Why Hire Downriver Roofers in Southgate Michigan

The winter weather in Michigan can be very harsh with severe snow and ice storms weighing heavy on the roof and tiles.  Then the Michigan summer can be humid adding more moisture to the roof tiles and giving an opportunity for mold to build up.

Not on a Downriver Roofers roof! The seals are tight and joints tighter preventing leaks and damage to happen!


If you are looking for the best in experienced and certified builders for your roof in the Southgate Michigan area, look no further than Downriver Roofers.

The team is licensed, bonded and insured as well as have hands on experience with every situation possible for the roof when it comes to weather related issues from snow damage to mold to wind damage.

If you have a new home build or custom home remodel  and build, bring your truss plans to Downriver Roofer for an expert design opinion!  There is no home or business roof that is out of the realm of what’s possible with Downriver Roofers!

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How to know when it’s time to replace the siding on your home: A 2 Home Pros

So there comes a time in your home’s life where you need to do some maintenance and the only way you are going to know is if you actively seek out a moment of maintenance inspection.


Be looking for sides and corners that are warping and peeling up or step back and look for fading and wear.

A great way to up your home value and keep the curb appeal high is to do a simple siding replacement and renovation on your home.

The pros at A2 Home Pros can help you from start to completion of the project with a written estimate, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a work force of highly skilled craftsmen that are licensed, bonded and insured.

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