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Beauty Bloggers Spill Their Anti-Aging Secrets

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Beauty Bloggers Spill Their Anti-Aging Secrets

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 Hello Gorgeous! Tomorrow the second movie version of the Snow White story comes to the big screen starring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Kristen Stewart as Snow White.

I’m looking  forward to seeing the movie and new twist on the old story of the Huntsman becoming a protector and mentor to Snow White.

The movie already has some loving it and some not liking it so much; I will let you know my experience as soon as I see it this weekend!

Now HSN has partnered with several of there best product designers to create merchandise to help fans find and create their favorite Snow White and the Huntsman looks at home.

Like this peasant dress by Colleen Atwood.
It comes in this yellow or a royal blue shade.
To get yours, follow the link to HSN here!

Hopefully you can get a Snow White peasant dress before you go to the movie so you can attend in ‘character’-a fave past time of mine!

Stay tuned for more Snow White and the Huntsman ‘how to’ makeup videos to get Snow White and the Evil Queen looks you can do on your own at home.

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