2017 VMA’s hosted by Katy Perry

Hello Sunday!
This special edition of Makeup University – on a Sunday, not a Monday is to give a shout out of encouragement to Katy Perry – you go girl! You got this!

I’m not watching the VMA’s tonight because I find that it is all on Twitter and Youtube anyhow that I can save some time by not watching live.

Oh, that and my new found hobby of reading and watching Game of Thrones. It took me a long time to get into this and now that I am, I love it!  I think I like it because it has a bit of Camelot and a touch of Lord of the Rings to it?

So while I enjoy that, you enjoy this video I made for last year’s MTV Video Music Awards!

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Why Protein Is Important To Skin Health

Why Protein Is Important To Skin Health

For most people the first sign of maturing (or getting older) in this world, comes from the way our skins looks. We associate smooth, shinning and wrinkle free skin with youth and beauty, whereas on the other hand we associate saggy, broken and wrinkled skin with old age. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about people’s perceptions however with a little help from protein you can boost the health of your skin, to have a luscious and glowing youthful look.




What Exactly Is Protein?

Protein is macronutrient that neighbours both fat and carbohydrates. It contains 4 calories for each gram and is made up of primarily amino acids. While protein is important to skin health, it is really the amino acids found in protein that can really help give our skin that youthful and glowing look that many of us are after. As our body digest protein from such sources as red meat, ham, beans, eggs and whey protein, we break down this protein separating it into the individual amino acids that it was once comprised of.


How Does Protein / Amino Acids Help Skin Quality?


Skin is made up of protein, in order for your body to produce healthy skin it must have a sufficient source of protein or amino acids to build youthful skin. Among the required 22 amino acids are a group known as Essential Amino Acids. Comprised of 8 amino acids, Essential Amino Acid cannot be produce by the body and must be obtained by digesting protein which contain them.


Unlike Non-Essential Amino Acids which can be produce by the body from other molecules on the fly. Essential Amino Acids cannot be produce on the fly, nor can they be stored in the body for future use (like fat does). This makes Protein containing lots of Essential Amino Acids to be very important to your skin health.


What Types Of Protein Contain A High Amount Of Essential Amino Acids?

There are two types of sources for protein, the first is from a natural sources and the second is from protein powder supplements. Naturally high Essential Amino Acid protein sources include: eggs, meat, soybeans, tuna, chicken and turkey. The types of protein supplements that contain a high amount of Essential Amino Acids are Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey. Each type of whey found in protein powders has a different ratio of Essential Amino Acids to Non-Essential Amino Acids. The most popular protein powders have a blend of all 3 types of whey, providing a balanced ratio of amino acids. To receive a nice blend of all 3, you should choose a protein supplement like Optimum Nutrition Whey or any protein supplements from here.



How Much Protein Do I Need To Consume Each Day?


The recommend intake of protein ranges from 46 to 100 and is dependent on gender, level of activity and type of activities performed. For sedentary women the recommended intake is 46 grams of protein. For women that are lightly active, the recommended intake jumps to 66 grams of protein each day. Lastly for women participating in intense daily exercise that figure jumps to 80 to 100 grams of protein per day. Seeing as a protein supplement can easily boost your protein intake by 25 grams, it is seen as a convenient and effective way to keep not only your body healthy but also your skin. Alternatively, choosing to eat more protein each day from natural sources will also help boost your daily intake.