GRWM and LORAC Beauty and the Beast palette

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday and hello to the last day of July. Whoa …where does the time go! School starts this week for my cub!

In fact, everything starts this week!  Ahhh! I’m ready for it!

So today I have a video with a chit chatty update on things going on for Makeup University.

How about you? How has your summer been going?

I made this video while getting ready – and share some updates along the way!

I just received these samples of the makeup color story LORAC did with Disney and the reboot of Beauty and the Beast.

Remember to let me know in the comments – if you were going to buy a film makeup color story – what products do you want to buy?

asking for your help so as I develop the makeup color story for BEARLY
film, Jael, ZBoy and Nascar Nights – I want to be sure and create the
top products that people are most interested in buying!

Personally, I live in bronzer and gloss – so those are top items for me to create! Looking forward to your thoughts!

These items are available on Amazon – if you need free shipping:
Lipgloss $34.00
Cheeks $28.00

Find these items at or Ulta Beauty!
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3 Ways to Renew Your Tired Summer Self with Arbonne Rescue & Renew

Hi ya Gorgeous,I am in Arizona, and though it is hot and  feels every bit of  summer, the school year has begun and as   a Mom, the family schedule really revolves around the school year so we are back on a stricter schedule. Sigh.

This summer has been fun and epic with adventures and travel, college courses for my cub and making new friends.

I just received  some samples of the new Arbonne Rescue & Renew products made for rejuvenating   one self in at home spa treatments that are simple to  work into daily life.

First, the Detox Bath Soak. I do not take baths, like ever because it’s a vaginal yeast infection waiting to happen. If you do take baths, enjoy! Or if you are a bath taker and in a hurry, no time for all that tub filling, simply plug that tub up while you are showering and put a shake or two of these salts infused with grapefruit, tangerine, lavender juniper berry, ginger, orange and rosemary.

The water will fill around your feet and give you the aromatherapy on rising steam from a shower. Bada boom bada bing – a quick refreshing!

For the shower, use the Rescue & Renew detox wash infused with orange and grapefruit.  This has a light lather and rinses clean on the skin. It has a fresh and invigorating scent to it.

I like the product and love that Arbonne is vegan, natural, recycles and helps women builds businesses from their homes!  To get Arbonne, you either need to register on the website as a client or find a representative near you to order through.

Finally, I got a box of samples of the Rescue & Renew Detox gelee. Truth. I didn’t know what these were when I opened them.

The back of the box instructions said to apply regularly morning  and evening or after sports, exercise or sun exposure. So I opened a tube up and rubbed it all over my face. Talk about tingly. Really tingly. Don’t get this near your eyes and I definitely do not think that this is an anti-aging treatment to “rescue & renew” signs of aging.  In fact, I think it more of a sport muscle rub?

I like the light gel, and the scent, and after my next  run I will rub some on and see how that works versus trying to use it as a face serum!

Thank you Arbonne for the samples and remember to get yours from your local Arbonne independent consultant! Find one at

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How to Celebrate National Lipstick Day

Hi ya Gorgeous!Today is more than Saturday or Caturday,  it’s National Lipstick Day!

Did you know that  lipstick was not rationed during the war? The Queen of England had a shade made just for  her in a red that matched her robes and sash, it’s called Balmoral after her childhood home in Scotland.

I am a lipgloss lover, though today, we celebrate lipstick. I have some beautiful samples to share with you from several brands.  I love that lipstick can elevate a low mood as well as be the perfect accessory to a power suit or party dress!


In this photo from left to right is the Black Opal lip crayon with a super rich matte color. Catrice lipstick is a popular European brand and the coverage is full with a tone of color and moisture. Next is Pacifica, one of the best vegan beauty brands out there!

The Pacifica liquid mineral lipstick is smooth and well wearing on the lip.  I have two colors from Essence Cosmetics in their matt matt matt line, there is a nude beige tone and then a warm mauve tone –  these lipsticks are matte and buttery on the mouth – not drying at all! In the photo, the next lip stain from Alima Pure is new to me and I’m in love with this soft tint with lots of moisture!  It’s perfect for gals going back to school!

Finally in the photo you see the two Lorac Alter Ego lip stains in Activist and Secret Agent. I’m a fan of this brand, and these lip stains pack a powerful long wearing tint that is also moisturizing that doesn’t build up on the mouth.


Finally, how do you apply your lipstick? Sure, it’s easy to bullet it on but if you take the extra step of applying with a precision lip brush, like this one from Royal Langnickel in the Moda Metallics collection you will have a longer lasting application with super precise detail to the cupid bows and corners of the mouth.

