Meet Luminess Air Silk & Smooth Shaver

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I just received a sample of a new face shaver from Luminess Air.  You may know the brand from their home airbrush makeup systems, and now they have a new product.

The is face shaver removes peach fuzz safely and painlessly from your face to make your makeup wear better.

I have a video demo for you below.  You can get your own Luminess Air Silk & Smooth shaver from HSN or their website here

You can get this at the Luminess Air website or on HSN for $29.99

Ok, super apologies – this loaded yesterday without the video and that’s on me. Sorry!

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2 perfumes you need now for ‘Back to School’ or the next weekend getwaway with Lisa Hoffman beauty
Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

Have unwanted brown spots? Get the tips you need to get rid of them for good

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

This is a skin problems article

No matter how religiously we slather on our sunscreen, come fall we always find a fresh batch of freckles and sunspots. But before you vow to never step foot outside again, see what dermatologist Deborah Jaliman tells us is the real reason for our hyperpigmentation. With her expert tips, you’ll finally learn how to treat and prevent dark spots.

Get even skin

Oh holy scent of all scents!
Now as you know from reading the blog-I am a fragrance junkie. Ok, if you just got here let me be the first to tell you that I love fragrance and perfumes and I think they are the best accessory to any outfit and any circumstance.

If you have not met Lisa Hoffman Beauty and you have cable, watch or you can look at the website for a list of her products.

It has been some time since I have met a new scent and loved it so much! Now as I peruse the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website I see that there are fragrance jewelery! That you can literally wear a bracelet or earrings or necklace that are filled with scented beads.

I instantly wanted some French Clary Sage bracelets until I saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan wearing them. Then I decided to forgive her for being a train wreck while in a position to influence tween girls and still get some bracelets.

I think when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, that’s what is most upsetting to me. Do what you want to your own self and life-but wait until you are out of the public eye. Many a young girl-saw the remakes of Disney classics such as Herbie and Freaky Friday, many teen girls love the movie Mean Girls and for them to watch Lindsay Lohan spiral into drunken drugged binges in the media is damaging to their self esteem.

Now I have to deal with the fact that she wears Lisa Hoffman Beauty French Clary Sage bracelets too?
Oh the horror!

Well-I love the scents. French Clary Sage perfume with it’s crisp clean green smell for the morning and business meetings and then switch to Tunisian Neroli for after work, rendezvous and adventures after dark.

Both scents are amazing-and I highly suggest you get them or give them!
Enjoy this short video detailing my experience.

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Snow White and the Huntsman: beauty,style and more
Beauty Bloggers Spill Their Anti-Aging Secrets

It’s never too early to start preserving your assets. See how these beauty bloggers do it

Beauty Bloggers Spill Their Anti-Aging Secrets

This is a anti-aging skin care article

From putting down that cigarette to making annual appointments with a dermatologist, there are plenty of ways you can start slowing down the aging process. We got insider tips from beauty bloggers around the country, who shared their secrets for staying gorgeous at every age.

Get their secrets now

 Hello Gorgeous! Tomorrow the second movie version of the Snow White story comes to the big screen starring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

I’m looking  forward to seeing the movie and new twist on the old story of the Huntsman becoming a protector and mentor to Snow White.

The movie already has some loving it and some not liking it so much; I will let you know my experience as soon as I see it this weekend!

Now HSN has partnered with several of there best product designers to create merchandise to help fans find and create their favorite Snow White and the Huntsman looks at home.

Like this peasant dress by Colleen Atwood.
It comes in this yellow or a royal blue shade.
To get yours, follow the link to HSN here!

Hopefully you can get a Snow White peasant dress before you go to the movie so you can attend in ‘character’-a fave past time of mine!

Stay tuned for more Snow White and the Huntsman ‘how to’ makeup videos to get Snow White and the Evil Queen looks you can do on your own at home.

