March 14th, 2017 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous!
How you doin’ these days?
I was just thinking to myself, I’m really liking the weekly digest, though I also like being more choosy of the brands I work with since now I have so little space to write – I only say yes to the weird and wonderful. Let that be  a clue to you about what is coming your way!Now, this week,  I am introducing you to LAFCO New York: Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co!  The body creme and hand creme are amazing!


These Italian crafted body products are rich, thick, luxurious with a fresh scent and not greasy! There are several fragrances to choose from – I have the Mint Tisane and it’s spring break perfect! Oh. But wait. Not yet. Weird, though my son’s spring break is at the end of April, three weeks before school gets out. Seriously?

Get your own LAFCO online here

In the video I have what I consider, the most important makeup tip ever! So watch it!

Now, 2017 for me is a year to get back to reading a book a week. It’s doable for me and pushes me to learn something new, strengthen old skills and keep moving forward.

This week I am re-reading Change Agent by Os Hillman. I picked this up at the Hollywood Prayer Network a few years back when I attended a prayer meeting at The Garland in Studio City California. Whoa. The book is great – though for me personally the big take away was that hotel.

It’s so old skool Hollywood glam at the base of Universal Studios. I loved it! They have “dive-in” movies and it’s my dream to take the cast and crew there and screen our film Jael A Western Tale there and then binge watch  the Tremors series while floating in the pool sipping something bubbly! A gal can dream can’t she?


Now enjoy the video! Remember to subscribe if you haven’t already!

These body and hand creams retail for $35 and can be found at

Enjoy the teaching tip and please share in the comments how you wash your brushes!

This week’s book read is: Change Agent by Os Hillman
Get it! It’s good!

Thank you for watching!

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Finally – for the spring bride who would rather spend her money on cake instead of a makeup artist: get my book on Amazon  – DiY Bridal Makeup! 
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January 20th, 2017 by Baker
 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Welcome to this week’s digest for January. Today butter LONDON is featured as well as what you need to take to the Sundance Film Festival as well as Slamdance – plus, what you don’t need to take!

Meet butter LONDON and the Bronzer Clutch, Palm Paradise eye shadow duo and new lippie in Glam Pop.

Read more of this article »

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November 18th, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous!
Today on Makeup University I have a great set of gift ideas for your Christmas and Hanukkah gift giving needs that guys are going to love!

Although, my son says, that a Loot Crate or Game Stop subscription should be on the list. That’s the 11 year old for you!

Below is the video along with a list and links to Amazon for getting the best price on Cyber Monday!

Thank you so much for watching the Holiday Gift Guide – Mens Edition with Makeup University! Please subscribe to the Makeup University Youtube channel if you haven’t yet. If you have, thank you very much!

Products featured:

Van Der Hagen  Shave Set
Van Der Hagen Straight Blade Shaver
Murad Cleansing Shave for Men
Philip B Nordic Wood Hair & Body Shampoo
AXE Dopp Kit with Apollo scent 2 in 1 shampoo / conditioner, body wash, deoderant, daily fragrance
Know When Advanced Ovulation Test
iRestore Hair Growth shampoo
evo haze styling powder
Penguin Premium Blend by Munsingwear eau de toilette
Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme eau de toilette

Road & Track
Red Bulletin
Popular Mechanics
Foot Cardigan
Bark Box

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November 9th, 2016 by Baker
TGIF Gorgeous!Who is ready for the weekend? I am – but it’s not a restful and relaxing one! It’s a very exciting full of packing, planning and preparing weekend!

I’m taking my film, Jael: A Western Tale to the American Film Market next week and can hardly wait! Though there is a lot of work to accomplish before I go!

Luckily, I have this lovely bottle of Hard Candy Glamoflauge with me that I can pack! It’s perfect to last all day when paired with the Hard Candy primer.

Woo hoo! Humid ocean weather of Santa Monica, I am ready for you!

Details on Hard Candy Glamoflauge – this full coverage foundation is available at Walmart stores exclusively or online at  and it’s under $10!


This skin-perfecting fluid contains superfine pigments for seamless full coverage without looking caked-on.
Infused with kaolin clay for exceptional wear and oil absorption.
Skin retains natural moisture for 12 hours of flawless perfection and transfer resistance.

The Primer ….

This gentle, yet effective formula contains pore tightening actives and
astringents that absorb excess oil for all day flawless wear.
Micro-fine powders blur fine lines and color corrects skin tone.
Your skin will look and feel smoother, more uniform, and perfectly shine-free.

