Who wants to see Meghan Trainor on the Untouchable Tour with Makeup University?

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Are you ready to #WearWhatYouWant on the Meghan Trainor: Untouchable Tour?

Tampax is the sponsor for the concert tour and has extended an invitation to Makeup University and one guest to attend a pre-concert meet ‘n’ greet and then stay for the show!

I have really been wanting to see a concert this summer and this opportunity comes at just the right time!

This giveaway is being run on Facebook

Please follow this link, and the directions to enter!

As a multiple music award winner, and one of the top female artists to have a
chart-topping debut single twice in a row, Meghan Trainor is a strong
and confident role model. The Tampax and Always Radiant Collection
is thrilled to be partnering with Meghan to give girls access to up to
100% leak free period protection and the confidence to #WearWhatYouWant
every day of the month.

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#MayBreakthrough Glaminar in Hollywood on May 16th-get your tickets!

Holla Gorgeous!
Me, myself and I: otherwise known as the Makeup University team will be teaching a makeup lesson at the May Breakthrough women’s glaminar conference on May 16th in Hollywood California.

So excited!

Now, you know I loves me a free giveaway and to sweeten the deal and spice up the day-(seeing how it is #MayTheFourthBeWithYou the Intergalactic celebration of Star Wars day!!!)

I am giving away a pair of tickets to the event! One lucky lady and a friend may attend the event courtesy of Makeup University. The winner of the ticket and her plus one will also receive a wee gratis goody bag courtesy of Makeup University.

Webstream details are coming soon!

Like on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/MayBreakthrough

In the meantime here is a video update:

So enter to win here!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Comment or tweet what you want to breakthrough into or from in May! Good luck!
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TEEN WEEK DAY 6: BOOBS, BRAS & Better Business

 Hello Gorgeous!
Today is day 6 of TEEN WEEK 2013 and we are tackling the subject of your boobs, your bra and what is considered ‘business’ dress. Right now-your business is going to school and possibly interviewing and working.
There are a few parts to this post and each one is important: 1) when is cleavage appropriate 2)how to get fitted for a bra 3) the free giveaway 4)time to rock! Let’s get started:

In Phoenix Arizona I have served several years as a judge for the high school DECA competitions. I love to hear the business and marketing plans the teens have created. I am also stunned by how many young girls walk into a state level competition wearing low cut blouses, with push up bras and boobs wagging.

Forget the short hemline-myself and the male judges turn our heads to avoid seeing the competitor’s breasts. This is not one girl I’m talking about-it’s many.  How am I suppose to see and hear her work when her skimpy attire is screaming? My heart breaks at the thought that no one took the time to teach this girl my motto :
“you never get a second chance to make a first impression-so make the first count!”
 Here is a photo of what is considered good for work, business, interviews and meeting a moment with respect intact! The second photo is what not to wear!

Appropriate dress for interviews, work and in some cases school,

Woman Kicked Off Plane Not appropriate ever-in any situation!

Now, let’s talk about starting to wear a bra, needing to find the right fit (you should get fitted yearly!) and which bra is right for you. Below is some information I got from the website “First Bra for Teens”-and it’s really worth a click over to read the article in it’s entirety and see the photo samples of bras available.

Find Out Your Bra Size

choosing your first bra, make sure that you know your correct size.
Frequent bra fittings are important during your teen years, when your
body is growing, especially if your bra starts fitting in a weird or
painful way.
might feel shy about your growing breasts and not want other people
talking about them, looking at them, and measuring them. But it’s wise
to get measured so to find out your correct bra size.
can get a professional fitter at a store to help you, or you can do it
yourself at home. Keep in mind, the measurement you come up with is a
just rough idea. Every body is a little different, so you’ll need to try
on lots of bras to find the perfect fit for you.
Here’s how:
  • Step
    1: Run a soft tape measure at the narrowest point just under your
    breasts, all the way around your back and rib cage. The tape measure
    should rest flat on your skin and lie straight across your back – not so
    tight that it digs in, but not so loose that it sags down in back.

