Why Risk A Weekend DIY Roofing Project

A weekend diy roofing project can quickly turn into a disaster when it comes to the knowledge and experience it takes to navigate the ladder, the loose shingles and repairing broken ones.


Severe wind and storm repair can be difficult on your own and should be left  to the professionals!

Downriver Roofers specializes in repairing roofs that have suffered damage from severe weather.


The professionals at Downriver Roofers are licensed, bonded and insured. The team are experienced in  pulling permits, getting the final inspection and signing off on insurance  claims that are approved based on their expert work.

Downriver Roofers offers a “no leak” guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their work! They only use CertainTEED and GAF products in their roofing projects.


If you are looking for affordable financing, a free roofing inspection and written estimate, money  back guarantee and even a 24/7 emergency repair service, then call Downriver Roofers today!

The Downriver Roofer crew are known their friendly customer service and serve all areas of Downriver including but not limited to Southgate, Riverview and  Woodhaven.


Call 734-548-9919 today or visit them on the web at



Key Benefits to Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor in the Downriver Michigan area

A DIY project is for decoupaging and putting faux finish on new furniture to make it look old, it is not for doing the roof on your house.


The benefits of hiring a professional roofing contractor for any type of work or repair that you need done on your home or business roof can be broken down into 3 simple reasons:

1) Danger – it may look easy to go up and down the ladder carrying tools and roofing supplies but it’s not


2) Experience – remember the first time you did something? If it was anything technical, it may have taken a few more tries to perfect the activity – with your roof, the covering on your home that you owe a mortgage on and houses your family members and possession, do you really want to risk not getting it done right the first time?


3) License. Bonded. Insured.  A professional roofing contractor like Downriver Roofers in the greater Downriver area of Michigan have been in business for over 20 years and that experience shows in the work that is on display today in local homes and businesses.


The license, bonding and insurance of a pro roofing contractor is benefit enough to not diy your roof and then add on top of that the professional insurance claims consultants that are in house with Downriver Roofers – there is a better way to fix your roof and Downriver Roofers can help you with that.

Contact Downriver Roofers today at 734-548-9919 today for a free quote and written estimate!

More information is available on the website here:

Save Yourself Time and Money: Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofing Contractors

Hardwood Floor Installation in Downriver Michigan

The homes in the neighborhoods of Downriver Michigan and surrounding communities were built when the only flooring option was hardwood.

Then came luxury vinyl tile flooring which has many benefits and beauty – but natural hardwood floors could be the best bet for your family home in the long run.

Wood flooring is now engineered to perfection and has a nearly dustless installation with the sanding and finishing done at the factory before being installed.

Upgrade your floors or simply repair them with expert craftsmanship and care!

For the best hardwood flooring installation in the greater Downriver Michigan area and surrounding communities call

(734) 548-9911 or visit the website to learn more about the benefits of a natural hard wood floor.

Natural Hardwood Floors in Downriver, Michigan

If you are interested in new flooring or repairing old flooring, be sure and contact LVT Flooring for a free estimate!

Wyandotte Michigan Roofing Experts Downriver Roofers Available For Roof Winterization

Wyandotte Michigan homes in the brunt of winter weather can get relief on their roof and home by bringing in the professional roofing contractors from Downriver Roofers to do a thorough shoveling of all snow, plus ice dam removal to help protect your home from weather damage.

Downriver Roofers use only GAF Certified products in all of their roofing repairs and builds. If you have an insurance claim, contact the professional claim team at Downriver Roofers to speedily get your paperwork taken care of and the repair completed quickly.

Single family homes, apartments and businesses are all a part of the scope of projects Downriver Roofers services.

The owner is on the job site and offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all labor and parts that go into your Downriver Roofer project.

Whether you need roof winterization, roof rebuild, or a custom built roof before you go anywhere else, contact the professional roof contractors at Downriver Roofers for your free written estimate.

Call at 734-548-9919

On the web at http://downriverroofers.com/


Downriver Roofers in Lincoln Park Michigan: where to get the best roofing contractor

When would now be a good time to have your roof winterized, replaced or a custom build installed? the Lincoln Park area of Michigan is home to one of the best roofing contractor companies around.

Whether you need a single-ply or two dimensional roof shingles expertly applied to your home or business, the contracting pros at Downriver Roofers can help you.

If you have an insurance claim for your roof repair, the insurance claim specialists on staff can help you file your paperwork and get the work done quickly.

All types of roofs from metal, to shingle, tile and flat roofs are part of the Downriver Roofers cache of experience.

No project is too big or too small and a written estimate of the repair work is given with each consultation. All work is 100% money back guaranteed!

Don’t hesitate, call today for a consultation at  734-548-9919

Visit on the web at http://downriverroofers.com/

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Twitter  https://twitter.com/DRRoofers

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Downriver-Roofers/1523942481209003


Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Michigan: where to get affordable flooring upgrades



The winter weather is fast approaching and with that comes much moisture and dampness. Luxury vinyl tile flooring in your home can help extend the life of  the home by providing a water leak proof floor that doesn’t get soggy like a carpet or have the delicate care needed such as ceramic tiles.

When would now be a good time to upgrade the flooring in your home or business?

Did you know that luxury vinyl flooring can be installed in as little as a day in most cases? An experienced contractor that is licensed, insured and bonded will come to your home and help with a written estimate of the work and provide a sample to help imagine the new look in your home.
It’s affordable, stylish and easy to care for while being very durable to heavy foot traffic, spills and pets.

