ThinTea Detox and Fat Burn 28 day regimen from Australia

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh the wonders of a being a beauty blogger.
I am surprised and delighted to receive a sample of a detox program from Thin Tea of Australia. 

Oh what perfect timing because the holiday season is about to hit fifth gear!
Now let’s learn more about Thin Tea!

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Happy Monday feautring the “Encouragement” video

Hey ya Gorgeous!
I love Mondays.
And, it’s Monday.

Today I have a video for you from the Makeup University YouTube channel to encourage you.

P.S. As you can see, I have a boo boo in the editing, or lack there of. Would you let me know in the comments on the video if you think it should be cut or to keep both?
Remember: you are beautiful!
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5 Messages You Can Send with Your Hair

5 Messages You Can Send with Your Hair


Your hair is more than just a body part that hangs around and does nothing. Like it or not, how you do your hair sends a message. People see you and form first impressions about what makes you unique; those impressions are greatly influenced by what your hair looks like. As one of the best salons in Salt Lake City, Utah – Curl Co Hair & Beauty knows how to send the right message with your hair.



You might be wondering whether the message your hair sends really matters. Yes it does, according to a group of hair experts featured on the Today show earlier this year. According to those experts, there are a number of different messages your hairstyle can convey. Here are five of them:


1. You Are a Rebel


The least subtle of all of the messages your hair sends is one that says you are a rebel. This message is one we are all familiar with. We recognize it in the punk rocker Mohawk cut, the Sinead O’Connor bald look, and all of those asymmetrical styles that leave portions of the scalp almost shaved to the skin while others are left with hair growing fully out. What you might not know is that bold and unnatural colors present a rebellious image just as strong as an unusual cut. Coloring your hair bright pink, green, or blue definitely shows a rebellious streak.


2. You Are Casual and Laid-Back


Believe it or not, the hair experts featured on the Today show say that curly hair conveys the message that you are casual and laid-back. It tells people that you are less likely to be high strung or agitated, and more likely to be carefree in most aspects of life. That’s not to say curly-haired people can’t get down to business – they can – it’s just that others tend to perceive curly-haired people as more free spirited. This is why you will often see younger celebrities sporting curly hair.


3. You Are More Serious and Conservative


In the world of hair design, the opposite of curly is straight. Hair experts say that those with straight hair tend to be perceived as being more serious and conservative. This is especially true of women. If you want to present an image that says you are capable of performing at the highest levels, go for straight. You are more likely to be taken seriously.


4. You Are Strong and Confident


You can send a message of strength and confidence by sporting a short and cropped haircut. This is true for both men and women. Where men are concerned, the traditional high and tight haircut is associated with the military; it gives people the impression of toughness and the ability to withstand pressure. For women, a short and cropped haircut says you are strong and confident in everything you do. It is a great style for business and legal professionals.


5. You Are Sexy/Fiery/Full of Energy



This last message has to do with hair color rather than actual style. According to the experts, blonde and dark hair can both create a perception of sexiness; red hair presents an image of a fiery personality; blonde hair gives the impression of being full of energy. Even gray hair sends its own unique message of wisdom, kindness, and maturity.




At Curl Co., we believe we are one of the best hair salons in Salt Lake City. We know exactly what it takes to send the message you want to convey with your hair. We would love to be part of your personal PR team!

Hello September and gel polish manicure tips for your Labor Day Weekend with Orly Epix

Holla Gorgeous!
Happy September!
 Rosh Hashanna is in a few weeks and  I feel such an excitement in my Spirit! Woo hoo!
Speaking of excitement, I’m getting ready for a gig in Vegas followed by the Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers concert.

I’ve got a lot to do, in a little amount of time, with virtually a half hour break in between one gig to the other-no time for touch ups! So I will be wearing a gel manicure for the week.

To start with I’m using the new Orly Epix in Cameo available at Beauty Brands.

 It’s a gel polish that you apply and then seal with a special top coat to make it wear longer. I have applied on a Sunday…and fully expect this to last til the following Sunday!

 In this photo, the index finger has two coats of the Orly Epix gel polish and the middle finger only has one. In my opinion, there is no getting away with one coat here, it really needs two!

Something you need to know about gel manicures, there is something to putting them on that is needed: time. This is not quick. Each coat needs about 3-4 minutes to dry and “cure”. Then the top coat needs to really set up, and in my experience, about 10 minutes. So a simple nail polish session is a full 30 minutes.

I also think the time is worth it!

Now, below I have some professional nail tips on how to remove the gel polish remover because to save the nail bed and not rip the top layer of the nail off, take your time removing just like you took your time applying.

If you haven’t tried a gel manicure yet, it’s worth wearing for when you need the manicure to last and look good! I only wear them when I need my nails to be polish perfect for days on end.

So, getting the manicure on is not the problem. Getting it off safely is!

Skyy Hadley, owner of As U Wish Nail Salon provides tips and a step-by-step tutorial to safely remove your own gel manicure:
File – Use an emery board to lightly buff each nail to remove the shiny top coat so
you’re left with a powdery finish. Be careful not to over buff so you don’t hit your natural nail underneath the gel.
– Next you must soak your nails in 100% acetone polish remover. To do
this, take
a piece of cotton ball the size of your nail and pour the acetone on
it, place it on your nail and cover your nail with a piece of aluminum
foil or tape to keep it in place. Do this on every nail and let soak for
15 minutes to relax the gel.
– Remove the cotton pieces from your nails and take a wooden cuticle
stick to
push the gel polish off your nails. If you have trouble, instead of
forcing it, soak your nails with a cotton ball for 5 more minutes and
try again.
– After the gel has been removed, wash your hands and apply a cuticle
to the nail and cuticle. This will rehydrate your nails after using
acetone on them to keep them strong and healthy between polishes.
important to take your time when removing a gel manicure yourself as it
can be a slow process and you want to treat your nails very delicately
and carefully to avoid weakening them.

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Jergens & Rory Beca for the best LBD ever in the California Girl West Coast Edition kit (video edition)

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I just got back from Santa Monica and a visit to the Ipsy studios for a wee check in on what the studios are like for next week’s video shoot as well as a network event with beauty vloggers and Smashbox Cosmetics creator Davis Factor.

That story is coming up on Monday.

For now, let’s relax with some beach photos of  this gorgeous tangerine toned dress from Rory Beca and the Jergen’s self tanning line to help get your bronzed and ready for an amazing Labor Day Weekend!

 Meet the Jergens & Rory Beca California Girls West Coast Kit!

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Ipsy Thirsty Thursday with Smashbox Cosmetics and Davis Factor: the recap

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Saturday!

 Last week I visited with Ipsy at the Open Studio location and this is the result!

The Ipsy Thirsty Thursday was home to Smashbox Cosmetics and Davis Factor.

Get ready! Get set! Go Smashbox!

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