    Make a note of this measurement. (Round up if the number is uneven.) That’s your band size.
  • Step
    2: To measure cup size, take the tape measure around your body across
    the fullest part of your breasts. Write this number down and subtract
    your band size measurement from it. The difference between the numbers
    will tell you your cup size. If the difference between the two numbers
    is less than 1 inch, your cup size is AA. If the difference is 1 inch,
    your cup size is A; 2 inches, you’re a B; 3 inches you’re a C, and so
the number and letter together, and that’s your bra size range. For
example, if your cup measurement was 33 and your chest measurement was
32, that’s a 1-inch difference. Your bra size will be 32A or close to
in mind, most bras have adjustable hooks and eyes, so you can adjust
the tightness. A new bra should fasten on the loosest set of hooks so
that you can adjust it as a bra stretches out or as you grow and
Fitting yourself can seem a little complicated, so we made some easy fit guides
with you in mind. We also have helpful, friendly customer service reps
who can help you fit yourself from over the phone at 1.866.352.4494.
  • Step 3: Be sure to try on lots and lots of different bras, in different styles and variations of sizes. Sister sizes
    are equivalent sizes with either larger or smaller cups/bands. It’s
    great to try a sister size if a bra fits pretty well but is maybe a
    little bit off. For example, if you’re trying a 34C and it’s a little
    bit too big in the band, you can try a 32D, one of the sister sizes.
    This is a good guideline to find the exact right fit!


Here is another link to find teen bra choices: http://www.herroom.com/teen,bras,794,001,10.html


And now…the 



Enter to win and be safe self tanned ready for prom and spring break! Please be at least 13 years of age with permission to enter and have a continental United States address to receive the gift. Winner will be contacted by email.

Now-let’s rock out!


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Get the song on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/when-im-with-you-bonus-track/id437769350

“Boat Song” from the album “When I’m With You.”
Filmed and edited by David Heller.

(C) 2012 Stone Table Records. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.

How To Get a Great Workout From Your Couch

Too lazy to hit the gym? This full-body workout gives the term “couch potato” a whole new meaning

How To Get a Great Workout From Your Couch

This is a TotalBeauty.com fitness article

“It’s too cold outside for a run,” “the gym is too crowded,” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” We all know these oh-so-familar excuses for not working out. Sure, it’s so much easier to plop down on the couch after a long day than to lace up those sneakers. But there is finally hope for even the laziest of the lazy gals. We talked to personal trainers, Pilates instructors, and physical therapists who revealed various exercises that can be done on your very own sofa. Get ready to transform your body one episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” at a time.

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TEEN WEEK Day 5: Girls-how to invent & get your product to market


Hello Gorgeous!
It is Day 5 of TEEN WEEK and today we are going to talk about how to build a business at home, from scratch with the very bright ideas and witty inventions that are in you! Please welcome and enjoy the expert advice and teaching from Marcy McKenna-Inventor-Entrepreneur and Designer!

If you have ever thought that you had an idea that would be a help or good for life-read and get in action below! Of course there is a free giveaway today-and also, a tune to rock out with!

 Everyone has a great idea for a product, but very few people feel they
have the financial means to bring it to life. I’m here to challenge
that myth. With the incredible resources available today, in my
opinion, there’s never been a better time to try your hand at inventing!

As an inventor who has brought several products to market and has many
more in active development, I’m often asked how to get a product idea
off the ground without spending a fortune. I’m happy to share my tried
and true tips that will allow you to explore the worl of inventing
without breaking the bank.

Patent Search – One of the most important first steps
you should take when considering bringing an invention to market is to
do a preliminary patent search to ensure the invention does not already
exist and/or that your idea does not infringe on an existing patent.
One way to do this is to hire a Patent Attorney—they will typically
charge between $500 and $3000 to do the search for you. With the
resources available today, you can do this preliminary patent search
yourself at no cost.I find “Google Patent” (www.google.com/patents) and
“PatentStorm” (www.patentstorm.us) to be the most simple platforms to
navigate. You can also go directly to the USPTO (United States Patent
& Trademark Office — www.uspto.gov ). Down the road, you may want
to have an attorney do a more thorough search, but in the initial
stages, doing your own search can save you a lot of money.

 • Provisional Patent – To patent or not to patent is an
ongoing debate in the world of inventing. Sadly, the thought of
spending $5,000 to $10,000 to secure a patent scares most would-be
inventors away. Did you know that only about 5% of the products in the
market place are patented?

When deciding whether to file a patent, it’s
important to determine what your goal is. If you’re goal is to
commercialize the product yourself, you may not need a patent at all.
And in fact, it can often be a waste of money for small business owners
as they are usually not financially equipped to defend it if their
product should get knocked off. In most cases that money would be
better spent building market share. However, if your goal is instead to
license your idea to a company, then a patent is likely very important.
The good news is that you don’t have to decide that now.

You can file a
“Provisional Patent” for $125 (In California. Other states may vary.)
that will give you a “Patent Pending” status for 12 months while you
explore the commercial viability of the product. Filing a full utility
or design patent too early in the process can be a waste of money as the
product will likely evolve over time. It’s usually best to wait until
the product is manufacture ready before taking that step. As always,
consult a patent attorney before making your final decision.

