Glamoflauge Mix-In Pigment Makeup Drops : You Need This In Your Life Right Now

Happy Saturday to ya Gorgeous!Oh my goodness – when it rains it pours! No complaints, though the schedule currently is jam packed and it’s travel, travel and more travel! Mainly back and forth  commuting between the Los Angeles area and home in Arizona then some Vegas work too.

Oy!  That’s where these Hard Candy Glamoflauge Mix-In pigment makeup drops come in!


Glamoflauge Mix-In Pigment Makeup Drops

Highly concentrated liquid pigments that  allow you to customize any face product for coverage or shade.
Squeeze the dropper and add drops to any daily moisturizer or primer to create a custom foundation.
The more drops you add, the higher the coverage.
You can also add light or dark drops to any liquid makeup to custom match your skin tone.

These are just $7.00 per tube and it’s worth every penny because you can mix in to your face oil, moisturizer, or your current fave foundation that needs to be a shade lighter or maybe a shade darker!

You have got to try this! I love it!

Find it at Walmart exclusively!

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Brow Wars: Rimmel London Brow This Way vs NYC Lovatics by Demi

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday!
Have I mentioned how much I love a Monday? I get  so much accomplished on a Monday.Here in Arizona, we are beginning BTS. Yes, BTS.
Back to School season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about school supplies, and getting a great school ready look on a budget.

Brows are still all the rage and talk – so meet these two amazing products from the drugstore that are slaying the brow game.

Rimmel London Brow This Way and NYC Lovatics by Demi.


These are both well under $10 and comes in several shades and are available at drugstores nationwide and online.

So for the beauty lover in your life who is getting ready to go back to school, this is it!
I think the Rimmel London Brow This Way leans more to the gal who does a big brow look and wears more makeup. The NYC Lovatics by Demi is perfect for the beginnng beauty user and who is wearing a lighter, more athletic look.


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Fuzz free with Skintimate lotionized shave creme and Schick Quattro for women

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 Hello Gorgeous!
I have been playing with my sample of Skintimate lotionized shave creme in extra gentle. It has a non foaming formula and I wasn’t sure at first that I was going to like not having a big thick layer of sudsy foam to pull the razor through.

Actually I am surprised and how rich the lotion texture of the Skintimate lotionized shave creme is! I tested along with it a Schick Quattro for women 4 blade shaver with acai complex and jojoba.

I really liked the lotion shave creme because it rinsed clean and I think it did help the blade slide smoother over the skin with out any tugging that could possibly  result in a cut. Once you have never cut your shin to the bone while shaving you will have a nightmare for life.

The razor is a different  story. I think that big bulbous moisturizing pad above the blade does not let the blades get close enough to the skin. That, or I have really fine hair and the acai complex with jojoba glide system made it more slippery and the shave wasn’t as close as I would prefer.
So instead of one pass over the leg and pit, I had to make two.

What I do really like is the ergonomically textured rubber handle-it’s got a real safe and sturdy grip to it.

Both Skintimate Lotionized shave creme retailers for under $5 and Schick Quattro for women retails near $10, coupons are available online and the products are available at mass retailers everywhere.

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