Miss USA Pageant-live from Las Vegas-what products do contestants use?

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I don’t know exactly what the Miss USA contestants use to get pageant ready, but I have some ideas of what they could use…
Schick Quattro and Bikini trimmer
Borghese Splendor Brightening Body Glow
Proactive Sheer Tint

Evening Gown competition:
Makeup Designory makeup
DWTS hair extensions
Skindinavia cool flash makeup setting spray
Makeup Forever HD finishing powder

Accessorize with a great scent like Joya No. 6 Composition and great faith!
Go get ’em ladies now enjoy this short video!

And this is an interview preview for tonights pageant!

Airbrush tan at home and look like DWTS stars using Luminess Tan!

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It’s National Skin Cancer Awareness month and you can get a beautiful, bronze glow all over at home, anytime you want using this simple system by Luminess Tan!
I enjoyed the sample that was sent to the blog and had an easy time using it. I do have prior airbrush experience was a makeup artist and this may have contributed to my ease? I really like that there was so much hose to use! I had one boo boo and the that is the pigment bottle fell off and made a bit of a mess on the tile-thank goodness I did not have light colored carpet! Now, I had a good experience, though I have seen some reviews of poor customer service from the product fulfillment house and compressors that didn’t work when they arrived and being charged shipping to have a replacement shipped out. I hope you don’t have that experience but instead enjoy your at home airbrush tan and are happy with it too!
Everything comes in the kit: the power system, ac adapter, stylus, 2 pigment bottles and a cleaning bottle plus a handy little bag to carry it all in!
Enjoy this short video!

To get yours visit http://www.luminesstan.com

Oprah Winfrey Surprise Farewell Spectacular inspired look!

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Hi Gorgeous! It’s been 25 years of the Oprah Winfrey show, and now she is down to 2 hours and 2 shows! The Surprise Oprah Farewell Specactular show taping has been filled with celebrity guests and friends and prior guests to surprise her and thank her for her show and service.

I have grown up watching this show! So I have done a short how to video on how to get the Oprah farewell show look. Ponytail included! Enjoy!

Products used:
Skincare: Systeme 41 day creme and eye creme
Foundation: Borghese mineral makeup spf 20
Blush: Borghese Rose Brilliante
Eyeshadow: Dior quad 780
Eyeliner: Sheercover Espresso Shot creme eyeliner
Lips: Makeup Designory lip glaze in Java
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Ponytail hair extension: DWTS Kym Johnson in GoGo! Dark brown

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Brooke Burke: Dancing with the Stars season finale look with Borghese summer bronzers

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Thanks for watching!
Here is the products:
Skin: Systeme 41 day creme
Foundation: Koh Gen Do HD moisturizing foundation
BORGHESE Summer Glow spf 20 bronzer/skin luminizer
BORGHESE Spectra bronzer
BORGHESE Amalfi Coastal plum shadows
Milani Liquifi Eye purple eye liner
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Lips: GloMinerals in Whisper
All over body glow for that just danced the Samba look: Borghese Splendore brightening body glow
Go get some and have some fun and watch Brooke Burke with Derek Hough in their DWTS winning freestyle dance!

Stevie Nicks sings on Dancing with the Stars results show! Get the look!

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Enjoy! The products are:
Clip on Bangs in dark brown from Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson as seen on HSN.com
Foundation: Koh Gen Do HD moisturizing makeup
Blush: Borghese Rosa Brilliante
Eyeshadow: Amalfi Coastal Plum
Eyeliner: Arbonne Plum
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Lips: Borghese Primale Pink
Now, watch this new video from Stevie Nicks!

Adele on DWTS results show look using GloMinerals

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Hey Gorgeous!
I loved seeing Adele perform her awesome song Rolling in the Deep on Dancing with the Stars last night. Sad to see Romeo go, but there is still plenty of excitement waiting for next week with Ralph, Kirstie, Hines and Chelsea.
Products used:
Foundation: first layer of GloMinerals in gold
Second layer: Koh Gen Do HD moisturizing foundation
Blush: GloMinerals
Brows: Brow Diva in Sophia
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Eyes: Smashbox
Eyeliner: Sheercover creme eyeliner in Espresso Shot mixed with Smashbox shadow
Lips: Borghese Pinkissima lipstick topped with GloMinerals Whisper gloss

Now enjoy the music video…

Now, enjoy this short video and below that is the Adele Rolling in the Deep music video. Enjoy!

DWTS Chelsea Kane “The Disney Kid” smokey eye with Sheercover

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Hello Gorgeous!
Get ready to watch Dancing With The Stars tonight and see one of the youngest dancers-Chelsea Kane compete with her partner Mark Ballas for the mirror ball trophy!
I love her fresh, youthful makeup look that she wears from week to week!
I’ve created a short tutorial on how to do a DWTS Chesea Kane “Disney Kid” modified smokey eye-so you can wear it to work or school without getting sideways glances. Enjoy!

Product list:
Foundation: Koh Gen Do
Powder: Makeup Forever HD
Eyes/Lips/Cheeks: Sheercover face palette in Sophisticate
Eyeliner: Sheercover cream liner in Espresso Shot
Lipstick: Milani 112 Vivacious Fuchhsia OR Borghese Primale Pink ( depends on your budget!)
Hair: WEN volumizing spray and texture balm in the Sweet Almond Mint line

Dancing with the Stars: Kirstie Alley bronzed look video

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Hello Gorgeous! Enjoy this short video tutorial on how to get a bronzed Dancing with the Stars Kirstie Alley look using Milani baked bronzer and eye pencil, plus some Borghese, Makeup Forever and more!

Here’s one of my favorite DWTS Kirstie Alley videos!

My foundation: Koh Gen Do High Definition Makeup 023
Blush: Milani Baked Blush in Bellisimo Bronze
Eyes: I have the Belisimo Bronze on my lids too, plus the Milani Liquifi Eye in Purple for liner
Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
Lips: Borghese Pinkissima
DWTS Hair Extension in GoGo! 18″ in Dark Brown
Headband by Goody
Earrings by Claires

DWTS Kym Johnson & Hines Ward-hair extensions for dancing, prom and weddings!

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Hello Gorgeous!
I love finding a new great thing for simple, easy beauty. Dancing with the Stars dancer Kym Johnson has a hair extension endorsement on the side! You can watch her tonight compete with Hines Ward. DWTS this season is full of so many surprises!
I’ve tried alot of extensions and the majority that are under a hundred bucks feel really plasticky.
But these don’t!
You can see there are 3 different types in the photo and all of these are available at www.HSN.com
Here’s what I’m trying on in the video: Bango Tango for instant bangs, Go!Go! for volume and Flirtini for a thick ponytail. All of these can be heat styled and worn curly or straight. These are the dark chocolate brown hair extensions.
Now: enjoy this short video from me demonstrating how to wear these for your prom, wedding, event, or professional photo for your business even!

Then I have also included a fun video of DWTS Kym Johnson and Hines Ward dancing the Samba so you can see these extensions in full swinging action! Enjoy!

*this link will go straight to the DWTS Hair Extensions page, or put DWTS hair extensions into the search box. Have fun and post pics of you wearing it so I can see!
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