 • Trademarks– I happen to be a big believer in
trademarks. When it comes to consumer products the name is usually one
of the most important things. For example, when you go out to buy dark
brown cookies with cream filling, what name comes to mind? I’m willing
to bet it’s Oreos® over Hydrox®. It’s all about the name and brand
loyalty. If you can create that loyalty with your product name then
many times that can be much more valuable than a patent. And the good
news is that trademark protection is relatively inexpensive and fast
when compared to patent protection. Legal Zoom has trademark packages
that start at $169 plus the government filing fee.

 • Developing a Prototype – A prototype is a working example of your idea. It doesn’t have to be fancy.


There is so much more to learn-please visit this link and print it out-then get into massive action now!



Talk about a great invention! If you use makeup-you need a makeup matte! Open to ages 13 and over with permission to enter-please have a continental United States mailing address. Winner will be contacted by email. Good luck!

Remember to follow @MakeUpMatte on Twitter!

Now-let’s rock out with Plumb! Stay tuned because the new album drops Feb 26th!!!

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TEEN WEEK Day 4 with Nicole from Project Inspired plus free swimsuit giveaway

Hello my sweet Gorgeous! It’s day 4 of TEEN WEEK!
I am SO excited for Nicole from Project Inspired to be sharing today a bit about the importance of modesty. I am always looking for modest is hottest fashion and looks that will keep any eyes that come near me in pure thoughts.

Here’s a link to learn more about Nicole and her powerful story of making and breaking in Hollywood and then turning her life around and into the success she is today! I love her story! Below the post is the TEEN WEEK free giveaway of the day-wait for it…wait for it…a free modest swimsuit for spring break!
Now enjoy Nicole’s blog post!
 Nicole Weider Jan 2013

created Project Inspired, because I believe it’s time for a Hollywood
voice to take the best interests of young women to heart. I try to cover
many different issues that teenage girls face, from relationship and
modest style advice to inspirational quotes, and a real look at
celebrities in the media. I draw from my own experiences to make the
message clear to young women: Be a person of value and confidence – be
your own best self – through leading a true Christian life.” 

“Cosmopolitan is
emblematic of what’s wrong with our culture today. The content of the
magazine is predominantly (and often explicitly) about sex. The articles
you’ll typically find in its pages advise “hookups” without a hint of
emotional connection. Yet, unlike “R” rated movies, there’s no “age
limit” for anyone to access it, so young teen girls are reading,
absorbing, and acting on its destructive message. Indeed, the increasing
focus on sex sex sex encourages the magazine’s impressionable readers
to make the most shallow choices imaginable. Because of its popularity
(in every supermarket, at the nail salon, in waiting rooms, and on your
mom’s nightstand) it has become one of the media’s worst influences on
teenage girls. Cosmopolitan needs to change its content or be made harder to access. Join me in my fight to force Cosmopolitan to be more responsible as a guide in the lives of young women.”


And let’s all say a big thank you for Nicole and her being a voice for  purity and modesty! 

How to enter to win: please be at least 13 years of age with permission to enter, follow Exposure Product and Cherelynn on Twitter then retweet for more chances to win! Open to continental United States. Exact color and print may vary, winner will be contacted by email and size/measurements requested. Good luck!

Now it’s time to rock!

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the latest breakthroughs in beauty. We’ve rounded up tools so easy to use, a caveman could master ’em

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup article

We live in a world where a new and improved (read: more complicated) product is released every month, and the gadgets in the grooming department are no exception. Many at-home beauty gadgets look intimidating — especially if you’re not a tech-savy. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. We’ve rounded up the best beauty gadgets of 2013 that even the most tech-challenged among us can easily master. So, skip the pricey spa appointments and invest in one of these innovations.

Get gadgets

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TEEN WEEK: Day 3 Finding time to rest-really rest

How To Wear Hot Winter Hairstyles Without The Heat Damage

Learn how to turn up the heat–without the damage–with these winter hairstyles

How To Wear Hot Winter Hairstyles Without The Heat Damage

This is a TotalBeauty.com hairstyles article

Here’s a common conundrum: This season’s hair trends incorporate hot tools, yet also require healthy hair to pull off the looks. Those of us who regularly use curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons know that heat styling and healthy hair don’t usually go together. Luckily, new moisturizing hair care products can revive coarse and damaged strands and keep hair shiny and soft. Ready to see what this winter has in store? Read on.

