Meet Cyantific Skincare

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This is a simple yet effective 3 step skincare system – for those of you who know you need to take better care of your skin though don’t like the time commitment, Cyantific Skincare is for you!


All-natural PhycoBoost™,
the essence of our products, contains the most powerful UVA-absorbing
compounds known to exist in nature. These compounds are found in a pure
and healthy form of blue-green algae sustainably harvested
from the pristine lakes of the pacific northwest. We’ve refined the
antioxidant rich, UVA-absorbing compounds these algae use to protect
themselves from cell damage and free radicals and brought that to
uniquely effective skin care products.

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Learn more about Cyantific on their website:

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Top Reasons Why To Get New Roofing Installation – ASAP- Rapid Roofing Canton MI

There are several good reasons why you need to consider getting new roofing installation, as soon as possible with Rapid Roofing in Canton Michigan.

The weather is turning quickly and if you have any of these situations, you want to schedule your roofing inspection, estimate and build appointment sooner rather than later.

First reason, you are building new – a new roof is the crown of a home.

Second reason for a new roof installation is when you are actually renovating an older home. A new roof will improve curb appeal, lower heating bills, can bring down insurance premiums due to better insulation and better roofing materials.

The third reason to get your roof build scheduled is to repair bad storm damage. It’s best to schedule a full roof inspection so as small leaks, vermin and weather damage can be properly assessed.

Don’t delay another moment- call today and schedule a free written estimate with no obligation to buy with Rapid Roofing. If you need help with an insurance claim, there are trained insurance specialists on staff to help you with the paperwork.

Call today (734) 895-9553

5 Reasons To Get a New Roofing Installation in Canton, Michigan

How To Sleep Better with Sound Oasis – Worlds Smallest White Noise Machine

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Welcome to November! How can this have happened so fast? There are officially 53 days til Christmas and I’m not even near being ready!What I am ready for is a lot of travel coming up – I’m so excited for the gigs and opportunities! In general, I have trouble sleeping and when the chance to try a sleep aid, like white noise from the “world’s smallest white noise machine’ I took it!

Meet Sound Oasis, they specialize in white noise machines of all types, sorts and makes or models! If you have a baby, tinnitus, insomnia or stress, Sound Oasis has a solution for you.

I received a sample of the smallest white noise machine, it sells for $49.99 on the Sound Oasis website and can be charged via USB, used with ear buds or plugged into an external speaker, which is how I tested it.

When I think “white noise”, I think ocean waves rolling in and out or crashing on the sand and rocks. That’s not the sound this machine makes.

This little black box makes a white noise similar to the television being left on after the station signal goes off.  It’s not a soothing comforting sound to me, it was a static buzz.  You can turn the volume up or down to what is comfortable to you.

I think this could be a good fit for the business traveler or someone who has a baby in the room and you need the constant sound to soothe.

It comes in a wee hard case to protect it while traveling.

You can learn more about Sound Oasis and all they have to offer plus the experts behind their science by visiting their website here.

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3 Products Kandee Recommends to Get Glam Quick

Holla Beauty!

So when I interviewed Kandee Johnson, I asked her, what are 3 products you need to get glam and camera ready quick! She said, a good foundation that can double as a concealer, a lip liner in a bright color and mascara!

So I put together some products with her recommendations, the first half is her recommends and the second is what I would use. Enjoy!

Get these products on Amazon:
Your Skin but Better CC Cream with SPF 50 Plus
L’Oreal Voluminous mascara
Laura Mercier Deep Wine lip liner

and …
Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20, 1.5 oz, Medium
Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara
Pur Minerals Mineral Glow
essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

Link for interview with Kandee Johnson

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House of Achi – First Impressions – Japanese Gel Polish

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How’s your week going? Still hot here in Arizona – we’ve had one chilly day and it was thrill to wear boots finally!

So as my pedicures are going dormant til Spring and my toes are going into boots til Spring, I’m focusing on manicures for the holiday season.

I was just at the House of Achi product launch party in West Hollywood at the Doheny Room and received a sample of a buff beige colored Japanese gel polish. No light needed!

