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Michigan Restoration Pros



So the summer heat and rains can bring many challenges to the home and commercial buildings in the West Bloomfield area of Michigan and surrounding communities.


If your home or business has suffered storm damage, water damage,fire damage or you have found mold-don’t panic!



Call the licensed, bonded and insured pros at Michigan Restoration Pros.

They are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! They can help you with insurance claims paperwork.


Michigan Restoration Pros work quickly, efficiently to bring your job to a satisfaction guaranteed finish that is in your budget.


Written estimates are available at no cost. Don’t delay, the longer the damage sits the more can be caused. Contact the pros at Michigan Restoration Pros today!

Call them at (248) 509-8104

Restoration Services in Michigan : Fire, Water, and Smoke Restoration

Summer Fragrance 101

Hi ya Gorgeous!
TGiF to ya!On this Friday, I have a video for you – Summer Fragrance 101

I love fragrance and I’m still wearing a daily selection of scents though I have moved from my heavier parfums to lighter body sprays. Plus, with all the stink opportunities in the desert, I need to freshen up my fragrance more often through out the day and this is what I use!

Enjoy the video! If you haven’t liked/commented and subscribed to the Makeup University channel please do!

Products in video:

FLOWER Sparking Garden
Piper’s Perfumery Bohemian Beauty
Body Fantasies Signature Twilight Mist
Bodycology Cherish The Moment
Mary Kay Thinking of love body lotion
Versace Bright Crystal body lotion
Australian Gold Sheer Coverage Continuous
Spray spf 30
Coppertone Wet’n Clear spf 30

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Twitter: @Cherelynn
Instagram: @CherelynnBaker
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The summer weather is a perfect time to do some upgrades and repairs on your home in Northville Michigan due to the amazing and cooperative temperatures and weather.


The small, idyllic, storybook look of the the homes in the Northville area have the pros at Twelve Oaks Roofing for part of the design and appeal of the homes. It’s their roof. The roof is the crown on top of the house and a new and stylish roof can increase the curb appeal and value of a home.


Twelve Oaks Roofing is owned by a hands on owner who is also a military veteran. All the craftsman are licensed, bonded and insured. They only use the best in roofing supplies from GAF and CertainTEED.

A written estimate is complimentary and no obligation to buy.

So when would now be a good time to do some summer home improvements? More information is available on the website at:

Roofing in Northville, Michigan


Call Twelve Oaks Roofing today at  at 248-525-6950


Hi ya Gorgeous!I love trying a new product and this beauty fluid for radiance and glow from Sesderma is a sample I just received.
So far, it’s light, milky, absorbs easily, is silky on the skin and I’m expecting to see some radiance in a few more days!

A powerful Vitamin C formula that nourishes your skin by
providing hydration and luminosity through the infusion of natural
orange extract. Helps to even out skin-tone, and diminishes the
appearance of dark spots while smoothing skin’s texture.
It’s $50.00 and you can get yours here

Remember: you are beautiful!
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So there is a beautiful community in the Farmington Hills area of Michigan and in this little suburban area are homes with an idyllic and picturesque quality.


Part of their beauty and charm is the roofing that sets a crown upon the head of the house. If you need any kind of roof repair, or roof upgrade, consider the professionals at Twelve Oaks Roofing near Novi Michigan.

The business is owned by a military veteran and offers and military veteran discount. This hands on owner is available to supervise the project and see to it that you are 100% satisfied as well as the job is something to be proud of.


Roofing can be an important thing to inspect yearly for any leaks or loose shingles. If there is a weather disaster no worries, the professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured at Twelve Oaks Roofing have a 24/7 roofing emergency response team.


Here’s a short list of services available from Twelve Oaks Roofing in the Farmington Hills Michigan area:

-24/7 Emergency Response Roofing Team on call, year round
-Military veteran discounts
-Complimentary roofing inspections and estimates
-Affordable financing options and payment plans
-Lots of styles to choose from, including traditional, metal, and flat roofing


You can schedule your complimentary roof inspection online or by phone:

Roofing in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Or by phone at 248-525-6950



FACE VALUE: summer book club reading

Hi ya Gorgeous,
I love reading in my spare time ( ha…there is no spare time) and I average 2 books a week.

I just received a sample copy of FACE VALUE by Autumn Whitefield-Madrano.

