May Vlog featuring DOVE & Humble Brush

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Whoa! This month! This year! Not complaining though it’s been jam packed and has me going every which way! 

This video gives you a wee update, and then a last minute Mother’s Day gift idea with Dove soaps – which are classic beauty.


Finally, meet Humble Brush – omg – I love these and I’m so glad i got a chance to sample and meet this brand. They are doing what we need to be doing in conservation. I never even thought about how much plastic I throw away when it comes to a dozen toothbrushes a year.

Humble Brush has won several awards and continues to make an impact! The hand is biodegradable, the packaging is compostable, the process of the bamboo is sustainable and the bristles are BPA free!

When you buy a Humble Brush – the sale creates a free gift of a toothbrush to a child in need worldwide.  Available on the Humble Brush website or Amazon.

Finally, I read a book a week and Makeup University has run several book reading clubs and challenges! Summer is here and now is the best time to challenge your children to keep reading over the summer months!

I recently read The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. It’s about the “enneagram” and how you find a number that correlates to your personality and ways to enhance yourself or heal yourself. It is a slow starter – but stick with it – it finishes strong! From the Amazon description: The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny
accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and

Now let’s watch the video!

Summer film project:

Feature film

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Mother’s Day Hairstyles with L’Anza Healing Oil & Dry Texture

Hi ya Gorgeous!
The Mother’s Day weekend a’la my birthday weekend is upon us! True, it’s Thursday and perhaps a bit early – but no worries – there is still plenty of time to kick start the party!I’m doin’ up my do with the L’Anza Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray and L’Anza Healing Style Dry Texture Spray in  a two step style to go from day to night.

The day time luncheon event I am wearing my hair down and then for the evening I am doing a half updo with messy braids.

The L’Anza dry texture spray gives some “grit” or grip to the hair which makes the braids hold better when I pull the hairs to make them wide.

The L’Anza healing oil gives the lightest sheen and nourishing oil to the hair while fighting frizz and fuzz out from humidity.  My desert home doesn’t really have humidity though when the party moves down to the river for a concert – I’m going to want humidity help!

I’ve been a fan of L’Anza since college, the first time when  I had bleached my hair to there and back! The L’Anza shampoo and conditioner helped my fried hair not look so fried!

Here’s a bit more about L’Anza – oh, and remember, get some from your local Ulta Beauty or off Amazon today! It’s a perfect gift for you or your momma!

P.S.  Stay tuned to my Instagram or Twitter for the styles of the birthday party!


L’ANZA was introduced to the beauty industry as one of the first
professional haircare brands specifically designed to address individual
hair needs. Using the proprietary Keratin Bond System,
L’ANZA was able to target the causes of hair damage, not just the
symptoms. L’ANZA built upon this tradition of keratin, incorporating the
latest in haircare ingredient technology, as well as wild-crafted and
sustainable planted-based ingredients, creating the Keratin Healing System
(KHS). With the power of Keratin Amino Acids, Healing Actives, and
Triple UV Protection (UVA, UVB, UVC), Nano Science 10² delivery system,
sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free Shampoos, KHS has become the
foundation for all L’ANZA products.
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Mother’s Day Top 10 List of Gifts I/She Would Like~
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Hello Gorgeous!
Tomorrow is a celebration for Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day and I know you have gotten her a gift, or sent flowers or cards or something..but..just in case you haven’t and still need to get you Mom something-here’s my list of things I as a Mom would like to receive as a gift:

10.Movie tickets-and the time to out and see a movie in the theatre!
9. Pedicure/Manicure-and the time to go get it!
8. Concert tickets-you guessed it…and the time to go see Journey, or whoever else is playing!
7. Technology-and your time to show me how to work it!
6. Brunch-and to enjoy the time together breaking bread and making memories.
5. Perfume-you can never go wrong with a gift of fragrance in my book!
4. Jewelery-a wee bauble to remember you by, but as a Mom, you never stop thinking about your kids!
3. Handbags/Shoes-personally I think you can never have enough of either!
2. Gift cards to favorite stores-perhaps a outing adventure together to shop?
1. Handmade creation from you-anything that you took time and talent to put together!

Ah, *sigh*-it’s so good to be a Mom! Tomorrow I will be posting a product list of great gifts for Mom. 🙂 ENJOY!

Reveal by Halle Berry-the FiFi Award winner as a Mother’s Day gift
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Hey Gorgeous!
I hope you are having a great day! Mother’s Day is coming up quick! Have you considered giving fragrance?
Reveal is the new one from Halle Berry and is readily available at major retailers plus, she is winning an award for it.
The FiFi award for best celebrity fragrances is being awarded to her by the Fragrance Foundation, is essentially the perfume industry’s version of an Oscar. For her scent Reveal, Halle is being commended for her work building the brand with the Fragrance Celebrity of the Year award.
So it is worth a try for yourself, your Mama, your secretary, you name it!
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