If you are looking to upgrade or change the style of your home decor, it could be as easy as a visit to a luxury vinyl flooring showroom or have a contractor visit your home or business.

In Michigan, contact Luxury Vinyl Tile by email at:


Or on the web here:

Contact Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Michigan

Have questions? Look here:

Top Plumber Contractor in Downriver Michigan – Downriver Plumbers



They are a family owned business and have been for the past 20 years. They only hire the best in licensed, bonded, insured and experienced plumbing technicians to be on their team.

The Downriver Plumbers have a goal of making sure your sewer is clear from top to bottom to prevent any backups. The plumbing experts can repair and install everything from sewers, to slab leaks,any broken supply lines,  even sewer excavations, frozen or busted pipes, sump pump replacement, and hot water heater installation and repair!


For your home or business, the Downriver Plumber team can fix basic to complicated plumbing issues. When it’s time to do winterizing on your to protect the pipes, call the team at Downriver Plumbers!

Did you know that there are affordable financing plan to help you take care of a major plumbing installation or repair-meaning you can make payments if needed.

There is a 24/7 hotline for help and emergency plumbing services in case of an accident or severe weather.

If you would like a free estimate for plumbing inspections, both on the  interior and exterior – Downriver Plumbers do that!

Feel free to ask for references from satisfied commercial and residential customers to help set your mind at ease about hiring the licensed, bonded and insured experts at Downriver Plumbers.

There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all materials!
No matter what the plumbing need is, you can trust Downriver Plumbers!

Contact them today at:
Website: http://plumbersdownriver.com/sewer-cleaning-downriver-michigan/
Telephone : 734-548-9925
E-Mail : info@plumbersdownriver.com
Address : 16235 Windermere Circle Southgate, MI 48195




Who needs a trustworthy Audi specialist in Downriver Michigan? Call Good Care Auto

Now that you have the joy of ownership in an Audi vehicle, you need a great mechanic who specializes in foreign car repair.

That car repair shop, is Good Care Auto in Downriver Michigan.

Plainfield Audi Repair Shop In Plainfield, IL

This family owned business has been in the Downriver Michigan long enough to know the unique weather and road conditions that an Audi owner can expect to cause normal wear and tear on the vehicle as well as any routine maintenance that needs to be performed.



The Good Care Auto difference is that each of the vehicle technicians are licensed and trained for Audi repair as well as staying on top of the latest updates in Audi specs and engine trends.

Whether you are needing brakes, alignment, struts, shocks, electrical, air conditioning and heating system charging or a simple oil change, you can trust the pros at Good Care Auto to take the best care of your Audi.

To schedule a free estimate for your Audi, call (734) 285-1188  or find them on the web at:http://www.goodcareauto.com/audi-repair-downriver-mi/

Choosing a home improvement contractor in Michigan? Allpoint Construction!

Spring is almost here and you may want to do some spring home improvement as well as spring cleaning!

Start with the top of the house as the roof is really the crown jewel on the home. Then make your way down the insides and outsides of the house and consider doing a weekend bathroom remodel or a new floor in the kitchen or turn the basement into a summer rec room with a total makeover.



Allpoint Construction specializes in flooring, drywall, kitchen and bath remodels as well as roofs.




No job is too big or too small. The professionals hires at Allpoint Construction are 100% certified, insured and licensed. You can trust Allpoint with you home and remodel plans.

High quality at a fair price. You won’t have to break the bank to take advantage of our expertise and top of the line materials. Not only do we repair and install beautiful, sturdy roofs, we also offer:

-21 months same as cash
-Loan approvals in just minutes
-Affordable payment plans and financing options
-Help with insurance paperwork and claims

To schedule your free home inspection and written quote for a remodel, visit

Or call 734-407-7110



How to clean up and repair wet blizzard conditions in your home with Downriver Cleanup and Restoration

Hello fellow weather watchers!

Some of you may be experiencing the Jonas blizzard or severe snow conditions that could bring wet weather into your home and do some damage.


Roof leaks are very common in heavy snow and sometimes even frozen pipes can break and cause water damage in the walls of the home.


Enter Downriver Cleanup and Restoration of Wayne County Michigan.



We are a #1 rated cleanup & restoration company servicing all cities in the Wayne County, Michigan region.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.  At Downriver Cleanup & Restoration, we appreciate how stressful water damage can be.  Our cleanup & restoration specialists are available to assist you throughout the process.


Someone is always available to take your call.  When you need emergency water damage services, call us at 734-619-7610.  We will have a team of water removal experts to your home or business within the hour.  It is crucial to start emergency water removal as soon as possible.

Our services for water, flood cleanup, repair and restoration include a four-step process:


  1. Extraction – We use special vacuums and equipment that is safe in water to remove excess standing water.
  2. Drying – Even though we remove water and moisture, drying is needed. We use fans and other dehumidifying equipment to move the air and cause effective drying in the affected area.
  3. Repair – After the removal and drying is complete, we will assess if repair is necessary. With your approval we will get to work with repairs.
  4. Restoration – Flooring, walls, drywall … that is not repairable may need to be replaced. Again, with your approval, we will restore your property to ‘like new’ condition.

Even if you are not in the Jonas blizzard, your area may get regular snow fall and your home could be susceptible to water damage. Be sure and keep the Downriver Cleanup and Restoration phone number handy!


Call Downriver Cleanup and Restoration today!