This video shows my first impression and experience with the polish – so if you have any tips for me, please share in the comments!

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3 Questions with Kandee Johnson – House of Achi Launch

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Happy Monday! Well do I have some thing for you today and it’s a word of encouragement that you can take with you into the rest of this week! So get ready!



Last week I had to be in Los Angeles – and just happened at the last minute to get an invitation to the House of Achi product launch party. Thank you Lola for the invitation!

Makeup University gets invited a lot and I never go – and like Ms Frizzle says “take chances, make mistakes, get messy” – so I did! I went to the party and I’m so glad I did. 

Bites were provided by the Doheny Room and consisted of seared sea bass mini lettuce cups, chicken meat balls in marinara and a mini cheeseburger. Nom nom!

Cocktails were provided by Tyku Sake and Electric Sky wine.

Their was a carnation wall for taking photos with the new style “photo booth” where it’s a mirror like image with a camera in it and the whole surface is active so you can sign your name on the mirror and then it shows up on the photo.

I thought it was going to be a traditional press junket set up for interviews though it was more run and gun guerilla style inside the club atmosphere. So, my apologies for the busy background noise and video that is not well lit. But – close your eyes and listen to the wisdom Kandee imparts to you! It’s so good! If you are hurting right now or feeling discouraged, she has a word for you, just you!

Enjoy the video!


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Work It Out Winesday : Arizona edition

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Welcome to another edition of “Work It Out Winesday” and today I’m featuring 2 wines from the Kingman Arizona area.

Stetson Winery is part of a network of vineyards that are all throughout the state of Arizona. It’s a tragedy to see such loss in the Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco fires – so many vines that have been there  for 100 years are now damaged or gone.

Not to fear! Arizona wines are here!  In this video I review a red zinfindel and a pink rose. Enjoy the video!

Here’s details for Stetson Winery
10965 N Moonscape Way,
Kingman, AZ 86401

Tel:     928.757.7206

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Work It Out Winesday

Hi ya Gorgeous!Welcome to another wonderful day! Be sure and greet it with a smile and zeal for life. Even if you are going through some hard times, find a way to find a positive in what’s going on!


Now today’s work it out post is a wine post because I came across some great bargain finds and wanted to share with you so you can enjoy too!

Enjoy the video!

And these are some fave wine accessories for you!

Silicone Wine Glasses Set of 4 available on Amazon

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Battle of the BBs

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Today is a great day! For those at The Call Rise Up in Washington D.C. – thank you for traveling and stay strong! I wanted to be there though just couldn’t get the travel together.  I’m watching online, and you  can too!


Now I have a fun video and list of my top 4 favorite BB creams that I use daily and weekly.  Let me know in the comments what your fave and go to BB cream for a fast morning beauty routine and sun protection!


This video is a battle of the BB cream – my top faves and go to’s on a regular basis!

Get my faves on Amazon
Bare Republic Mineral Tinted Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30
Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50
Dr. Lewinn By Kinerase Instant Perfecting Bb Cream Sunscreen
Comodynes BB Color Skin Perfector: 6 in 1 Multi-Action BB Cream


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Thank you so much! Stay tuned for the Wednesday video!
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5 Crucial Choices for Roof Shingles – Northville Michigan – Rapid Roofing

There are many choices you face when considering replacing a roof with shingles or having to repair a shingled roof in Northville Michigan.

Rapid Roofing, can restore your peace of mind, fast!  They have decades of experience in dealing with roof styles and builds in Northville Michigan as well as have a team of highly trained roofing experts ready to work on your next roof project.


When considering shingles for your roof, you have many choices and the challenge of having to make a decision quick for repair.  Whether you are choosing from asphalt, fiberglass, organic material, tile, wood, metal or slate, the licensed, bonded and insured contractors at Rapid Roofing can help you with a detailed written estimate of the work and materials needed to do the job right the first time.

If you need financing for the build or repair, it’s available, just ask!


Learn more about all that Rapid Roofing has to offer in the 5 crucial choices of roof shingles by clicking here:


Or  a simple call to  (248) 525-6950  can get you started right away!