LUSH Rocket Reusable bubble bar: for the young and not so young
6 Cobalt Products We’re Loving

The shelves of Sephora currently look like a sea of cobalt, and these blue items reign supreme. Pull off this fall’s hottest color trend with these six picks

6 Cobalt Products We're Loving

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When it comes to blue makeup, it’s hard not to immediately imagine tacky 80s eye shadow. The trick to modernizing the color? Choosing the right shade. Enter, cobalt. To nail the trend, try these top makeup picks. They’re electric, fresh, and universally flattering. See how you can wear the hottest fall hue now.

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Hey Gorgeous-this bubble bar by LUSH really does ‘rocket’ around the tub!
I got this for me-though my son got to it first and loved playing with it. The bar truly does live up to it’s name and for $9.95 it delivers an at home spa like experience.
It has a clean scent that lasts, and somehow turns blue in the water and bubbles but rinses off the skin with no residue.
I’m looking forward to getting a set for the whole family. If you haven’t tried LUSH hand made cosmetics yet, now is the time to do it. I would totally like to have these products underneath my Christmas tree and any co-worker would love to get LUSH in a secret santa gift exchange.

To get LUSH, order online or visit your local store!



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For out-of-this-world bubble baths
We love the idea of reusable bubble bars, so this season we have
a few to choose from. Just swish it around in your bath water and watch
the fragrant bubbles rise, then set it aside for future baths! Rocket
has a spicy violet, clove bud, ginger and fire tree oil fragrance that
warms you up from head to toe. Twinkly stars and bright paper flames top
it off for stellar bathtime fun.


  • Astronomical amounts of bubbles: Reuse this bar again and again by swishing it around in the tub and putting it aside for next time.
  • Warms up cold bones: Spicy clove bud and ginger warm you up in the tub so you can go to bed comfortable and cozy.
  • A sure-fire winner: Designed with little (and big) astronaut-wannabes in mind.

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Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural-wild about ’em!
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Hello Gorgeous and welcome to November! It’s going to be a busy and beauty action packed month! So get ready! We are starting off right with Mad Gab’s Wildly Natural lip butters, glosses and shimmers! For all my tweens and teens-if you are serious about paraben free beauty that won’t interfere with your natural hormonal development-try some Mad Gab’s!
I recently asked some questions to Mad Gab’s founder Gabriela-enjoy her words of wisdom!

1.Where does the inspiration for gloss, butter and shimmer colors come from? Are the colors naturally sourced?
The inspiration for the Wildly Natural came from years of working with whimsical animal packaging, but trying to create something more grown up while still staying natural, funky and adding an element of beauty. We wanted to stay within the ‘animal’ range, but use natural patterns as inspiration for the packaging, and ingredients sourced in nature. The colors are natural micas, they provide the shine and the color. No artificial colors (or ingredients are used). The Glosses are 100% natural and 63% organic.

2. I think the Wildy Natural lip products and many of the Mad Gab’s would be a good fit for ‘precocious puberty’ girls-those being forced into an early menarche due to parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic hormones being used in many body care products today-what do you think? I agree that Wildly Natural will appeal to the younger crowd, but we’ve seen women of all decades gravitate to the packaging as well as the high quality of the product. I’m saddened to see so many young women growing up too fast, both physically and culturally. My hope is to create products that enhance natural beauty, not cover up or mask it. I formulate products with pure ingredients that are sourced in nature, so they are safe and free of all the ingredients you mention.

3. Does Mad Gab’s have a particular demographic from when you started to today? When I started [20 years ago!] I was targeting the natural food store customer. Over the years that shifted to a general gift-store and department store customer, and now our customers are found in a variety of stores around the US and abroad. Our whimsical line is popular with women, men, children…..we thought due to the packaging that it might trend younger, but it’s really a psycho-graphic. Playful people who like quality products tend to be our customers and they come in all ages and both genders. The Wildly Natural line is geared towards women and girls of all ages, as it is more feminine in presentation.

4. I love that you are retailed in Arizona at the Sea Life Aquarium and Arizona Museum of Natural History-both of which I have visited with my son; are any of the proceeds from sales shared with the venue to support the animals/history/charity?
We don’t currently work with any charities, as Mad Gab’s is so small that it would be a token partnership which feels a bit disingenuous. As we grow it has always been part of our plan to partner with a non-profit group that will benefit from sales of our products.

Special thanks to Ms. Gabriela for sharing Mad Gab’s Wildy Natural lip products with Makeup University! Visit the website to find the many unique and interesting places you can purchase your Mad Gab’s…like Sea Life Aquarium, the Xanterra Train Depot or Grand Canyon Deer Farm!

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LUSH TOOTHY TABS-just what you need
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Happy Labor Day weekend gorgeous!
LUSH has done it again! I’m convinced they don’t make a bad beauty product-period!
As a company LUSH creates fresh, handmade cosmetics and now, a type of toothpaste, dental cleaner called Toothy Tabs.
I’ve got three flavors in the photo, and you can see two tabs on the front box called Ultrablast.
The box is completely recyclable-meaning no waste. The box is small and portable, making it TSA approved for travel, and I’m going to leave mine in the car today during the high heat to see how it handles it.
I tried the Toothy Tabs as directed on the box-yet, 1 tab was not enough for me, I prefer using 2 tabs. Once I began to create a foamy lather with the 2 Toothy Tabs and a wet toothbrush, my experience was that it was just as good if not better than using my normal toothpaste?

Ultrablast Toothy Tab is a triple mint, wasabi and lavender solid tooth cleansing tab
Sparkle Toothy Tab is a lemon, grapefruit and black pepper tooth cleansing tab
Atomic Toothy Tab is a coffee, clove and ginger tooth cleansing tab

If you enjoy the newest things in beauty you have got to try these! Get to right now, and order some! Delish and delightful for your long Labor Day weekend! Plus, the final benefit is-this won’t squish out in your makeup case making a huge minty mess!
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