How to Use Heal Fast Skincare to Compliment Microneedling

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Wow, was this ever an action packed weekend with the Mayweather vs McGregor fight, then the MTV VMA’s and my son’s birthday – and the week ahead will be too!I recently started an at home microneedling regime and have switched from my normal skincare to the HealFast brand and there ovasome technology infused cremes.




I’m doing a microneedling treatment twice a week at night and then using the Heal Fast face creme and eye cream. The goal is to  soften and retexturize my sun damaged skin which lately appears leathery and I’m pretty darn sure it’s from all of the sun lately!



These are the 3 key tools: from left to right – the Heal Fast day creme, then the pink tone is the night creme and then the clear serum is a facial mask for retexturizing skin.



The eye creme is light and rich and as I was taking a photo to demo it for you I almost dropped my camera and you can see the beginning of a holler!

I also have the Heal Fast egg cream wash and I love how gentle it is but thorough in cleaning off all of  my makeup.  I have a sample of their cellulite cream and I have used it once and liked the light texture, tingly feel and rapid absorption, but I don’t really have cellulite so I’m thinking that is why I regularly forget to use it. More on that later …

You can find these goodies on Amazon here:
Eye cream
Night cream
Cream cleanser
Ovasome facial peel

The entire reason to use HealFast skincare is their proprietary technology, called Ovasome.

HealFast SkinCare™ is based on a proprietary process called Ovasome
Technology™ . Basically it’s the process of incorporating eggs into
topical skin care products. As simple as it sounds Ovasome Technology™
took years to fully develop. You’re probably thinking, why can’t I just
crack an egg and rub it on my skin? The main reason is because the eggs
molecular structure is too large to penetrate the skin and you would
receive little benefit from this application.
With Ovasome Technology™ we can effectively incorporate whole egg
into topical creams, lotions and serums so all the nutritional content
remains active. By using this technique your skin benefits from over 70
natural vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Ovasome Technology™ is a unique scientific breakthrough and is exclusive to HealFast SkinCare™.

Now here are the facts on HealFast!


Formulated for all skin types this gentle cleanser will leave
your skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant. It effectively
removes dirt oil and make-up without drying the skin. Our
proprietary Ovasome Technology™ delivers anti-aging
benefits utilizing nourishing antioxidant vitamins, minerals
and proteins sourced naturally from the egg
5 fl oz / 148 ml e


This rich cream is an antioxidant powerhouse. It should be used
nightly to promote healthy cell renewal to reveal younger-looking skin.
Our Ovasome Technology™ along with pure Acai berry extract and wild rose
oil create a triple threat in the fight against free radical damage to
your skin. Scientifically formulated to improve the moisture barrier,
strengthen skin and help rebuild collagen. You’ll notice a visible
repair of fine lines and improved appearance in skin color disorders.
1.7oz / 50 ml



This fast absorbing day cream will both nourish your skin and
restore moisture. The cream is formulated with high molecular weight
Sodium Hyluronate capable of drawing up to 1000 times its weight in
water. Your skin will have a healthy glow as it gets drenched in
moisture. We then use our proprietary Ovasome Technology™ along with
select herbal and fruit extracts to nourish your skin with rich
antioxidant vitamins, essential proteins and minerals. This technology
delivers powerful anti-aging benefits and provides your skin with all
the nutrients that it needs to rebuild collagen naturally. You’ll notice
younger, firmer more younger ooking skin in as little as 7 days.
1.7 fl oz / 50 ml



HealFast SkinCare™ Ovagen Anti-Aging Eye Cream™ is a scientifically
formulated cream developed specifically to correct and prevent
puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye
area. The cream features a pure rosemary extract, together with our
proprietary Ovasome Technology™.  Rosmarinus officinalis contains over
two dozen antioxidant vitamins and is known to improve the appearance of
dark circles under the eyes. Skin appears brighter, more firm, lifted
and toned, after just one use.
Our proprietary Ovasome Technology™ contains all of the natural building
blocks of life. We draw upon this technology to provide over 70
vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential to healthy looking
.50 fl oz / 15 ml

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MANUVERSITY: Part 2 – Meet Schulz & Malley with model Austin Buchanan

Hi ya Gorgeous!To continue my MANUVERSITY series, this blog post  features an amazing “MAN” made for men skincare line.  I think it would be perfect for guys going back to school (BTS) or even some Labor Day weekend travel (LDW) and man gifts too!

Special thanks to my model Austin Buchanan for letting me demo the product on him.

Austin is an actor, writer, producer, model and all around talent in Arizona.

You should check out his channel here:

Now meet Schulz&Malley!

Here’s a little more about their story:
” This is no fly-by attempt to look like a men’s brand.  This is a men’s brand.

