Best Valentine’s fragrance ever: Soul2Soul by Faith Hill-LIKE on Facebook to win yours!
Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

You won’t have to deal with another frizzy, dull, fill-in-the-blank hair day again. See our 5 surefire bad-hair-day solutions now

Never Have a Bad Hair Day Again

This is a bad hair article

Do your co-workers think you’re a huge Giants fan because you wear your baseball cap all year round — but you’re really just hiding your bad hair? We’ve got the secrets to fix all your bad hair day issues. You know, so you don’t have to wear that hat on non-game days again.

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Hello Gorgeous-
Well, by this time of the day-it’s dinner time and if you aren’t out with your significant other, maybe you like me are having a ‘childs favorite meal’ for a Valentine’s dinner.
No worries-there is enough love to go around!

As you know from reading the blog, I am a fragrance junkie and this scent-is a quick favorite of mine.

It’s floral, fruity, delicate and subtle-all my favorite characteristics in a scent.

You can find this affordable scent at the Walmarts, Targets and major drugstores nationwide as well as online. Oh-and maybe at the concerts? I’ll let you know w I’m there!
Here are a few details from the web about the perfume:

Inspired by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s classic American love story. SOUL2SOUL Faith Hill captures Faith’s timeless sophistication intertwined with the classic romance Faith and Tim represent. The fragrance opens with sparkling fruits that lead to a passionate floral bouquet found at the heart of the fragrance while the bottom notes leave a soft and intoxicating scent.

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Would you like to win your own bottle of the Soul2Sould fragrance?
If yes-please follow these few guidelines to be qualified to win:
Like on Facebook these pages: and
Then simply comment your own love story and romance with fragrance and a loved one!
A winner will be drawn on February 24th and notified by email.
Must be 18 years of age or older to win, and have a mailing address in the continental United States.
Good luck!
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Happy Valentine’s Day gorgeous! Let your love shine today!
13 Gross Beauty Product Ingredients

Human breast milk is an indispensible commodity, but does it need to be in your lipstick? See the grossest ingredients hiding in your makeup bag now

13 Gross Beauty Product Ingredients

This is a beauty products article

While we’re usually on the “ignorance is bliss” bandwagon, when it comes to the products we slather onto our faces and bodies, we want to know exactly what goes in them — especially if it’s bug juice. See the icky ingredients that are lurking in your beauty products now.

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Hello Gorgeous and Happy Valentine’s Day!
I pray that today you have an overflowing heart full of love and kindness showered on you today!

These two items sum up my Valentine’s Day look:

I’ve got a sheer wash of the Sweet Pea cream pink cheek color on and the Lily lip gloss.

I love this brand for their commitment to being hormone free-so it’s safe for young girls to wear!
Get yours on the website.
Glo Minerals: Pucker Up and Blush

I love fragrance-and this trio of light rose and peony layered scent on me: some body wash, some hand creme and some roller ball fragrance is my triple love covering for Valentine’s Day.

Kimono Rose® is a modern floral collection that revels in true feminine sophistication. Sheer and romantic, its vital essence is at turns playful and passionate, a fragrant dance that glides easily from day to evening.

Effervescent clementine and voluptuous cassis tumble together on a creamy bed of satiny rose, white peony and jasmine petals. A gentle kiss of vanilla leaves a sheer, sensuous finish.

Now enjoy this short how to video for using the Glo Minerals blush and lipgloss as well as experiencing the Thymes Kimono Rose.

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Sangria: blind taste test for best low calorie Sangria
7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

We’re used to celebrities lying to us about their marital affairs. But what about the beauty lies they pass off as advice? See the worst of them now

7 Biggest Celeb Beauty Lies

This is a celebrity hairstyles article

OK, OK, nobody is buying that’s all Kim Kardashian’s real hair, but what about the other beauty lies celebs pass off as fact? See the worst of Hollywood’s beauty lies now.

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Hello Gorgeous!
It’s the weekend-and if you are out celebrating the Arizona Best Fest for the state’s 100th birthday-or getting ready for Valentine’s day-and maybe even just having a bbq but wanting to stay true to your New Year’s goals of weight loss and healthy eating-watch this short video of a blind taste test. It’s delicious!

Skinny Girl makes a margarita, a sangria, and a cosmo flavored low calorie cocktail that is sweetened with agave syrup for lower calories and glycemic index. Enjoy one knowing that you are not drinking a large amount of calories but getting a full serving of flavor!