See hairstyles

Hello Gorgeous!
Welcome to day 3 of TEEN WEEK here on the Makeup University blog. Today I want to focus on rest and how important it is.
Somehow our society has gotten to the point that we are literally on the go and communicating or being marketed to at any given moment of the day. It can be taxing to your health and well being.

I encourage you to take a shabbat. Make time for a time of rest. The best practice is to have it last 24 hours-but if you can squeeze out 12 hours that’s a great place to start.

Today is Sunday and in the United States  it has traditionally been set apart  for families to spend the morning at church, the afternoon relaxing or playing, having a meal together and getting ready for the work week.

For my friends in Israel, they take their shabbat, the time of rest on Friday evening from 6 pm to Saturday at 6pm. The time is different but the thought is the same.

Maybe you have a weekend job and can’t take the time off to rest because you are busy being a disciplined earner for your future goals. That’s is so great!

But-when can you take a rest? Maybe a Tuesday evening where you give yourself an at home spa pedicure?

Whatever time you choose-please take care of your health, give your body the time it needs to refuel and heal and rest!

Now to encourage you to rest up a bit-today’s giveaway is beautiful color of nail polish for you! Enjoy!

TEEN WEEK Rest Yourself Giveaway!

To enter to win please follow the Makeup University Blog on Blogger and comment on how you plan to rest!

Please be 13 years of age or older with permission to enter! This is open to all of the United States. 1 winner selected and contacted by email February 8th.

Now-it’s time to rock! Enjoy!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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TEEN WEEK: Day 2-Discipline & Training with Gloria Safar

Out with the old and in with the new! See which beauty products should get the heave-ho right now

7 Beauty Products to Retire in 2013

This is a TotalBeauty.com makeup article
The first month of the year is about a fresh start: new resolutions, a new look, and a new attitude. There’s no reason this mentality shouldn’t also apply to your makeup bag. If you’re still hoarding gunky mascaras and leaking foundations, it’s definitely time to overhaul your beauty products and make room for better things to come. From the unhygienic to the uncool, read on to see what you should toss before spring arrives.

 TEEN WEEK: Keeping Calm in a Crazy World!

Hello Gorgeous! Welcome to a second day of TEEN WEEK here on Makeup University. Today I want to share with you the importance of ‘discipline and training’-and you can apply this to every area of your life whether it’s school, family relationships and friends, work or health and nutrition.

First-I encourage you to practice self discipline as a way of cementing self control in your personality. Why? Because in any given situation if you have trained yourself in self control you will make better choices.

A great way to learn discipline and self control is the fun and excitement of training in a simple sport like running-or walking. Which ever suits you best. Today I share with you some simple running information from Gloria Sofar. Enjoy and apply it Purty Gurl!  Below I also have an encouraging song for you.
Have you ever considered starting a
running program, training for a 5 or 10k, or why not a half or a full marathon?

Before you answer, consider this –
only about 1% of the U.S. population has run a marathon. Why not be part of
that elite group?
Gloria Safar, a personal trainer, coach and avid
runner, caught the running bug several years ago, particularly in the field of
marathon running.  But in looking to
recruit just about everyone she meets, she couldn
t find a
simple guide that didn
t scare people
off with overly complicated training programs and lists of unnecessary
expensive gear.
According to Gloria, I wrote this book to give women an
approachable and fun guide that would help them successfully complete from
their first 5k to improving their marathon’s personal record.  Along the way, my wish is that they discover
their inner strength, form new friendships and find an unexpected motivation
that makes them want to keep on running!
A quick and insightful read, Running for Girls Like Us! is filled with straight forward
objectives, expert advice from recent research, and loads of motivational
“girls like us” success stories. 
The book is further infused with Gloria
s enthusiasm and experience, and is
the perfect guide for the novice, the returning runner, and veteran runners
Running for Girls Like Us! by Gloria Safar is available on Amazon.com (in
paperback and kindle edition) b&n (also in paperback and e-book) and in
iBooks, and retails for $12.99 and 8.99.
For more information, you can check
Gloria’s web page: http://gloriasafar.wordpress.com/ or contact


Please LIKE Gloria Safar’s Running For Girls Like Us Facebook page AND comment why you want to start running or improve your running! This contest is open to ages 13 and older with permission to enter. Open to all United States and international also! Special thanks to Ms. Safar for sponsoring an international giveaway!

Now ladies-let’s rock out!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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TEEN WEEK starts now! Murad acne kit giveaway plus…



Keeping Calm in a Crazy World

Hello Gorgeous! 
This is by far my most favorite week of blog posts ever! To quote Taylor Swift-“ever”!