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Sheer Cover Base Perfector-graduation photos get better with it
Get Your Dream Eyebrows — Now

Are you sick of your thin arches? Then maybe it’s time to give the trendy, natural brow a try — see how

Get Your Dream Eyebrows -- Now

This is a face makeup article

Celebrity brow stylist Kristie Streicher says natural-looking brows can not only make you look prettier, but younger and more rested. Here are her tips for growing out your eyebrows into a natural shape.

Shape your brows

Hello Graduating class of 2012! Many photos will be taken, some professionally and some with a cell phone and others with a wind up snappy cam that still requires developing.

To ensure you look your best in all of these photo opportunities, try the Sheer cover Base Perfector-whether you be lady or gent-it’s a pore minimizer and it smoothes imperfections, meaning your photos just got a lot better.

I’ve tested mine with a liquid foundation and also with the Sheer Cover mineral makeup in nude. I like the results and in photos, the smooth canvas look of even skin tone is evident as a success of the product!

No need to take my opinion-check it out for yourself by visiting or catch the HSN show with Leeza Gibbons.
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Mally Beauty: Evercolor Poreless Face Defender
5 Eco Beauty Experts’ Go-To Products

Ever wondered what Josie Maran keeps in her medicine cabinet? Now you can take a peek inside hers, as well as 4 other eco beauty experts’ stashes

5 Eco Beauty Experts' Go-To Products

This is a beauty products article

Sure, it’s not exactly polite to snoop around someone else’s bathroom, but haven’t you ever wondered what the experts actually use? We asked five natural beauty experts to give us a peek inside their medicine cabinets and we found some real gems. Want to see what they are?

Take a peek

Hello Gorgeous! Wow-Mally is right on with her new product. I didn’t read the instructions on how to apply it at first-and so my first result with the gel was a bit blotchy because I put it on first.

But then, after seeing reading online about how to use and watching the how to video with Mally-the finish is perfect.

I have seen the prices range from $15 to about $30 for a face kit which has more products in it.
I really think you should give this in Mally’s words “first clear powder in the universe” product because it works!

Mally is right when she says that she was watching a red carpet event on tv and could see the powder. I see it too!

So no more translucent powder-try this product! The QVC and Mally website have online ordering for convenience.

Tune into Mally’s Facebook page tonight-she is doing a training and giveaway of the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender!

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Samy Fat Hair 0 Calories products-a video review for you!
Sexy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Your Car

See tips on how to do your makeup behind the wheel — without getting pulled over

Sexy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Your Car

This is a makeup tips article

We may have taken advantage of a red light or two to apply our mascara on our way to work. Don’t judge — you know you’ve done it too. And while we’re not advocating such a dangerous habit, we acknowledge that life gets busy and you may not have enough time in the morning to perfect your winged tip. That’s why we’ve come up with these four hot looks that are so easy, you can pull them off in five minutes flat (preferably with the gearshift in park).

Get looks

Hello Hot Stuff! Gorgeous are you ready for the weekend? I am-it’s jam packed with work, family, events and a monster truck show. (Seriously!)
I write today to share with you an amazing drugstore product ( or for you cable have’rs) from the Samy brand. I received a sample of the Samy Fat Hair 0 Calories products.
I tested them-came out lookin’ like a rock star. My hair was so big and full I looked like a cross between Bon Jovi in the early days mixed with Dee Snyder.
Here’s a short video with a 3 part segment from beginning to end of my Samy Fat Hair day of hair! Enjoy!

You can get Samy products just about anywhere! Walmart, Target, drugsotres like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens-or, log on to and
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YBF for your Labor Day looks in Makeup University web series
How to Get the Wavy Hair You’ve Always Wanted

Perfect the tousled look just in time for the last few weeks of summer

How to Get the Wavy Hair You've Always Wanted

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the hair spectrum — which means those of us with fine, pin-straight hair crave beach-y waves that look effortlessly gorgeous. So we went to the experts to give us a fool-proof tutorial on how to get beach-y waves. Now you don’t have a reason not to try the look before summer ends.

