Work It Out Winesday

Hi ya Gorgeous!Welcome to another wonderful day! Be sure and greet it with a smile and zeal for life. Even if you are going through some hard times, find a way to find a positive in what’s going on!


Now today’s work it out post is a wine post because I came across some great bargain finds and wanted to share with you so you can enjoy too!

Enjoy the video!

And these are some fave wine accessories for you!

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“You are out on a Limb with Facebook”


So I came across this website and it is a head scratcher and thought provoker about the reach of social media and what really happens to the information that we put up for sharing.

Our shares go a lot further than we think and in this article and website, the author shares about a very viable and private place for sharing with out advertising.


Read below to learn more about Groups Agogo

But there has to be a good reason, other than the shortcomings of Facebook, to leave and join another social media site. addresses those shortcomings with no gimmicks, no adverts, has easy straightforward navigation and does not sell or share users’ data. The user can connect with any page from any other page. It is a subscription site, with a small joining fee that will hardly worry the genuine user but will discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


This is a new beginning, so why not be in at the beginning and build it together?


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford



Nine Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo or one of the Four Agogo Niche Sites.


1. Privacy is number one on our list of priorities – No personal information is shared or sold.


2. No intrusive or targeted ads. In fact, no ads at all apart from personal ads from its own members.


3. No Timeline.


4. No new features or ideas will be introduced without consultation with its members.


5. Easy and straightforward navigation. Reach any page from any other page.


6. A one-off joining fee of £1.95 to discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


7. You can start over with a clean slate, inviting your friends to join you.


8. An incentive. It seems that everyone loves something for free, so I have also created a complimentary eBook site,,  where users of the social media site can obtain five free eBooks on signing up to, and a further two eBooks for  each new member they recruit for this Social Network Site. You can build your own library of eBooks for free.


9. The same applies to our four Agogo niche sites,,, and


Some other very important reasons are listed below as to why you should leave Facebook and join us.


You are out on a Limb with Facebook – Eight Good Reasons to Leave

“Eight Good Reasons to Leave and Nine Good Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo”