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If you are looking to sell your home or just want to increase it’s value with a simple solution, look no further than siding.

If you are looking for professional siding contractors in Ann Arbor and Canton Michigan – look no further than the licensed, bonded and insured professionals who have been voted #1 in the southeast Michigan area, Rapid Roofing.


Siding comes in hundreds of colors and textures and can be easily installed.  Rapid Roofing only uses the highest quality brands and suppliers. Siding can last up to 30 years  or more on your home with proper care and maintenance. It’s a fast way to upgrade your home for sale or personal value.

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How Do You Know It’s Time To Invest In Vinyl Siding? Downriver Roofers Can Help!

Is it time to upgrade your homes curb appeal?
Are you looking for a simple way to add value to your home or business? There is a simple solution that is affordable, reliable and has convenient installation.


Consider vinyl siding for your home or business building and if you are in the Grosse Ile area of Michigan, contact the most trusted roofing and  siding contractor in the state, Downriver Roofers.


A simple inspection of your home, leads to an  evaluation and a written estimate can get you started today!

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Best Vinyl Siding Company in Plymouth Michigan: Home Pros Plymouth

When would now be a good time to upgrade your home’s curb appeal?  In Michigan, the good weather is available now and will only be around for the summer before wind, rain, hail, sleet and snow hamper home improvement efforts.

R&R HardiePlank Before and After
R&R HardiePlank Before and After


So if you have been thinking of improving your home’s appearance affordably and quickly either to increase the value or make it sell quicker, vinyl siding could be the answer for you.

The pros at Home Pro Plymouth, who are licensed, bonded, insured and continually investing in the education available for home improvement techniques and products are available to give you a free written estimate on the easy and affordable way to add vinyl siding to your home.


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Need Vinyl Siding in Ann Arbor Michigan? Go to the pros at A2 Home Pros

Hello Home Owners and Home Sellers,

Now is the right time to be investing in upgrading the vinyl siding on your home if you are buying a house and want to add an instant upgrade for value, or if you are selling a home and need a fast fix for adding curb appeal to attract buyers.



For over 20 years in the Washtenaw area, the pros at A2 Home Pros have been rated #1, year after year. They are known for their commitment to value, service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No project is too little or too small for the licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen and design staff at A2 Home Pros.

If you need help choosing the right shade and texture of vinyl siding, the design staff are available to help you create a home look you can be proud of.

R&R HardiePlank Before and After
R&R HardiePlank Before and After


If you are curious and have questions about what vinyl siding can do for your home, call A2 Home Pros for a free consultation with a written estimate today.


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Where Down River Michigan goes for award winning siding: All Point Construction

The winter weather is waning and when would now be a good time to upgrade your home’s style, on the outside?

Whether you want to increase your curb appeal or if you want to get your home ready for sale and increase the chances of a quick close, consider a fresh application of siding on your home.



The pros at All Point Construction are all licensed, bonded and insured as well as trained and can be trusted with your home, your plans and the results you expect and deserve.

If you have a home renovation, home remodel or home upgrade that you want to see completed on time and on budget, contact the pros at All Point Construction today.
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Best siding contractor in Downriver, Michigan

Stay tuned for a video review of the amazing things All Point Construction has to offer!


How to choose siding for your home with Home Pros Plymouth

If you are buying a home or looking to sell a home quick and want to make a fast and affordable upgrade to either help increase curb appeal for a fresh new home improvement or to make the house more attractive to buyers, consider siding.




Today’s siding is not the old aluminum style from your grand father’s day of dressing a home in siding.

The new models and styles of house siding are environmentally friendly and up to green codes and standards. Today’s home siding colors and styles are an instant effort for increasing visibility and style while being affordable with a layer of weather proofing included in the new facade.

There are colors, styles, sizes and themes to choose from and you want to work with a professional, like Home Pros Plymouth for choosing the right siding product for your home.

Installation can be done in as little as one day. Guarantees and warranty are included with the product and installation making home siding a safe choice for updating your home for sale or for living.

To get started today in making a siding decision, contact the fully license, bonded and insured pros at Home Pros Plymouth for a written quote and consultation today.



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When to replace or repair your roof with Home Pros Plymouth

Your home is a part of the family and a crown jewel to your namesake. The roof covers and protects all of the loved ones underneath it as well as your investment in home electronics, furniture and a reliable shelter for your family.


A yearly maintenance inspection is recommended to check for hidden damage and leaks. Severe weather can cause fractures and tears in the roofing material that allows rain and snow to seep into the base layer of insulation that is protecting your home.

A simple call to Home Pros Plymouth to schedule an inspection can help you stay ahead of a major repair. Or contact them for replacing an old roof and securing a new one to increase the curb appeal and value of your home before sale.

There is no job too big or too small for the pros at Home Pros Plymouth.

All of the craftsmen are licensed, bonded and insured. As a business they have two decades in the Plymouth area serving home owners just like you!

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