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Margarita: blind taste test-who is the winner?
How to Wake Up Looking Gorgeous

Softer hair and clearer skin can be yours overnight — see how

How to Wake Up Looking Gorgeous

This is a beauty tips article

Let’s face it: Nobody wakes up looking like Rachel McAdams or Halle Berry (even they don’t look flawless first thing in the a.m.). Yet movies still perpetuate the myth of women waking up with perfect hair and skin. But what if we were to say it’s not a myth? That there are ways to clear your skin, soften your hair, and even look younger overnight? See the 9 tricks to wake up prettier now.

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Hey Gorgeous!
Enjoy this weekend-it’s a hot winter’s day here in Arizona-78 degrees!
If you are celebrating the 100th birthday of Arizona, Valentines’ or just watching live streams of the New York Fashion Week, be sure and have some of the first ever Makeup University blind taste test winner along side you!
Watch the video and enjoy!

Bethenny Frankel and the Skinny Girl margarita are a fun way to enjoy a beverage without all the traditional calories of a margarita.

Here’s the original recipe: but why squeeze all those limes when you can just crack the bottle open? Cheers!
2 ounces clear premium tequila , Bethenny prefers Patron Silver (count 1, 2 while you pour, no need for measuring)
½ lime, juice of
splash Grand Marnier or bols triple sec

Combine all ingredients over a glass of crushed ice and garnish with a lime wedge.

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Valentine’s Day look: Addiction NV Cosmetics-serious lip look that lasts
7 Superfoods Your Diet is Missing

See the latest “it” ingredients you should incorporate into your meals now

7 Superfoods Your Diet is Missing

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You don’t need to pop a small army of vitamins or make drastic changes to your diet in order to see big health benefits. Here are 7 ingredients that can transform your health. The best part? They’re amazingly simple to incorporate into your meals.

See them now

Say hello Gorgeous to Ms. Noel Sweeny!
She has a line of cosmetics called
Addiction NV-and whoa is it every purty!

Now I know you are getting ready for Valentines Day-and you may need a look that lasts.

That’s where Addiction NV Cosmetics based out of Huntington Beach California comes in.

I’m going to post a bit below about Noel Sweeny and how the makeup line got started, and then I also have a how to video for your ‘gettin’ gorgeous’ routine to celebrate the love in your life and the love your giving to those around you. Remember-you get what you give! So give love!

ADDICTION NV Cosmetics was born out of necessity by renowned make-up artist Noel Sweeny. After working for other cosmetics brands, Noel still wasn’t satisfied with the existing options and was constantly thinking of new ideas, colors, and products to make make-up easier for her customers. Instead of the usual 45 minute make-up lesson using 10 products at a time, Noel found more success by creating the right look for her clients in 5 minutes with just 3 to 4 products. To Noel, “make-up should be quick and customizable; and the “one look fits all” solution never works!”

Get your Addiction NV Cosmetics online at
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Sarah Swanson Soy Candles help create the Valentine’s Day mood
10 Things You Should Know Before Eating Out

We love going to restaurants — but we were shocked to read these secrets they keep from their customers

10 Things You Should Know Before Eating Out

This is a diet article

Newsflash: That “healthy” dish may not be as diet-friendly as the menu says it is and those mouth-watering pictures are getting you to eat and spend more than you think. See what restaurant owners don’t want you to know so you can arm yourself before your next meal out.

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Hello Gorgeous,
How are your Valentines Day preparations going?
I encourage you that this season can be a season of love for yourself and those around you.
Maybe you have a significant other, and maybe you don’t? No worries-by time you shower kind words, acts of love and compassion on those around you-your love cup will be overflowing!

A great way to create a mood of gratitude in your home is to start by lighting a candle. Sarah’s therapeutic candles are hand poured using 100% soybeans grown in the USA with carefully selected botanical oils. Sealed With a Kiss Candles have proudly been featured on and in magazines such as Women’s Health.

Mission Statement:

To inspire the beauty of loving oneself through high quality skincare treatments, and natural cosmetic products competitively priced to help women and men reveal their true inner beauty.

About Sarah:

Sarah Swanson believes in helping her clients find the perfect balance…feeling and looking healthy. It shouldn’t be so difficult, but in our chaotic daily lives it sometimes does feel like rocket science.

