2 perfumes you need now for ‘Back to School’ or the next weekend getwaway with Lisa Hoffman beauty

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

Have unwanted brown spots? Get the tips you need to get rid of them for good

Say Goodbye to Dark Spots

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No matter how religiously we slather on our sunscreen, come fall we always find a fresh batch of freckles and sunspots. But before you vow to never step foot outside again, see what dermatologist Deborah Jaliman tells us is the real reason for our hyperpigmentation. With her expert tips, you’ll finally learn how to treat and prevent dark spots.

Get even skin

Oh holy scent of all scents!
Now as you know from reading the blog-I am a fragrance junkie. Ok, if you just got here let me be the first to tell you that I love fragrance and perfumes and I think they are the best accessory to any outfit and any circumstance.

If you have not met Lisa Hoffman Beauty and you have cable, watch www.hsn.com or you can look at the website www.lisahoffmanbeauty.com for a list of her products.

It has been some time since I have met a new scent and loved it so much! Now as I peruse the Lisa Hoffman Beauty website I see that there are fragrance jewelery! That you can literally wear a bracelet or earrings or necklace that are filled with scented beads.

I instantly wanted some French Clary Sage bracelets until I saw a photo of Lindsay Lohan wearing them. Then I decided to forgive her for being a train wreck while in a position to influence tween girls and still get some bracelets.

I think when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, that’s what is most upsetting to me. Do what you want to your own self and life-but wait until you are out of the public eye. Many a young girl-saw the remakes of Disney classics such as Herbie and Freaky Friday, many teen girls love the movie Mean Girls and for them to watch Lindsay Lohan spiral into drunken drugged binges in the media is damaging to their self esteem.

Now I have to deal with the fact that she wears Lisa Hoffman Beauty French Clary Sage bracelets too?
Oh the horror!

Well-I love the scents. French Clary Sage perfume with it’s crisp clean green smell for the morning and business meetings and then switch to Tunisian Neroli for after work, rendezvous and adventures after dark.

Both scents are amazing-and I highly suggest you get them or give them!
Enjoy this short video detailing my experience.

Remember: you are beautiful!
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