Film Festival Beauty Essentials and then some featuring butter LONDON

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
Welcome to this week’s digest for January. Today butter LONDON is featured as well as what you need to take to the Sundance Film Festival as well as Slamdance – plus, what you don’t need to take!

Meet butter LONDON and the Bronzer Clutch, Palm Paradise eye shadow duo and new lippie in Glam Pop.

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Jael: A Western Tale – this is the movie you have been waiting for

Hi ya Gorgeous

This is a quick commercial break for the steampunk inspired western film that I wrote and I am directing.


I’m taking it to the American Film Market om Santa Monica tomorrow morning – yes, tomorrow morning.



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We are wee, but mighty! If God be for us, who can be against us?

This script is my answer to frustration in having very limited choices in media for my son. I want to see more positive and encouraging – wait, not sappy and whiny- but action and adventure that is fast paced, witty and quick with a snappy reparte and essentially, good ol’ fashioned fun and hijinks without graphic sexuality and foul language.


Since when did using the F word become common place in media?