See how-tos

Hello Gorgeous!I hope you are enjoying the new format of the web series for the videos. Makeup University is now showing a 3 segment video focusing on beauty/health/positive self esteem versus the one segment on one particular item.Now, as of yesterday I have started the before and after photos for my 3 week test of the eyelash growing serum from Obagi Medical.

This eyelash rejuvenating serum is to grow in sparse lashes and thicken, then lengthen the ones that you already have. So enjoy this rather haunting and garish photo of my nose and look past it to see my eyelashes. Those are washed clean, free of makeup and ready for a ‘before photo’! Another photo in a week, then again on the second and final on the third week of using the serum. Why so much? Because 21 days is
a cycle of the skin and hair.
Oooh…now here is the fun stunner of the story! These 3 lipglosses are the current color story from YBF of Oh these are so perfect for your ‘Back to School’ or Labor Day weekend travel. Snap ’em up quick because you know how fast things sell on and if you love pink lip gloss like I do, you’ll want to get these for right now looks as well as segueing into the Fall trend. Now, here is the current episode of the Makeup University web series. Watch, enjoy and comment if you like! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Oprah Winfrey Surprise Farewell Spectacular inspired look!
12 Beauty Products for African-American Women

See which hair and makeup products you must have to complete your beauty arsenal

12 Beauty Products for African-American Women

This is a African-American makeup article

We all have our favorite beauty products, but are they the ones we should … or better yet, must be using? Make sure you have the products you want and need here.

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Hi Gorgeous! It’s been 25 years of the Oprah Winfrey show, and now she is down to 2 hours and 2 shows! The Surprise Oprah Farewell Specactular show taping has been filled with celebrity guests and friends and prior guests to surprise her and thank her for her show and service.

I have grown up watching this show! So I have done a short how to video on how to get the Oprah farewell show look. Ponytail included! Enjoy!

Products used:
Skincare: Systeme 41 day creme and eye creme
Foundation: Borghese mineral makeup spf 20
Blush: Borghese Rose Brilliante
Eyeshadow: Dior quad 780
Eyeliner: Sheercover Espresso Shot creme eyeliner
Lips: Makeup Designory lip glaze in Java
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Ponytail hair extension: DWTS Kym Johnson in GoGo! Dark brown

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DWTS Kym Johnson & Hines Ward-hair extensions for dancing, prom and weddings!
High-End Beauty Breakthroughs

Unfortunately, innovation isn’t always cheap, but these beauty breakthroughs may be worth the splurge

High-End Beauty Breakthroughs

This is a beauty products article

Whether you are a woman of means, the type who occasionally treats yourself to beauty indulgences, or someone who only likes to window shop, these high-priced breakthroughs are worth knowing about as they are paving the way to a more beautiful future.

See products

Hello Gorgeous!
I love finding a new great thing for simple, easy beauty. Dancing with the Stars dancer Kym Johnson has a hair extension endorsement on the side! You can watch her tonight compete with Hines Ward. DWTS this season is full of so many surprises!
I’ve tried alot of extensions and the majority that are under a hundred bucks feel really plasticky.
But these don’t!
You can see there are 3 different types in the photo and all of these are available at
Here’s what I’m trying on in the video: Bango Tango for instant bangs, Go!Go! for volume and Flirtini for a thick ponytail. All of these can be heat styled and worn curly or straight. These are the dark chocolate brown hair extensions.
Now: enjoy this short video from me demonstrating how to wear these for your prom, wedding, event, or professional photo for your business even!

Then I have also included a fun video of DWTS Kym Johnson and Hines Ward dancing the Samba so you can see these extensions in full swinging action! Enjoy!
*this link will go straight to the DWTS Hair Extensions page, or put DWTS hair extensions into the search box. Have fun and post pics of you wearing it so I can see!
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