted in a streaky mess in my hands. I rubbed and rubbed and still could not get it to look uniform.”

No. 5: Jergens Natural Glow Healthy Complexion Daily Facial Moisturizer, $8.99

TotalBeauty.com average reader rating: 6.9

“I was so disappointed with this product. It took so long to dry and left my skin feeling sticky. And the smell is horrible to boot.”

Want to see what was the worst? Click here!

Internal SPF for Ultimate Skin Protection 

 Summer is in full swing now, and UV indexes have been reaching an all-time high hovering between 9, 10, and even 11 this past weekend alone!

And with summer wardrobes revolving around swimsuits, shorts, sundresses and flip flops, the skin is exposed to the sun and free radicals which can accelerate the breakdown of collagen and elastin. The result can be fine lines, age spots, blotchiness and even worse, skin cancer.

 The most common way to protect yourself from these skin assailants is through topical broad-spectrum SPF creams. Yet Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad Inc., reveals that eating your way to environmental protection can decrease your chances of environmental damage and increase your cellular health.

 He explains how consuming proper plant-based foods can create a powerful reinforcing form of protection during the warmer months. “Individuals encounter sun damage every day, merely walking outside during their lunch breaks or driving in their cars,” says Dr. Murad.

“Although daily SPF moisturizers and creams are essential, it is helpful to double up on your sun protection through internal resources.”

Dr. Murad has discovered and scientifically tested a regimen of foods that contain SPF enhancing elements. These “superfoods” can be found in many of Murad’s topical formulas.

But, users can also reap their benefits by incorporating them in to their daily diets.

 For sun and free radical protection, try consuming the following foods:

 Foods rich in Polyphenols
Polyphenols provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative protection to fend off free radicals.
· Pomegranates
· Cranberries
· Blueberries
· Green tea

Fruits and Vegetables with Carotenoids
Carotenoids serve to protect cells from the danger of free radicals that may be produced by the body, pollution, cigarette smoke, etc.
· Goji Berries
· Tomatoes
· Watermelon
· Pink Grapefruit

 Cruciferous Foods Containing Isothiocyanates
Isothiocyanates combat carcinogens that can lead to cancer, including skin cancer and breast cancer.
· Broccoli
· Cabbage
· Brussels Sprouts
· Watercress
· Turnips
· Cauliflower
· Radishes

Foods Rich in Vitamin C
Vitamin C is responsible for producing collagen to help skin looking plumper and younger.
· Mangos
· Strawberries
· Potatoes

 Foods Containing Coenzyme Q10
Coenzyme Q10 acts as a shield from free radical damage, stopping the damage from penetrating to the cells.
· Spinach
· Peanuts
· Wheat Germ
· Whole Grains

 For more information on The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, please visit www.thewatersecretbook.com. 

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Graduation-get ready with Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate

7 Diet Tips That Put an End to Seasonal Allergies

When the season changes and the pollen count rises, do you cling to your antihistamines for dear, unstuffy life? These diet tips will help loosen that grip

7 Diet Tips That Put an End to Seasonal Allergies

This is a TotalBeauty.com diet article

If you deal with seasonal allergies, you probably think springtime blooms are to blame for your sneezing and wheezing. But nutritionist Monica Hershaft says the real cause of your symptoms is more likely your (weak) immune system. Here are the simple diet tweaks that’ll help you fight those annoying allergy symptoms — without meds.

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Hello Gorgeous!

Wow-school is over and graduation ceremonies are happening all over the Phoenix valley tonight. Where did the time go? I suppose we could ask ourselves that questions about many things?

Well if ramping up your anti-aging routine for summer is on your to-do list, then try some Murad Age Reform Time Release Retinol Concentrate. I have been testing my sample for a few days and love the light texture, lack of scent, no sting and best of all the very Star Trek syringe looking tube-it says sci fi to me and I like it!

This product is a part of the skin care routine that comes between washing/toning and moisturizing. So be sure and use it before your moisturizer and sunscreen.

Now-the challenge-where to buy: online I’ve seen it selling for about $34 though if you need it today like right now-then expect to pay $65 at Nordstroms. We all know convenience costs!

Here’s a bit of info from the main Murad website:
” Wrinkle-FreeReclaiming your youth just got easier. Murad’s breakthrough Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles features a highly concentrated formula that resurfaces skin, minimizing the length and depth of wrinkles. The luxe multi-action formula also plumps skin to decrease wrinkle volume, while rebuilding damaged collagen to promote a smoother, more refined, younger-looking complexion. Think of it as your best defense against the aging process. ”

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Katy Perry-AMA’s retro glamour look-a how to video

Your Special Occasion Makeover

See what our experts suggest for three women with three very big events

Your Special Occasion Makeover

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeover article

You know when you’ve got that special occasion coming up — maybe it’s a date, or a job interview, or you’re hosting a party — and you want to look your best but don’t know how to make that happen? We gave three women a gorgeous makeover fitting for their special occasion needs. See each woman’s before and after looks — then steal the hair and makeup tips for yourself.

