12 Days of Good Gifts to Give and Get featuring Too Faced Cosmetics

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Happy Tuesday to you! Remember, the next best time is today to make a step forward on your life goals and dreams!

Now onto the 12 Days of Good Gifts to Get and Give for the beauty lover!  A little bit of powder can go a long way with how you look and feel! This is one of my  favorite powders and though I have used Laura Mercier powder for ages, I have started swapping this out!

You will love this – try on Amazon, and if it’s not for you, Amazon has a simple and easy return policy!

Super silky, lightweight powder sets makeup for longer wear while providing a veil of perfecting luminosity and a finish so natural they’ll think you were Born This Way.
  • Universal shade complements all skin tones
  • Helps brighten and boost skin’s radiance
  • Hyaluronic Acid for a smoother, more youthful appearance

Inspired by the luminous appearance of the world at twilight when it’s bathed in beautiful, ethereal light, Too Faced Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jerrod Blandino, created Born This Way to help you experience that same magical feeling every day.

Get your and one for your favorite beauty lover on Amazon for $32! http://amzn.to/2jTZP9j

Remember: you are beautiful!
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December -12 Days of Good Gifts

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Whoa. It’s here. December. So happy and so sad. Happy to be celebrating the Christmas spirit and all the fun activities with family but sad to see the year come to a close. For me, it went by too fast and I feel like life is happening in a Ferris Bueller quote!

So hug your loved ones and spend some quality memory making time with them before it’s too late!

Now on to today’s blog topic – a 12 Day of Good Gifts for your self and your gift list.  I am happy to share some Amazon products to make shopping convenient for yourself and the list!

I am using and loving this charcoal tooth whitener.  Note to you, perhaps pick up the black bristle toothbrush when you order this product because it will turn a white bristle, a dark color. I know what you are thinking – how does putting black powder on your teeth make them white?

The soft pumice effect of the charcoal does a great job cleaning and whitening your teeth.  When I use it, I get my toothbrush wet, then dip it into the charcoal powder and add a lil dollop of toothpaste to give it a minty taste. Without the toothpaste, it doesn’t really have a flavor.  This is a good one to buy for yourself and give as a stocking stuffer or gift to a beauty lover, or – even put this in the white elephant gift exchange!


About the product


  • Be careful when opening lid for the first time
  • Whiten with no sensitivity – premium ingredients, excellent for gum health
  • Refined charcoal powder from the purest sources

Use this link to conveniently shop on Amazon!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Back to School and work with Print Elf

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You know what time it is? No, not time to pack for Lollapalooza. Though if you are going, please pack sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Actually, it is already BTS. Yep. BTS. Back to school for elementary through high school and the colleges start back two weeks after that!






So for students going back, and parents getting life out of the summer schedule and back into a full work mode and busy moms launching new home based businesses, you are going to need some letterhead, business cards and possibly a car magnet to advertise with while you drive about your daily route.



Meet Print Elf.

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FREE SAMPLE of Bellus Soaps: a natural cleanser review

Want to add years to your life? These six treatments will give you long-term benefits. Keep reading to see how

6 Beauty Treatments That Can Save Your Life

This is a TotalBeauty.com Health & beauty article
If getting pampered wasn’t appealing enough, here’s another reason you should have regular spa days: Getting these six health and beauty treatments regularly can help you live a longer and happier life. See how adding these treatments to your routine can save your life now

Hello Gorgeous!
I just tried some samples of Arizona local hand crafted soap maker Bellus Soaps of Avondale.
The soap contains grapeseed oil, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter.

You too can get a free sample of the Bellus Soaps goodness (make sure and note if you want cherry blossom, vanilla sugar or unscented!) by sending an email requesting a sample and put FREE SAMPLE in the subject line.

Send to:  support @ bellussoaps.com

I’ve used it to remove my makeup and got a good deep clean. I’ve also used the cherry blossom scented Bellus Soap in the shower, and it left my whole body lightly scented yet deeply moisturized.

Ordering is easy, and a large bar is just $14.95 with free shipping in the United States.

 It’s worth giving Bellus Soaps a try if you prefer natural products, hand crafted small batch products as well as paraben free!

When you shop Bellus Soaps you are helping to support a small local business-so get shopping for your self and gift giving needs!