You should try one and be sure and get a couple, one for your home, purse and work/school space!

Final thought, remember that today, MAC Cosmetics is giving away a free lipstick! Go get one!
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Throwback Post with JC Penney Meet ‘N Greet with YouTube star Alisha Marie for Girls Night Iin

Hi ya Gorgeous!Makeup University attended the JC Penney Meet ‘N Greet with Alisha Marie before the Girls Night In event  and it was awesome fun! 

There are so many great Back to School looks available from clothes, to shoes, bags and beauty!

When you buy any of the Arizona Jean brand from JC Penney a $1 is given from the purchase to the Y. So pick some up for your BTS looks!

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What Men Need for College: MANuversity

Hi ya Gorgeous!Happy Monday! Oh how I love Mondays. Today on the Makeup University blog, we are the MANuversity edition.

In the great state of Arizona, our elementary and high schools are back in and our colleges are going back starting this week.

I have a video of top products a young man needs to move into the dorm with for his personal style as well as a word of encouragement!

Thank you for watching and please share!

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Products featured in video:

MURAD MAN Cleansing Shave
MURAD Oil Control Mattifier spf 15
Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play firm finish gel
AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray
Penguin Premium Blend by Munsingwear

Perry Ellis RED

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Let The Games Begin by Bjorn Skoggberg

Denim chambray shirt dress by JC Penney’s

Social Stuff for Makeup University
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Makeup University
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Brow Wars: Rimmel London Brow This Way vs NYC Lovatics by Demi

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday!
Have I mentioned how much I love a Monday? I get  so much accomplished on a Monday.Here in Arizona, we are beginning BTS. Yes, BTS.
Back to School season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about school supplies, and getting a great school ready look on a budget.

Brows are still all the rage and talk – so meet these two amazing products from the drugstore that are slaying the brow game.

Rimmel London Brow This Way and NYC Lovatics by Demi.


These are both well under $10 and comes in several shades and are available at drugstores nationwide and online.

So for the beauty lover in your life who is getting ready to go back to school, this is it!
I think the Rimmel London Brow This Way leans more to the gal who does a big brow look and wears more makeup. The NYC Lovatics by Demi is perfect for the beginnng beauty user and who is wearing a lighter, more athletic look.


Remember: you are beautiful!
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How to manage your child’s digital time, balance your schedule and create positive family interactions with eKavach

Hey ya Gorgeous!

I was doing some research and came across this app (Android…iOS coming…) for a parent and a child to share. Specifically, this is what caught my eye on the eKavach website.

So I have gathered up some information on the app and what it can do for you now. Especially with our kids going back to school, some this week, some next week, and the colleges being back in session as of the third week of August.

Enjoy the learning and please visit the eKavach website!

eKAVACH Parental Control App – The Future of Digital Parenting



eKAVACH is a unique mobile parental control application for parents which offers families comprehensive safety in the online world and offers sufficient parental supervision and control over a child’s activities across various digital media to ensure focused learning outcomes and appropriate usage of social media.


Today’s digital world is full of online threats such as internet & gaming addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, pornography. With so much technology around kids, eKAVACH parental control app provides parents the best family protection and internet safety from various online risks.

With eKAVACH digital parenting application, you can monitor and control internet time, enable content filtering and safe search on your kids’ smart phones and tablets to provide safe browser experience.

eKAVACH offers unique insights about the behavior and activities of kids, when they are online and on the move, which can help parents to make better and more informed decisions about their children.



The name eKAVACH™ has been derived from the Hindi word “Kavach”, which means a shield. Through eKAVACH™, Certus Technologies is offering a mobile electronic shield to parents to protect their children from falling prey to cyber bullying, online grooming, inappropriate web content and other forms of online security risks.


The main features of eKAVACH parental control app are :


  • Safe browsing, content filtering and safe search for major browsers – Prevents exposure to inappropriate content such as pornography, sex by setting auto age-appropriate web category filter for children. Parents can also define custom filters based on their own parenting style for safe browsing experience for kids


  • Set Healthy Access Limit for Internet Usage- Aimed at internet safety of your kids, this feature reduces internet addiction by limiting screen time per day


  • Keep a tab over gaming and other applications – This feature reduces exposure of kids to inappropriate apps, prevents gaming and social networking as in Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter apps as parents can set healthy time limits or block access to any app


  • Real Time Alerts & Push Notifications for breaches – Can helps parents to mitigate any kind of risk to their kids to ensure child safety. Parents can customize alerts notifications. Receive SMS notifications if there is no internet connection.


