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If you are looking to sell your home or just want to increase it’s value with a simple solution, look no further than siding.

If you are looking for professional siding contractors in Ann Arbor and Canton Michigan – look no further than the licensed, bonded and insured professionals who have been voted #1 in the southeast Michigan area, Rapid Roofing.


Siding comes in hundreds of colors and textures and can be easily installed.  Rapid Roofing only uses the highest quality brands and suppliers. Siding can last up to 30 years  or more on your home with proper care and maintenance. It’s a fast way to upgrade your home for sale or personal value.

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Do You Know The Best Time of Year To Install a Roof? A2Roofing Does!

A2 Roofing knows the best time of year for you to install a new roof! Do you? This question could save you time and  money on the investment in your home in the Ann Arbor Michigan area.


There are 5 key reasons to install a roof or do your major roof repair in the SUMMER!

Those reasons are: the weather,  the materials, savings, seasons and vacations!

For major roof repair and installing a new roof you want to have good sunny weather to work in so the contractors can get more accomplished  in the work day as well as not contend with rain or moisture getting in to the seals.


Your second reason for installing in the summer is the materials are usually best suited to warmer climate versus a wet and  cold one. Sometimes you have emergency roof repair situations in the winter and spring though if it can be avoided, the summer is the best time for roof repair.

Next, if you install in the summer, that new roof insulation will help  with your energy efficiency in both winter and warm weather by reducing the energy bill.

Followed by seasons and vacations – if the rainy days of spring and icy weather of winter have caused damage to the roof – working  in the summer season will help  expose that repair need in your roof.


Finally, the vacations that many people are taking in the summertime will make your project first in line with your favorite contractors.

If you are looking to have a new roof installation or repair the old one you have in the Ann Arbor Michigan area, then contact A2 Roofing today. They are licensed, bonded  and insured with fast, friendly service!  A written quote and estimate is free of charge and can help you develop a plan for your home and business roofing needs.

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Who to call for roof repair/installment/removal in Ann Arbor Michigan? A2 Roofing



So there comes a time when severe weather hits-not so much in the summer months, but winter is coming. There has been a lot of strange intensity to the weather and it’s becoming unpredictable.

That’s where A2 Roofing comes in.

They are fully licensed, bonded, insured and the owner is on the job site with a hands on approach to getting the roof removed, installed and completing the job in many cases, in one day.


A free written estimate for a commercial or residential home is provided. Along with help completing complicated insurance forms for severe weather damage and other types of roof insurance claims.


There  is a 100% satisfaction guarantee complete with a “no leak” guarantee and a lifetime warranty on the labor and products used.

Working with A2 Roofing for your home or business needs, is just good business!


One last thing, the professional craftsmen at A2 Roofing are experienced in all types of roofs. Versatility is their specialty and the talented roofing team can service any style of roof on the market, such as tile, rubber, asphalt, metal, and cedar shake. Also, we can repair or replace all shapes of roofs including flat, gabled, cross-gabled, cross-hipped, pyramid hip, saltbox, bonnet, hip, and mansard.

Contact them today to see how easy it is to get your roof repaired or improved! or by phone at 734-548-9915

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What to do if you have a roofing problem in Ann Arbor Michigan

There are so many reasons to take care of your home from the inside to the outside to protect it’s value and keep it in prime condition.


One of those necessary maintenance appointments that often gets over looked is a roof inspection. It’s a good idea to have an annual check up scheduled.

A2 Roofing offers a free quote and inspection with a written estimate.


They do so much more than just roofs: such as the deck, the gutters, the downspouts, solar panels and skylights are part of the inspection. In fact everything that has to do with your roof, A2 Roofing will inspect.


The professional craftsman at A2 Roofing regularly attended training for new developments in the technology in the field of roofing and home renovations.

Contact the friendly and courteous staff at A2 Roofing to schedule today.


A2 Roofing in Ann Arbor Michigan : how to care for your roof in season and out

So the weather seasons are in transition: not quite spring and not quite summer! Now is the perfect time to contact A2 Roofing for a free estimate on any repair work that may be coming up.



The harsh winter weather can cause minor damage that goes unnoticed until summer heat makes the roof and house swell a bit putting stress on the minor damage, making it major!


Don’t get caught with an emergency roof repair situation! Prepare now for a busy weather season through the La Nina summer coming. Simply call 734-548-9915 today for an inspection and estimate with no obligation to buy on your home.



Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

The certified roofing craftsman at A2 Roofing are trained, licensed and bonded. A guarantee is offered for no leaks, lifetime of material and a 24 hour emergency service.


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When your siding needs upgrading: call the pros at A2 Home Pros

Spring is here and summer is coming! When would now be a good time to upgrade your home and it’s curb appeal with a fresh set of siding to add value and beauty. Time for you to meet the best in Ann Arbor Michigan for home remodels, renovations, upgrades and repair: A 2 Home Pros!



Siding can come in many colors, from very bright to a modest hue that let’s shutters, front door and landscaping speak louder than the house.



Adding or removing, upgrading or changing colors in your siding is simple and affordable and can come in just about any color you can imagine, even the James Hardie siding.

The A 2 Home Pros craftsman are licensed, bonded and insured-you can trust them with your home.

Free estimates and quotes are provided, so why wait? Call A 2 Home Pros today at (734) 548-9910

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How to know when it’s time to replace the siding on your home: A 2 Home Pros

So there comes a time in your home’s life where you need to do some maintenance and the only way you are going to know is if you actively seek out a moment of maintenance inspection.


Be looking for sides and corners that are warping and peeling up or step back and look for fading and wear.

A great way to up your home value and keep the curb appeal high is to do a simple siding replacement and renovation on your home.

The pros at A2 Home Pros can help you from start to completion of the project with a written estimate, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a work force of highly skilled craftsmen that are licensed, bonded and insured.

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A 2 Home Pros: the best choice for window repair and installation Ann Arbor Michigan

Weather happens everyday and some of it is predictable and some of it is not. If severe weather hit today, would your windows be ready to withstand severe snow, ice, rain and wind? An aging window looses tightness in it’s seal and begins to leak well heated or cooled air that you have paid for.


So when would now be a good time to schedule a simple window inspection to evaluate the effectiveness of the windows in your home?

If you need a quick and easy facelift to your home to make it more modern, or upgrade curb appeal, replacing the windows can help.

In the Ann Arbor Michigan area the trusted name and brand in window design, replacement and installation is
A 2 Home Pros.

You can trust their 23 years of experience to care for your home, the renovation and finishing touches needed to size, fit and install new windows.

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