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They are a family owned business and have been for the past 20 years. They only hire the best in licensed, bonded, insured and experienced plumbing technicians to be on their team.

The Downriver Plumbers have a goal of making sure your sewer is clear from top to bottom to prevent any backups. The plumbing experts can repair and install everything from sewers, to slab leaks,any broken supply lines,  even sewer excavations, frozen or busted pipes, sump pump replacement, and hot water heater installation and repair!


For your home or business, the Downriver Plumber team can fix basic to complicated plumbing issues. When it’s time to do winterizing on your to protect the pipes, call the team at Downriver Plumbers!

Did you know that there are affordable financing plan to help you take care of a major plumbing installation or repair-meaning you can make payments if needed.

There is a 24/7 hotline for help and emergency plumbing services in case of an accident or severe weather.

If you would like a free estimate for plumbing inspections, both on the  interior and exterior – Downriver Plumbers do that!

Feel free to ask for references from satisfied commercial and residential customers to help set your mind at ease about hiring the licensed, bonded and insured experts at Downriver Plumbers.

There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty on all materials!
No matter what the plumbing need is, you can trust Downriver Plumbers!

Contact them today at:
Website: http://plumbersdownriver.com/sewer-cleaning-downriver-michigan/
Telephone : 734-548-9925
E-Mail : info@plumbersdownriver.com
Address : 16235 Windermere Circle Southgate, MI 48195




What Men Need for College: MANuversity

Hi ya Gorgeous!Happy Monday! Oh how I love Mondays. Today on the Makeup University blog, we are the MANuversity edition.

In the great state of Arizona, our elementary and high schools are back in and our colleges are going back starting this week.

I have a video of top products a young man needs to move into the dorm with for his personal style as well as a word of encouragement!

Thank you for watching and please share!

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Products featured in video:

MURAD MAN Cleansing Shave
MURAD Oil Control Mattifier spf 15
Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play firm finish gel
AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray
Penguin Premium Blend by Munsingwear

Perry Ellis RED

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
Let The Games Begin by Bjorn Skoggberg

Denim chambray shirt dress by JC Penney’s

Social Stuff for Makeup University

Twitter @Cherelynn
Instagram @CherelynnBaker


Makeup University
Remember: you are beautiful!
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Hi ya Gorgeous,
Today is August 1st and many of the Arizona schools are already back in session. My son starts back today. University of Arizona goes back the week of August 22nd.

Basically, school is in session and if you are in need of some wheels to get you to class on time, to practice and a special lunch date, when would NOW be a good time time to check out VROOM?

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When you need new flooring or to replace water and fire damaged flooring in your home or business, contact All Point Construction in Allen Park Michigan.



Whether you are looking for tile, wood or carpet, the professionals at All Point can help you design the floor to match the room and improve the overall feel as well as guarantee the installation.


The craftsman at All Point are licensed, bonded, insured and GAF Certified. You can trust them with your home or business remodel and installation.

Contact Us



Flooring & Tile

 Hi ya Gorgeous,
Quick note to let you know that if you have been busy this weekend, doing Spartan Races, mud runs, bowling, bicycling or beer pong tournaments and now you have some pains-say hello to Zim’s Max Arnica.

The Zim’s family of products are homeopathic medicine and can treat your sprains, strains, bruises and sore muscles quickly and effectively without harmful side effects.


Zim’s Max Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On for temporary relief of minor aches,
strains, bruises, and sprains.  A special blend of homeopathic

There is a very light scent and it feels cool and tingly when rolled on, though there is nothing harsh or stinky about it!
Zim’s is a perfect answer for aches and pains when you have over done the fun!
About $9.99 a roll on bottle and can be found at Walgreen’s nationwide or online at the Zim’s website!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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Hi ya Gorgeous!Happy Caturday and Saturday to you!
If you are fortunate enough to be at the beach, please enjoy some surf time for me!

For those of us land lubbers …we have Sun Bum 3 in 1 Leave In conditioning spray or the Sun Bum Beach Formula Shine On to get a wavy head of hair.

Let’s meet these awesome healthy hair products from one of the best beach body lifestyle companies,
Sun Bum!

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Hi ya Gorgeous!TGIF!

So who is going to some fab pool party or beach soiree or shin dig where you will be needing a tan?

Please protect your health and your skin and wear sunblock as well as a shawl, wrap, hat, and glasses!
Your future self will thank you!

Now to get your “summer glow on” before the party, and affordably, please check out these new goodies that I just received from Sally Hansen. If you haven’t tried the air brush make up for legs yet, ya gotta! It’s like stockings in a can and does not rub off or run if you get a little sweaty. Ask me how I know.

On to the new Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun self tanners!

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Hi ya Gorgeous!I’m home from San Diego and the hugely, massive, more than you can take in in the week Comicon!
This year, I feel like from my experience, that it has finally gotten too big and too spread out.

I made a special trek to the far corner to attend the MAC Cosmetics launch of the collection inspired by the newest movie in the Star Trek rebooted series. So enjoy the video tour I have made for you! It’s by far one of the most fun videos I have made lately!

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Hi ya Gorgeous!
How is your Wednesday going! Mine feels like a Tuesday since I traveled back on Monday!I came home to some amazing beauty samples and this goodie from Murad is the bees knees!

Meet Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel!

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Hi ya Gorgeous!I am home again, home again jiggety jig! That was a whirlwind week to San Diego Comicon and then to Phoenix for the Meghan Trainor Untouchable Tour concert and now full circle to home.

I’m all tuckered out!

I have some photos and a video recapping the event for you though I can pretty much sum it up in one work: AWESOME.

I’m a fan of Ms Trainor’s positive encouraging message and tongue in cheek humor in her lyrics. She was an absolute delight to meet and showed kindness and care for her fans.

(Tampax And Always Radiant Collection had a wee “bedroom” set up with a selfie booth and samples)

Where’s the photos from the meet’n’greet? Oh, that will be two weeks in the making. That is the only bummer, that I was not allowed to use my phone for a selfie or my camera for a photo. The Live Nation concert staff took a photo and it will be posted on their webpage for me to go find in two weeks.

(Backstage at Comerica en route to meet Meghan Trainor)

Obviously, Live Nation knows nothing about the immediacy of social media.

(During the concert, Meghan Trainor had the BEST wardrobe and several changes – so Vegas! So good!)

No worries, I have plenty of other photos to share. Enjoy the video!

Hailee Steinfeld opened up and was a fun, spunky, encouraging new artist…

Now, most of the audience were young girls- would be nice if she did not drop the F bomb during her performance.

This young man, @JonRenner got to busk in the main hall of Comerica – pretty good gig!

Ok Gorgeous,back to the good stuff and getting your BTS (Back to School) stories up!

P.S. NOTE: Major sorries for getting the hashtag and tour name wrong in the video!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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