  • View Dashboard of your child’s online activities – Enable positive parenting by analyzing the types of sites your child visits / tries to visit, type of apps kids download. Take a step towards digital parenting by viewing these trends from your child’s dashboard


  • Remotely Manage activities – eKAVACH parental control app allows family access from anywhere, anytime. Be it from office or on the move, there is no need to be physically around to ensure child safety


  • Device Heartbeat & Geo-location – Monitor child device reach through device heartbeat monitoring. Geo coordinates helps the parents to track location of their children for their safety.


  • Family Relaxation Time – Gives parents the ability to define quality family access time for meals or other family activities. All internet and app access will be blocked during these times to give kids a break


  • Emergency Child Notification to Parents – Kids can send SOS message to parents from the child device in case of an emergency. Parents will receive message with geo location to ensure timely assistance and child safety


  • Communication with Parents – Child application also allows kids to send regular messages to parents for conversations with them any time of the day


For more details, please visit

Download the FREE apps today here:

Parent app –

Child app –


Find eKavach on social media here:




My final thoughts; there is a panel of experts that have helped create the app and have parental as well as child education and psychology to back up their experience that has been incorporated into the app.

It’s work taking a look right now to see how the eKavach app can benefit your family as this school season starts!

Back to School and work with Print Elf

Hi ya Gorgeous!

You know what time it is? No, not time to pack for Lollapalooza. Though if you are going, please pack sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Actually, it is already BTS. Yep. BTS. Back to school for elementary through high school and the colleges start back two weeks after that!






So for students going back, and parents getting life out of the summer schedule and back into a full work mode and busy moms launching new home based businesses, you are going to need some letterhead, business cards and possibly a car magnet to advertise with while you drive about your daily route.



Meet Print Elf.

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Arizona-hot humid haboob weather got hair frizzy? Try Frizzease by John Frieda
10 Things That Can Go Wrong with Plastic Surgery

Before signing on the dotted line, make sure you know about these common risks nobody talks about

10 Things That Can Go Wrong with Plastic Surgery

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No, these aren’t the one-in-a-million horror stories of blood clots and infection — these are the way more common (and still pretty scary!) side effects that’ll make you think twice before going under the knife.

See them now

Hello Gorgeous!
It’s August in Arizona as well as the ‘Back to School’ season-so what this means is we have the weather/style recipe for frizzy hair in a style conscious season! Just as you want to look your best in your new school or job-the weather throws the curve ball of high humidity and high temperatures.
No worries-I have tested the 3 different types of John Frieda hair smoothing serums. There is the Frizz-Ease thermal protection with ‘thermal shield complex’ to help save your hair from heat iron damage in the orange bottle. The purple bottle is the FrizzEase extra strength formula for unruly, coarse hair that in humid weather can be easily tangled and uncombable. Finally in the clear bottle is the oringal formula which began the phenomenon to transform moderate frizz and flyaways.

The product works well, is easily accessible at almost any mass retailer such as Walmart, Target, Fry’s Marketplace, CVS, Walgreens and a store near you I’m sure! It’s affordable at the $10.00 mark-so having one at home and one in the school locker is feasible.

To use: simply put as dab or two into your hands, rub together to make a small emulsion and then begin to work into the hair from the ends up. I wouldn’t apply directly to the scalp because it can make the scalp look a bit oily.
Simple, easy hair style management at the tip of your fingers!
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Back to School-Japonesque tweezers to help tame brows for school
What’s the Most Effective Detox Diet?

One fearless writer follows “Clean” by Alejandro Junger, M.D. How’d she do?

What's the Most Effective Detox Diet?

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With so many detox diets out there, we wanted to know which ones actually work — and which ones are dangerous. Here’s one editor’s account of her 3-week stint following “Clean.” Find out if this detox is right for you.

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Hello Gorgeous!
See these fun pink tweezers by Japonesque? These are great for “Back to School” beauty-one pair for your beauty drawer at home and a mini pair for your backpack/or locker at school. Why?
Because sometimes-you find a stray hair after leaving home, get a sliver or have to play “Operation” style game on a much needed object that has fallen below a fingers grasp.
The Japonesque line is full of amazing, high quality and functional grooming tools-from these tweezers to makeup brushes. You can get them at Ulta’s, Targets and Walmarts all over! Get some, and follow the video for a short educational tutorial on how to tweeze stray hairs from your brows. Enjoy!

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!