Sheer Cover Base Perfector-graduation photos get better with it
Get Your Dream Eyebrows — Now

Are you sick of your thin arches? Then maybe it’s time to give the trendy, natural brow a try — see how

Get Your Dream Eyebrows -- Now

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Celebrity brow stylist Kristie Streicher says natural-looking brows can not only make you look prettier, but younger and more rested. Here are her tips for growing out your eyebrows into a natural shape.

Shape your brows

Hello Graduating class of 2012! Many photos will be taken, some professionally and some with a cell phone and others with a wind up snappy cam that still requires developing.

To ensure you look your best in all of these photo opportunities, try the Sheer cover Base Perfector-whether you be lady or gent-it’s a pore minimizer and it smoothes imperfections, meaning your photos just got a lot better.

I’ve tested mine with a liquid foundation and also with the Sheer Cover mineral makeup in nude. I like the results and in photos, the smooth canvas look of even skin tone is evident as a success of the product!

No need to take my opinion-check it out for yourself by visiting or catch the HSN show with Leeza Gibbons.
 Remember: you are beautiful!
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TEEN WEEK-Simple summer makeup with Makeup Designory
How to (Finally!) Get Rid of Acne Scars

Don’t let your past get in the way of a perfect complexion. See tips now

How to (Finally!) Get Rid of Acne Scars

This is a clear skin article

We all pay our dues for the skin sins of our past, but if you’re looking to start with a clean slate — literally — check out these tips to get rid of your acne scars now.

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Hey gorgeous TEENS! This kit of makeup is fun and simple to use-just watch this short video to see how! Enjoy TEEN WEEK-it’s for you!

Here’s a list of the products and where to get them:
The Makeup Designory Summer Escape kit includes all the products you see except the Glo Minerals and Sheer cover:
It has:
4 hole eye color palette with Dulce de Leche, Sunset, Cajun Spice and Sienna eye colors
Glow Cheek Color
Henna lip Gloss and the sleek bag to keep it all in! To get it and see some fab makeup tips go to:

The Glo Redness relief powder is available at

The Sheer Cover mineral makeup is available on QVC ( check for show times) or at

Now remember to stay tuned to the blog for the upcoming Captain America Peggy Carter ‘how to’ video!

Christina Aguilera The Voice inspired look-with MUD
Reader Q&A: How to Get Flawless Skin

Check out these easy ways to improve your complexion with diet and exercise

Reader Q&A: How to Get Flawless Skin

This is a clear skin article

This week, reader Anna from New Jersey asked, which one food group should I banish from my diet if I want my skin to look great? And, is there any sort of exercise that will improve my skin? See what celebrity fitness and lifestyle coach, Ashley Borden had to say…

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Hello Gorgeous!
Enjoy this short and fun video to get Christina Aguilera’s The Voice ‘judge/coach’ look! Product list below!

On the skin: Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford
GloMinerals in gold
Foundation: Koh Gen Do HD moisturizing foundation
Powder: Mineral Fusion compact
Shadows: Borghese Pucini Plums in Beige/Blue
Brows: Brow Diva in Sophia
Eyeliner: SheerCover in Espresso Shot
Lashes:Ardell #33
Brow sealer: MUD
Lipstick: MUD matte red in LadyBug

To get your MUD go to
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