The theme for the week is “Keeping Calm in a Crazy World” because let’s face it-things are getting kinda nutty out there.

Though-through the posts and guest bloggers this week, I have useful information to help you in several areas of life. So sit back, relax and read-then please share with a fellow teen to help them too!

Something to note-there are a ton of giveaways to this week-specifically for teens! Plus, each post has an encouraging song to help keep you going.

So please let me be the first to tell you-how beautiful you are! How wonderful you are! You are so valuable-perfectly and wonderfully made. There is only one you-so don’t let anyone else tell you that you are a mistake or not worthy. Because you are.

James Allen wrote a little book called “As a Man Thinketh” and it’s a great read and very relevant to today.
John Maxwell continues to teach on the principle that you are what you think. So keep your mind full of good things about yourself. So let’s take action now:


  • Write a positive note to yourself and read it aloud each time you eat something! Make it short and sweet. Like my favorite “Hello Gorgeous” or “No one sings the song I do”! What ever makes you happy.

Now-let’s get to winning a Murad acne kit!


Important giveaway details on how to win your free Murad Acne kit

  • 5 winners will be chosen at random, please be 13 years of age or older with permission to enter
  • Must have a continental United States of America address to receive prize at
  • To enter: Follow @Muradcares & @Cherelynn on Twitter then retweet to win!


Go here to learn more about the prize!
Now-enjoy some rockin’ tunes to keep you encouraged! Remember-positive mental attitude is everything!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Faith Hill “Soul 2 Soul” fragrance: so perfect for Fall

9 Best Natural Deodorants

Green beauty products are great — but do they really work as well as their chemically- engineered counterparts? To find out, we put more than 20 natural deodorants to the test. See our results now

9 Best Natural Deodorants

This is a TotalBeauty.com body article

Even the most DIY, eco-friendly gal might opt for Secret or Dove when it comes to deodorant. Why? As much as we all love Mother Nature, there’s no way we’re going to be OK with smelling funky. But here’s the good news: There are actually tons of natural deodorants that get the job done. Check out 9 fantastic ones that won’t leave you stinky.

See the best natural deodorants

Hey Gorgeous!
You know, I love fragrance. And what do I love better than a new fragrance? Giving some away for free to you! In honor of Faith Hill’s new single “American Heart” I am giving away one of her perfumes.

Starting today: October 20th and open through October 30th-

Please follow @Cherelynn on Twitter and tweet: 

“#winning with my fave #FaithHill song ______ & @Cherelynn 

 Then comment on this blog which is your favorite Faith Hill song and that you tweeted! 

Winner announced on Oct 31st- prize goes to whoever has the most retweets of their tweet. Please be at least 13 years old, and have a mailing address in the continental United States. Good luck!

P.s. I like to put my fave Faith Hill songs in a category sorted by song style and meaning, but the top 3 are:
1. Let Me Let Go
2. It’s Your Love
3. Stronger

Faith Hill:
is a romantic, elegant, radiant fruity
floral fragrance. The scent opens with sparkling fruits like Georgia
White Peach and Grapefruit, leading to a passionate heart of Everlasting
Flower, Princess Rose and Lotus Flower. 
The fragrance dries down to a
soft and intoxicating blend of cucumber, balanced
with sensual sandalwood. The luminous fragrance
is captured in a sophisticated, feminine bottle with accents
of gold and pearl white. 
A captivating starbust incorporated in the
bottle’s design complements the radiant gold carton’s subtle starbust

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Free Cupcase bra travel accessory: for Back to School or final summer fun

Hello Gorgeous!

 Would you like to win a free CupCase travel accessory to keep your Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s bra investments safe and bend or crush free?

 In Arizona, it’s already Back to School, ladies you need a CupCase to take your favorite bras to the dorm!

 Are you having a final summer fun trip?

You need a CupCase to stash your valuables in!

 I have used my purple CupCase bra travel accessory all summer!

I also store my delicate hair flowers and perfume bottle in it too!

Starting right now-through July 31st you can enter to win your own CupCase by retweeting this tweet. Highlight the text and copy to paste into your Twitter post!


#BacktoSchool or #summer fun-how will you use your #Cupcase?

 The person with the most retweets wins!

 Giveaway guidelines:
Please follow @Cherelynn and @Cupcase to retweet and ensure your tweets are counted!

 Please be at least 15 years old with a parents permission to enter 

Please have a shipping address inside the continental United States of America

 Contest runs from July 23rd 2012 to July 31st, 2012.

 Winner will be notified by email and posted on Twitter as the winner on August 1st.

 Remember: you are beautiful!
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