Our competition says that “male shoppers like to see the words ‘For Men’ on the label.”  By contrast, our products are for men simply because men like them and men use them.

Our competition may tell you that some product is, for example, an “Ultimate Men’s Skin Routine.”  We just say to you that, when you try our products, you will know it’s your routine.

We did not create our brand because of some marketing study that says it sounds familiar or because it sounds like some fictitious dudes you might like to have a beer with.  Our brand is who we are.  You are going to remember us because you will like the quality and performance of our products.

We are Schulz and Malley Trading Company.  It’s that simple. ”

It’s available here: or the main website


Get some for back to school, Labor day weekend travel or think ahead to the holidays and consider it for a gift!

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BLISS body software from The Hall Center

Hi ya Gorgeous!Happy Monday to you!

So, as you know if you have been reading Makeup University for a while or at least this past week that I am in the middle of my first feature film, Jael: A Western Tale.

To say I have some stress is an understatement! I also deal with low thyroid issues on a daily basis.
Enter, The Hall Center and the Body Software supplement called Bliss.

I have started taking this and will report in a week what the effect is!
In the meantime, here is a little bit more about the supplement from their website!

The Hall Center



  • Promotes mood improvement
  • Supports weight management for natural weight loss
  • Combats addictive behavior due to neurochemical imbalance
  • Promotes antioxidant protection


is composed of ingredients that help support the production of
neurochemicals involved in pleasure, reward, and mood.  In addition,
Bliss helps improve thyroid function and thermogenesis, leading to
improved cellular energy, metabolism and body composition.  Not only
will you feel an improvement in your mood, but you will also notice a
reduction in addictive behavior also associated with a deficiency in
these neurochemicals.

Serving Size: 2 capsules/day


    5-HTP (l-5-hydroxytryptophan) 100 mg
    Green Tea Extract (leaf) 200 mg
    L-Tyrosine 300 mg
    Mucuna Pruriens (95% L-Dopa) 100 mg
    Phenibut (as Phenyl-Y-AminoButyric Acid) 100 mgSAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) 200 mg

Meet Static Schmatic: all natural anti-clean and anti-frizz solutioins

Hi ya Gorgeous!I’m in Tucson. It’s hot. It’s brown. There is plenty of it for the Jael : A Western Tale shoot happening now at Old Tucson Studios.

I was introduced to this brand before I left and love their solution to an everyday problem.
Meet Static Schmatic!

Get yours on the website here:

Static Schmatic® was created by the
mother/daughter team, Kris and Whitney, who live in the picturesque
mountains of Aspen, Colorado.

It was a particularly cold winter, and we were entangled with
static – on our hair, clothes and kids. There weren’t any products we
would spray on ourselves, let alone my children (Kris’ grandchildren),
so we got to work!

We wanted a solution that was all natural,
safe for the environment, odor-free and stylish so we teamed up with a
natural chemist who created just that. Each product is different, but
they all contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, salt, and coconut
oil to name a few. As soon as we found the right formulations, we
brought them to the professionals. Local retailers used Static Schmatic
for Clothes in fitting rooms, local salons used Static Schmatic for Hair
on their clients and our local animal shelter used Static Schmatic for
Pets in the “cat room”. Rave reviews started pouring in. Everyone loved
the Static Schmatic line!

Turns out, we’re not the only ones
who needed a natural solution to taming static, and we’re thrilled to
share it with you and yours. Static Schmatic products are made in small
batches to ensure freshness, and everything from our bottles to our
hand-applied labels to our ingredients comes from the United States of

Static Schmatic gives you the power to safely battle
static in a graceful and stylish way while still breathing the clean air
around you. We hope you love it!

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You need this now: Candles Space – the perfect holiday gift to give and get

Hi ya Gorgeous,

November is here and the count down to Christmas is accelerating daily! Some have already completed their shopping and some have not even started. That would be me.

I will be doing the lion share of my shopping online this year and specifically looking for small business to buy from.


Meet Candles Space.


A hub for buying and selling hand made, quality craftsmanship in candles and candle holders.


Like this “Reflections” hammered steel candle.



  • “Reflections” Candle
  • Hammered Steel Candle Holder
  • Double Wick
  • Cucumber-Melon Scent
  • Hours Of Burn Time
  • Hand-Poured
  • Made From Repurposed Materials
  • All Carolina Candles Use Soy Wax
  • Color Specifically Designed For This Candle Only



Or, maybe something in a more travel friendly size and container for family and friends who are on the go.

Meet “Wake The $%@# Up!”