 I read it and I’m thankful for the sample though the book, even as it deals with beauty and makeup, some of my favorite subject matter, did not sit well with me.

Though, don’t take my opinion! Get a copy of the book, read, and make an informed decision for yourself.

You can learn more about the author at her website:

And get the book on Amazon!

Remember: you are beautiful!
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If you are in the Canton Michigan area and you need a roofing company you can trust, then look no further than Twelve Oaks Roofing.


They are a family owned business who have been in the roofing and home repair business for two decades.

Twelve Oaks Roofing takes great pride in their work, their craftsman who represent the business and the customers that trust their home to them.

A free written estimate with no obligation to buy is provided and scheduling an appointment is easy.

If you have severe weather damage to your roof or home and need help with filing an insurance claim and the paperwork, the staff at Twelve Oaks Roofing are experienced in this and can help.

If you need a simple roof repair, or a total roof replacement, you can trust Twelve Oaks Roofing with your home, your business and that the job will be done timely and on budget.


Contact Twelve Oaks Roofing on the web at: http://twelveoaksroofing.com/best-roofing-contractor-canton-mi/


Or by phone here: 248-525-6950


Hi ya Gorgeous!

This summer is so busy and full of travel! I’m packing these TSA approved, easy to carry and affordable masks from 7th Heaven to help keep my skin adventure ready!

These are just about a dollar and available at mass retailers like a Wal-Mart everywhere.

Get some today and have ready for a last minute road trip and turn it into an on the fly spa trip!


So I came across this website and it is a head scratcher and thought provoker about the reach of social media and what really happens to the information that we put up for sharing.

Our shares go a lot further than we think and in this article and website, the author shares about a very viable and private place for sharing with out advertising.


Read below to learn more about Groups Agogo

But there has to be a good reason, other than the shortcomings of Facebook, to leave and join another social media site. https://groupsagogo.com addresses those shortcomings with no gimmicks, no adverts, has easy straightforward navigation and does not sell or share users’ data. The user can connect with any page from any other page. It is a subscription site, with a small joining fee that will hardly worry the genuine user but will discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


This is a new beginning, so why not be in at the beginning and build it together?


“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford



Nine Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo or one of the Four Agogo Niche Sites.


1. Privacy is number one on our list of priorities – No personal information is shared or sold.


2. No intrusive or targeted ads. In fact, no ads at all apart from personal ads from its own members.


3. No Timeline.


4. No new features or ideas will be introduced without consultation with its members.


5. Easy and straightforward navigation. Reach any page from any other page.


6. A one-off joining fee of £1.95 to discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers.


7. You can start over with a clean slate, inviting your friends to join you.


8. An incentive. It seems that everyone loves something for free, so I have also created a complimentary eBook site, http://ebooksagogo.com,  where users of the social media site can obtain five free eBooks on signing up to https://groupsagogo.com, and a further two eBooks for  each new member they recruit for this Social Network Site. You can build your own library of eBooks for free.


9. The same applies to our four Agogo niche sites, https://mumsagogo.com, https://dadsagogo.com, https://volunteersagogo.com and https://60plusagogo.com


Some other very important reasons are listed below as to why you should leave Facebook and join us.


You are out on a Limb with Facebook – Eight Good Reasons to Leave



“Eight Good Reasons to Leave and Nine Good Reasons to Switch to Groups Agogo”

So for those of you who have the pleasure of living in the Oakland County area of Michigan, home to Walled Lake and many other boutique communities, you know the picturesque quality of the homes and landscaping.

Twelve Oaks Roofing is the top certified roofing company in the area that provides the roofing services and styles to those homes.


Roofing services can include performing inspections for loose and missing shingles, or doing an roof ice dam removal as well as basic repairs and roofing replacement if needed. A simple upgrade to a roof an help save money on heating and cooing costs.

If you haven’t scheduled a roof winterization treatment, now is a good time to get one scheduled before it gets busy and the schedule is full in the coming cold weather months.


Twelve Oaks Roofing is located centrally in downtown Novi Michigan just a short drive from Walled Lake and other Michigan communities.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment or inspection with a certified, licensed and bonded roofing expert, contact Twelve Oaks Roofing by phone at 248-525-6950 or on the web:

Roofing in Walled Lake, Michigan

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