How to choose a summer swimsuit with Sunsets Separates

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Who loves swimsuit season? Who loves bikini time? Not me. Not me in the slightest. I love summer and all of the opportunities to be outside in the pool, to stand up paddle board and not be in a wetsuit, ocean swimming and some serious snorkeling!Before you dread the season, don’t buy anything to swim in and sit in the deck chair instead of getting into the pool because you hate how you look in a bathing suit – wait. Read below. I have some tips on how to pick a great suit to feel confident in even if you don’t have a body that looks like what mainstream media and magazines airbrush and sell to us!


The secret is, getting separate pieces – the size you need for the body part that needs it! I got mine from Sunsets Separates.

I need a larger top than I do bottom and I got that easily with Sunset Separates!

My number one tip for selecting a swimsuit is know the use you are going to do in it! Teeny string bikinis are not the best for ocean snorkeling because a wave can whip it off your body in one fell swoop!

Gals with a fuller bust or bottom, you need something with support and double stitching!

Darker colors do make you look slimmer, if you care about that – and I personally took a big jumbo risk by finally, not getting a plain black swimsuit! I got all of these fun colors and print too!

It’s more important to get in the water and play with the family and enjoy the moment rather than sit out because you don’t want to be seen in a swim suit.  Go get ’em girls!

Now, an exhaustive bathing suit guide can be found here, check it if you need to!

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It’s been a busy summer full of chlorine and river water-some splash of ocean too. So how do you care for your bikinis or in my case, costly triathlon suits? Switch from Woolite to Caldrea-you’ll be glad you did!

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Remember: you are beautiful!
Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!