  • Coffee and Cream Scented Tin Candle
  • Hours Of Burn Time
  • Hand-Poured
  • Made From Re-Used Materials
  • All Carolina Candles Use Soy Wax
  • Colors Will Vary Slightly
  • Made In The USA

And for the beach and water lover on your gift list, take a look at this:

Meet Ocean Wave


  • Repurposed Blue Glass (8″ Wide At Widest Point)
  • Hours Of Burn Time
  • Hand-Poured
  • Made From Re-Used Materials
  • All Carolina Candles Use Soy Wax

So, when would now be a good time to order some hand crafted and custom candles for yourself and your gift giving needs this holiday season? Remember to pick something up for teachers, postal carriers, your UPS/Fed Ex delivery person, hair stylist or nail tech and pastor, Candles Space has everything you need!

Curious on how candles are made? Enjoy this video!

ZAAINA-Chandler Arizona’s answer to natural beauty products
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Hello Gorgeous!
Hope you are enjoying the Fall semester that is now in full swing around Arizona for students of all ages!
Now see here the photo ZAAINA natural skincare. I have recently sampled this in the lip balms, Face Exfoliator with Sugar Scrub and body exfoliator.

The first thing I noticed is how fresh the Zaaina products smelled. The of the balms is smooth and the Face Exfoliator with Sugar Scrub is a rich paste that when mixed with a bit of water becomes an emollient spa like facial at home. It smelled so sweet tht actually tasted it-and it was sweet!

I enjoyed the clean, pure feeling of the Zaaina products and asked the line creator Purvi Desai a few questions about the natural skin care line:
Here is CEO & Founder Purvi Desai and what she shared about Zaaina.
1. Makeup University asked: “How do you pronounce the brand name Zaaina?”
Zaaina is pronounced as Zaa-inna.

2. Makeup University asked “Where did you get your recipes for natural skincare?”
Our recipes have been inspired by various different cultures like Asia, Brazil, Middle East, South Africa, Egypt, etc. Our recipes are combination of detail research about key ingredients, understanding and communicating with people from those countries on how they have been keeping their glowing and youthful skin from generations.

3. Makeup University asked: “Where is Zaaina formulated?”
Zaaina products are formulated and manufactured in Chandler AZ.

4. Makeup University asked “What’s next for Zaaina as a skincare brand?”
Our mission is to offer the finest luxurious products which are all natural and 100% pure. We are always looking for new product ideas which consumers are looking for but can not find in the commercialized market. Most of our product ideas came from our clients and we continue to bring unique but the finest products for our consumers.

5. Makeup University asked “Is Zaaina involved in any charities?”
We have been involved in many charity events like Susan G. Komen Cause, Chandler Regional Cancer Department, & numerous local churches.

Special thanks to Zaaina and Ms. Purvi Desai for introducing me to a new, made in the U.S.A. natural skin care product that I can feel good about using on my family and giving to others.
Remember, there are only 132 days left til Christmas and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get small batch, hand made, natural skin care products because it could be gone!
To learn more, visit the website and find Zaaina on Facebook to see what other’s are saying.
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iheartradio concert at MGM Las Vegas-5th Ave by Elizabeth Arden is the scent of sounds!
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Hey there Gorgeous and welcome to your Saturday!
I am a fragrance lover! Fragrance junkie! I think each memory you make should be associated with a scent. You know, it’s proven that sense memory is stronger in an event when there are multiple senses stimulated! So, what does your weekend smell like? What is the scent of your summer?
This weekend in particular is packed with events as summer is wrapping up! I received a sample from which is packed with a variety of scents, prices, sizes and choices! I sampled the 5th Avenue perfume from Elizabeth Arden-and I think it’s the scent of the IHeartRadio 2 day concert event happening today! Best yet, this fragrance is made in the U.S.A. Even more reason to buy it! Enjoy the 5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden and details on the concert are below!

(*all information courtesy of the Clear Channel website)
The iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL is being billed as the biggest live music event in radio history. Hosted by SEACREST, it will be streamed live on and across the iHEARTRADIO app as well as CLEAR CHANNEL sites.

The new version of the iHEARTRADIO app will be ready to download coinciding with the iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL.

It’s a seminal moment for Clear Channel as it defines our transformation from a radio company, to a fully realized media entertainment company.


“This is a once-in-a-generation gathering of artists and fans from all over the country for a true, must-see music event,” said SEACREST. “The iHEARTRADIO MUSIC FESTIVAL, like the iHEARTRADIO digital radio service, will showcase top artists across all genres of music. Listeners from all over AMERICA will travel to LAS VEGAS to celebrate the next generation of iHEARTRADIO, while seeing the greatest musicians in the world on one stage.”

By going to iHEARTRADIO’s FACEBOOK page and LIKING it, listeners can learn how to get tickets before anyone else. Tickets for the general public go on sale SATURDAY (7/23) at 1p (ET) through TICKETMASTER
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!
Just curious…festival goers…after the concert-please comment about which you feel was better for the experience of it all: Did you prefer the Electric Daisy Carnival or IHeartRadio