May Vlog featuring DOVE & Humble Brush

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Whoa! This month! This year! Not complaining though it’s been jam packed and has me going every which way! 

This video gives you a wee update, and then a last minute Mother’s Day gift idea with Dove soaps – which are classic beauty.


Finally, meet Humble Brush – omg – I love these and I’m so glad i got a chance to sample and meet this brand. They are doing what we need to be doing in conservation. I never even thought about how much plastic I throw away when it comes to a dozen toothbrushes a year.

Humble Brush has won several awards and continues to make an impact! The hand is biodegradable, the packaging is compostable, the process of the bamboo is sustainable and the bristles are BPA free!

When you buy a Humble Brush – the sale creates a free gift of a toothbrush to a child in need worldwide.  Available on the Humble Brush website or Amazon.

Finally, I read a book a week and Makeup University has run several book reading clubs and challenges! Summer is here and now is the best time to challenge your children to keep reading over the summer months!

I recently read The Road Back To You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. It’s about the “enneagram” and how you find a number that correlates to your personality and ways to enhance yourself or heal yourself. It is a slow starter – but stick with it – it finishes strong! From the Amazon description: The Enneagram is an ancient personality typing system with an uncanny
accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and

Now let’s watch the video!

Summer film project:

Feature film

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RADPAD Charging Docking Stations: summer fun is powered up with

Hi ya!

So summer is upon us and that means long days of fun and travel. I have many devices, as do those in my family. When we all travel together with our multiple devices and checking in and doing status updates or gaming on long stretches of highway, eventually the batteries run low.


What is the answer to multiple devices and a need to power up quickly and conveniently? RADPAD!

2CamoCharger 4RedwithIpad




RADPAD Fast Multicharger:
*6- USB port Intelligent Charger
*Input: 90V-240V 1.5A
*Output: 5V-12A(max)
* Charges up to 6 USB-based devices simultaneously
* Automatic selection of the fastest possible charge speed
* Integrated microchip for protection against overcharging


So when you get to a place where there is only one outlet and multiple devices, simply plug in your RADPAD and then use it to quickly power up and replace battery life on your numerous ipads, iphones and android devices by plugging them into the RADPAD.


3RedCharger CamoCharger




RADPAD Charging Station integrates a fast, powerful, intelligent USB charger. It is also a Docking Station for Apple, Samsung and other mobile devices. It can accommodate phones and notebooks even with thick protective cases such as the Otterbox. Anti slip feature prevents mobile phones from sliding out of the docking slots even when tilted at an angle of 45% or more.


The shipping is free and each sells for $59.00 from the Accentys website. Check out the gift registry while you are there and follow them on Facebook here!


Something to know about Accentys is they are an innovation company bringing new and exciting products to market. They  strive to manufacture as much as possible in the U.S. to support  jobs. If they cannot manufacture it locally at a competitive cost, they will still assemble as much as possible in USA. They are in the process of building inventory for RADPAD and are waiting for component shipments from China and  expect to be shipping quickly. Purchases will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

Several new products are also in the R&D pipeline and will be released as they become ready.

So like Accentys on Facebook and order a RADPAD for the graduating college or highschooler you know! Or, what a great Father’s Day gift!

Aubrey Organics: Men’s Stock for Father’s Day or Electric Daisy Carnival
Get a Healthy White Smile in One Week

With these brilliant tips, you’ll have your pearliest whites ever

Get a Healthy White Smile in One Week

This is a smile care article

Braces may have made our teeth straight, but coffee and wine have made them yellow. Reverse the stains for a brighter, whiter smile with these expert tips now.

Get brighter

Hello Gorgeous!

Have you selected your Father’s day gifts yet or maybe a graduation gift for the man in your family?

 I’ve been sampling some amazing, vegan, natural, paraben free, men’s products from Aubrey Organics.

If you haven’t tried Aubrey Organics, and enjoy a natural quality product, pick some up at your local Sprouts or natural food stores.

The prices are all under $20 and many are under $10.

Products like this basic cleansing bar has a very light scent but rinses clean and is not drying on the skin. Ask me how I know? Because I test everything that comes in to the blog!

My favorite scent is the North Woods facial scrub because it is so clean and green smelling, though the spicy City Rhythms is nice too.

The scents come from the natural ingredients and there are no added perfumes.

I really like the Aubrey Organics brand and encourage you to pick some up and gift for the man in your life, or for yourself if you enjoy the scents.

The products are packaged with post consumer recyclable ingredients.

Learn more at the Aubrey Organics website!
Remember: you are beautiful!
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