Sarah is well known in Manhattan beauty and health circles for her solid advice and common sense approach to healthy skin, face and body.

Sarah is a licensed aesthetician whose 5th Avenue practice includes VelaShape™, eMatrix™ and ReFirme – the latest techniques in non-invasive laser treatment. Sarah’s advice is solicited regularly by many publications for insight and feedback, including Quest Magazine, Everyday Health and Avenue.

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

Valentines Day smiles: make it whiter in 1 hour with Luster
10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

Ombre tips and faux bobs are so 2011. See the trends that stylists say will rule in 2012

10 New Hairstyle Trends to Try This Year

This is a hairstyles article

If you’re itching for a change this season, these new hairstyles will inspire you. Hint: The faux bob gets prettier and the ombre look gets a more natural-looking makeover for 2012. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle this season, read on.

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Howdy Gorgeous!
Valentine’s Day is coming!
How’s your smile? Pearly? The Luster Oral Care line of whiteners has an at home treatment that has no tooth sensitivity and is affordable and easy to get! Simply visit your local Walmart, Walgreens, Target or order online from Amazon.

It is minty fresh, easy to use, and with a couple of applications-you too will be smiling brightly with your heart full of love on Valentine’s Day!

Now this is really important-I encourage you to make yourself a sticky note right now!

Start showing unconditional, random acts of love and joy to those around you.

In my house, we call it the love cup. When my family gets home from being gone all day the cats are crazy! I tell my son, that we have to fill up the cats love cup with pets and ear scratches while speaking kind words to them. Just like when I get him from school-I need to fill up his love cup.

So I share all of this so that you will take a moment and first, fill up your love cup by encouraging yourself. Say good things about you, to you, because you are crazy amazing! Now-fill up your kids and your pets-those who are immediately around you. Next-move onto your workspace and be sure and fill up the love cups there-and go on, and so on and so forth!

You can do it! We are starting a love revolution-right here, right now! I love you!
I’ll start you off with a starter drop in your cup today- I love you! You are beautiful just the way you are! God made you perfectly! I’m thankful you are here!

Now go spread it!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!

How to make a caesar salad: pre-Valentine’s day ways to spoil yourself silly
The 15 Best Beauty Tips We’ve Ever Heard

Beauty editors hear thousands of beauty tips a day, but these are the 15 they live by

The 15 Best Beauty Tips We've Ever Heard

This is a beauty tips article

Oh, we’ve heard it all. From live fish pecking at your feet to remove dead skin, to using eye cream to heal chapped lips, the amount of beauty tips we get is overwhelming. But which tips do we actually use ourselves? Here are the 15 we swear by.

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Hello Gorgeous!

I’ve been cooking in the kitchen again-and what started as a post for the beautiful cocktail apron by
Hen House Linens quickly became
an “I Love Lucy” episode at home.

Enjoy the video which in my opinion is a great shot
of the back of my head.

The recipe is on the bottom of this post, anchovies
and all.

Now, this post started for Hen House Linens, and I am wearing the prettiest cocktail apron in the video but due to my funky
framing you can’t see me wearing it. I’m wearing the red one as
seen on the lady in this photo on the left. I love the big black
grosgrain ribbon! It’s such a pretty accent to a little black dress as you hostess your party!

When I think of Diane Von Furstenburg – I think of
chic, sophisticated style. Her new fragrance Diane is
exactly that! I have been sampling the creme in this fragrance and it’s thick, moisturizing and leaves a
lingering scent of the parfum. It’s amazing!

This limited edition Sue Devitt Beauty Day & Night Neutrals palette is available at Sephora.
Get yours before they are gone!
Shelley Winter’s Caesar Salad as found in the Dead Celebrity Cook Book
1 head each romaine, iceberg, Boston lettuce,
2 eggs, at room temperature
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 (2 ounce) can anchovies in oil
1 tbs dry mustard
1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
Juice of 2 lemons
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp fresh ground pepper
1 cup croutons
1/c cup Parmesan cheese

Tear lettuce in to bite sized pieces. Coddle eggs. Crack coddled eggs into blender and add vinegar, oil, anchovies, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, garlic and pepper. Blend until ingredients are emulsified. Pour over lettuce. Add croutons and cheese. Toss and serve.

How to Coddle and egg from
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