This time next week, I’ll be there … stay tuned for pictures and a recap!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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November 7th, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya GorgeousWhoa – how about that Walking Dead episode? I still. Nope. Still can’t believe it!

What I do believe is that this is quite possibly the best answer to long wearing foundations combined with baking a powder on top of it and then multiple layers of contour, highlight and bronzer plus eyeshadows and eyeliner with mascara: Micellar Water from La Roche Posay.

This brand is so good! It’s so popular in Europe and the rest of the world though in the United States it is slowly becoming a beauty fan favorite.

Why? Because it’s effective while being gentle and not containing parabens. Expect it to be in the $20 or under range.


Check it out:

You can find it at CVS and Ulta Beauty or online. You are supposed to use it with cotton balls, but in my life, I don’t have time for that. I use it on a wash cloth.

Now it says that you don’t need rinsing. That is so French skincare to not need rinsing. You know why? Because there in the flats of Paris and surrounding French cities, they did not have access to water as easily and the plumbing isn’t always consistent, so the ladies of olde had to use creams to remove their makeups and the tradition just stuck.

Here is from the brand:
leanses down to pollution particles. Removes what you see and even what you can’t see.


  • Dirt-encapsulating micelles cleanse skin from dirt, oil, makeup, and even pollution particles
  • Gentle and refreshing water-like formula that’s mildly scented
  • Use as a daily no-rinse cleanser, makeup remover, and/or toner

Micellar Water is a no rinse cleansing water for all skin types

Dirt-encapsulating micelles
Naturally lift dirt, oil, makeup, and pollution upon contact with the skin and no harsh rubbing necessary.

A mild cleanser so gentle it is used in contact lens solution

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water
Antioxidant-rich water to soothe skin

Micellar waters are no rinse cleansers that take their name from
micelles, the microscopic cleansing agents that are used in their
formulas. These micelles have a lipophilic core that attract oil and

When micelles interact with the skin, they naturally lift dirt, oil,
makeup, and even pollution on contact with no harsh rubbing necessary.

Makeup and impurities are trapped in the micelles oil absorbing core and
are dissolved from the skin leaving it perfectly cleansed, hydrated and
refreshed. No rinse necessary.
Remember: you are beautiful!
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November 5th, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous,
Hello Monday! I love Mondays. I get more accomplished on a Monday than I do all week! True story!Today, I want to share a great at home spa treatment for yourself – which you need to schedule and get on your own books for self care because this busy holiday season can be a stresser!

Meet SPA@HOME by masquebar and this is the Pore Refining Creme Mask. I’ve used one of my samples and loved the super clean and clear effect of the mask. I definitely noticed some exfoliation!

These are affordable and easy to get at Walgreen’s nationwide. So get some and take care of yourself, then get a few extras for stocking stuffers!


Minimizes the appearance of pores for a more refined
and even complexion. This gentle blend of Coenzyme Q-10 and
anti-oxidants leaves your skin feeling balanced and looking more

DIRECTIONS: : 1) Thoroughly cleanse face with
warm water. Leave the face wet. 2) Open sachet and apply mask evenly
over face and neck, avoiding eyes and lips. 3) After 15-20 minutes,
rinse with water.

Remember: you are beautiful!
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November 4th, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous,
UPDATE: This can be purchased at stores  and the company is working on being carried in mass retailers such as Ulta Beauty and Amazon!  I love this product!

So today and leading into the weekend, the hair is going to one of two ways: either I am going to use the sample of the BIOKAP Nutricolor Delicato in 5.0 brown that has been sent to Makeup University or I am going to be a hair model in Phoenix and come out a shade of metallic blue.

I wear my hair dark in the winter and with highlights for a warmer tone in the summer. It’s time to go dark again and if I don’t end up as a hair model – more on that later…I am going to use this kit for home which is a natural and healthy hair color that is not a henna.

I am still in the process of babying and taking super delicate care of my hair to help it heal from a bad bout of thyroid issues several months back. I need to give it one more good short cut to finish cutting off all of the damage and then I may just stop coloring it all together! At this point, I’m just glad I still have hair on my head!

So why the hair model? I feel like I need to push my self a bit more and get out of my wee  comfort zone that I’ve been in, like a cocoon these past few months and doing something possibly stupid with my hair seems like a good stretch.

