Cyber Monday Beauty Faves via Amazon

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Happy Monday! More importantly … Happy Cyber Monday!I have waited until today to do all of my Christmas shopping. Period. True story. So I’ve already finished with a few simple clicks, all of my shopping and according to Amazon, it will be delivered in a week. Phew. Easy peasy.So I have a list below of some hot holiday makeup items that you just may want to click on over!

1. A one stop beauty kit!

2.  Gold toned bronzer powder for all over

3.   Berry toned lips for parties and photo ops
Drugstore version:

Department store version:


4. Banana powder – if you haven’t tried this yet yourself, you need to and it will change your life!

5. Fragrance is the ultimate accessory!  I feel like perfumes should technically have their own post because there is so much to say – though I have to narrow it down to one scent for this post and I ‘m picking a classic! I’m in need of my own bottle right now!

Angel by Thierry Mugler

These are the Makeup University Top 5 beauty gifts to give this year!

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