See transformations

Hello Gorgeous!
The American Music Awards-or AMA’s for short were on and the looks were interesting, but nobody stood out until Katy Perry took the stage in a dress that was vintage in design pattern but neoprene like a wetsuit mixed with pleathery pink bodice and rhinestone studded spandex-or so it looked to me.
I love the dress design minus the big cleavage spot-too distracting.
Her hair and makeup is perfect-and so retro, and so gorgeous!
Now-I’ve done a makeup tutorial, and though I know how to roll my own hair, I suggest you watch a You Tube tutorial on how to do your own.
Enjoy this short video-and the products used in it are:
Foundation: Murad Skin Perfecting Primer in dewy finish
Blush: Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink
Eyeshadows: Smashbox In Bloom Palette
Eyebrows: GloMinerals Sable shadow
Eyeliner: Sheer Cover Cream Eyeliner in Espresso
Lip liner: NYC #954
Lipstick: Milani: 112 Vivacious Fuschia

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Phoenix Fashion Week 2011-winding down tonight on Oct 8th at TSR-Talking Stick Resort

Get a Healthy Diet Make Over

Steal the tips that transformed three women’s diets

Get a Healthy Diet Make Over

This is a TotalBeauty.com diet article

We know how hard it is to drive past the two gorgeous golden arches of McDonald’s. But as you well know, fast food and a poor diet affect your skin in addition to your health. So when three women came to us in search for some help with their less-than-stellar eating habits, we hooked them up with a team of people who could give their diets the overhaul they needed. See the tips and implement them for your own healthy diet makeover now.

See makeovers

Hello sweet Gorgeous and fashion lover!
Wow-has the week really gone by this fast and far?

Here I am standing with Phoenix Fashion Week team lead Melisssa Rein of A Brand Consortium as the media day kicks off and yet it went by so fast!

The Collins College award winner has been announced-Shankapotomus won for a basic golf tee looking shirt with plaid and pink on it. Oh joy!
Now, this edgy and unique look which is a take on Japan with influences in the fabric and style being represented.

Remember-when it comes to fashion: it comes out of Japan, makes its way to New York then circles to London, Milan and finally back around to Los Angeles and curls it’s tail up at Arizona in the Phoenix desert.

I’m lucky enough to have been represented at the Phoenix Fashion week by long time contributors CDB: Christopher Drummond beauty which you can see me using the new compact by the line. I’m also represented at this event by Murad, Maya Water and the beautiful simple to use Violent Lips tattoos! Get some now for your costume party events coming up!

Out of all the ‘fashioning’ that I did-there were two lines that really stuck out to me as the lines that are going to go the distance and will soon be sold in Macy’s as well as Nordstroms and boutiques and those lines are:

Deeds of Love by Trenell (photographed with his young son and upcoming entrepreneur) and Indi Apparel by Diana Lopez-who makes stylish clothes that are ready to travel and look fabulous on a moments notice!

Wow-the Phoenix Fashion week was amazing-now, onto Scottsdale Fashion Week in the spring!
Thanks again to the product sponsors who shared product to give away to the blog/Tweet party:
Maya Norweigian water, Murad skin care, and of course:
Violent Lips tattoos!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Fall beauty round up in web series episode 10: Murad, Celine Dion fragrance, hope deferred and more!

7 Hottest Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

Wear the best updos from Fashion Week without professional help — we’ll show you how

7 Hottest Hairstyles from New York Fashion Week

This is a TotalBeauty.com hairstyles article

We’re always looking for inspiration when it comes to new ways to wear our hair, and inspiration was not in short supply at this season’s Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. We gathered the seven best hairstyles from the runways and got step-by-step how-tos so that you can copy them at home.

See hairstyles

Hello Gorgeous!
Welcome to episode 10 of the Makeup University web series! Enjoy the Fall beauty roundup and encouraging word on how to heal the pain of hope deferred.
Remember! Phoenix Fashion Twitter party is coming up on October 6th! Remember to add @Cherelynn to receive an invite to come to the party and tweet and play to win beauty products!

If you are interested in competing in a scholarship pageant, consider some Pageant Perfect self tanning mist-the picture below is the after results of 3 light applications during the making of the video! What do you think?

Product listing in the video:
Becca Cosmetics Lost Weekend Palette
Murad Rejuvenating Lift for Neck and Decollete
Neutrogena healthy skin brightening eye perfector spf 25
Clean & Clear morning burst skin brightening facial cleanser
Be Bronze Pageant Perfect sunless tanning mist
Celine Dion Signature
David Beckham Homme