My Instagram will follow that journey along if it happens. Instagram, @CherelynnBaker.

Now let’s talk details about BIOKAP:

Biokap Nutricolor Delicato+ Hair Dye is the most
delicate formulation in the BioKap Nutricolor line, available in 4
shades, without any Phenylenediamine. Its exclusive formula with
vegetable ingredients and high skin tolerability nourishes and repairs
the hair while dyeing it and covers grey hair perfectly. With
TRICOREPAIR complex containing Rice proteins, Willow derivatives and
fruit lipophilic acids. Enriched with Argan oil from organic farming, it
nourishes the hair and makes it softer and shinier.

When to use it

To cover grey hair perfectly, already from the first application and for a long-lasting colour.

How to use it

From today, using Biokap Nutricolor colours is even more practical:
just insert the Nutrifix bottle in the hole outlined on the back of the
packet and wear the disposable protective cape supplied. Then mix the
content of the colour tube following the instructions given in the
leaflet. Choose the shade according to the quantity of grey hair,
following the instructions on the packet.

What it contains

Contains TRICOREPAIR, a complex with rice proteins with a
restructuring action, Willow derivative with colour protective action
and fruit lipophilic acids that take care of the scalp during the
application of the dye. Thanks to the high content of unsaturated fatty
acids and vitamin E, Argan oil protects, restructures and makes fragile
and brittle hair shiny.


4 shades without Ammonia, without Resorcin, without Paraben, without
Fragrance, without Paraphenylenediamine nor Phenylenediamines. Nickel
and Dermatologically tested.
Before using the product, carefully
read the instructions on the package. Always perform a sensitivity test
48 hours before each application.
The 4 new colours of Biokap Nutricolor Delicato+ must not be
mixed neither among them nor with the other Nutricolor and Nutricolor
Delicato colours.

Remember: you are beautiful!
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October 21st, 2016 by Baker

Holiday time is here and now is a good time to add some additional sales and promotions to your business and bottom line by working with Viziad.


What’s Viziad?  It’s peer to peer advertising. It’s simple to use and a cost effective way to increase your brand exposure for buyers.


For a seller, it’s a way to add extra income to your bottom line while making use of an everyday space in your life.

VIZIAD is The Peer To Peer Ad Network™, meaning anyone can sell advertising space to anyone else.

On Viziad, you can act as a buyer, a seller or both!

1. First, a seller decides what kind of advertising they want to sell. It can be a billboard that he or she owns, some space on the menu at their restaurant, a post on their social media account or any other place they own (we call these “Ad Spaces”).

2. Then, the seller creates a listing for their ad space on Viziad. The listing can include the location of the ad space (or list it as “Digital” for online or media space), pictures and videos of the ad space, an outline of what data or proof will be provided to the buyer so he or she can see the evidence and results of the seller’s work and more.

3. When a buyer see’s an ad space on Viziad they want to purchase, they simply click “Buy Now”

4. The Seller will receive a notice of who wants to buy the ad space. They can ask any follow-up questions and then approve or deny the sale.

5. The payment is held in escrow until the Buyer and Seller agree the ad space has been properly delivered.

The Seller easily sells their ad space and the buyer gets a great deal on advertising. That’s it!

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October 21st, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous,
Welcome to the sports edition of Makeup University! If you are a sports fan, then you know it’s in full swing now with football, basketball beginning and volleyball or soccer continuing.I recently received a sample of these super cute sport themed hair ties which are perfect for tailgating or showing team spirit.

One of my alma mater is University of Arizona, the Wildcats and the colors red and blue. Bear Down!

Here’s a short video demonstrating how easy it is to use PULLEEZ and for the pet lovers and bling bling wearers, visit the website because there are so many choices!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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October 20th, 2016 by Baker
Hi ya Gorgeous!The weather has changed and my hair, skin and cuticles!

Mine are usually a bit calloused from thyroid. I’m using this botanical nail care from Lauren B Beauty and loving the results!

Massage in this luxuriously light oil at the start of your manicure, or
anytime your cuticles need a little extra moisture. Custom-blended from
12 pure plant, nut and flower oils, it’s packed with amino acids to
promote healing, and comes with a little brush so you can take as little
or as much as you need – no mess. So good you will want to rub it all
over your body!

Get yours from Lauren B. Beauty online or at Whole Foods!

Remember: you are beautiful!
Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

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